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701JR2PAU2013JA2SO HP ALL1,56426231.4 
702JE2SOY1982JA2SO HP 10M1,5604939  
703JI2GZC2013JA2SO LP ALL1,53919193.3 
704JA2VHO2017JA2SO HP ALL1,51228280.9 
705JA2JWH2012JA2SO LP ALL1,47528253.1 
706JF2FIU2009JA2SO LP ALL1,40030252.0 
707JG1FGL/22005JA2SO LP 15M1,3342623  
708JF2FIU2016JA2SO LP 80M1,32630261.3 
709JI2IXA2016JA2SO LP ALL1,30032264.3 
710JR2BYJ2017JA2SA LP ALL1,29618180.6 
711JN2QYN/21992JA2SO LP 15M1,2603735  
712JA2ODV1989JA2SO QRP 10M1,2422423  
713JH2FXK2009JA2SO HP 160M1,188232219.7 
714JE2SOY2004JA2SO LP 10M1,17027265.5  
715JR2IGV1991JA2SO HP ALL1,1442222  
716JE2CPI2017JA2SA LP 10M (T)1,13133298.7 
717JE2VYM2012JA2SO LP ALL (T)1,12121194.0 
718JF2FIU2003JA2SO HP ALL1,08020200.8  
719JF2OHQ2013JA2SO LP 40M (T)1,080161513.2 
720JM2RUV2015JA2SO QRP 15M1,08020200.6 
721JN1MKZ/21986JA2SO HP 40M1,0563624  
722JQ2XVY2014JA2SA LP ALL1,03524234.9 
723JK2AQT2016JA2SO LP 20M1,03523233.5 
724JA2IIT1984JA2SO QRP 15M1,0322524  
725JN1MKZ/21989JA2SO HP 40M1,0201717  
726JA2HBK2015JA2SA LP 15M1,00822212.6 
727JA2KPV1981JA2SO HP 15M1,0082516  
728JH2XTV1984JA2SO HP 15M1,0072019  
729JE2SOY1984JA2SO HP 10M9303831  
730JR2LBF2013JA2SO LP ALL92020202.1 
731JA2ODS1987JA2SO HP 10M8703130  
732JA2JWH2014JA2SO LP ALL86020201.3 
733JF2FIU2012JA2SO LP 15M82818180.9 
734JF2LTH1992JA2SO LP 40M7982019  
735JS2PHO2012JA2SO LP ALL79820192.1 
736JA2CPD2015JA2SO HP 15M76816163.5 
737JQ2OUL/22010JA2SO QRP ALL76021203.5 
738JM2LHB2011JA2SO LP 20M75620185.0 
739JE2SOY2011JA2SO LP 10M74825224.6 
740JR2AAN/22015JA2SO LP 15M74817171.4  
741JF2KWM2017JA2SA LP 15M74119193.7 
742JL2XMW2016JA2SO LP 10M68020201.3 
743JE1ALA/22015JA2SO LP 10M67226215.9 
744JA2HBK2011JA2SO QRP 10M66022224.9 
745JA2KPV2006JA2SO LP ALL65617162.3  
746JH2XTV1982JA2SO HP 15M6512221  
747JH2KKW2016JA2SO LP 80M61218181.7 
748JE2FJI2012JA2SO LP ALL60817164.4 
749JF2FIU2010JA2SO HP ALL55819180.8 
750JF2MBF2008JA2SO QRP 80M55215121.0 
751JI2VLM1999JA2SO LP ALL5321414  
752JA2CPD2014JA2SO HP 15M48015152.8 
753JA2HYD2014JA2SO HP 10M (T)45513137.2 
754JF2FIU2011JA2SO LP 40M40616140.5 
755JR3RWB/21987JA2SO QRP 10M3402420  
756JG2KFI2012JA2SO LP 15M33813133.5 
757JM2RUV2016JA2SO QRP 15M30814140.4 
758JA2KCY2017JA2SA LP ALL30015151.9 
759JQ2OUL2007JA2SO LP 15M28812122.5  
760JQ1AHZ/22004JA2SO LP 15M273131329.6  
761JP2MRD2013JA2SO LP ALL26010102.9 
762JK2MGT2016JA2SO QRP 40M (T)243991.7 
763JK2VOC2010JA2SO LP ALL24012120.3 
764JH2XTV1983JA2SO HP 20M225109  
765JJ2RON2015JA2SA HP 15M2161091.2 
766JJ2SHW2000JA2SO LP 15M216108  
767JA2DCN1981JA2SO HP 80M2081313  
768JH2FXK2016JA2SA HP 160M196774.8 
769JR2PAU2011JA2SO LP ALL19517151.8 
770JE2XBS2009JA2SO LP ALL (T)19515131.5 
771JG2QUM2012JA2SO LP ALL19010101.5 
772JF2FIT1983JA2SO HP 15M189109  
773JJ2RON2017JA2SO HP ALL154771.1 
774JF2MBF2007JA2SO QRP 80M13512925.6  
775JM2RUV2010JA2SA HP 40M126660.4 
776JF2FIU2004JA2SO HP 15M1268724.2  
777JL2OGZ/22017JA2SO LP ALL (T)12012101.1 
778JL2OGZ/22015JA2SO LP ALL (T)112870.3 
779JA2HBK2013JA2SO QRP 10M105771.2 
780JR2AAN/22010JA2SO LP 15M (R)77771.2 
781JK2VQR2017JA2SO LP 15M (T)70870.2 
782JG2QUM2013JA2SO LP 15M66662.1 
783JE2FJI2013JA2SO LP 20M65556.2 
784JJ2WCP1990JA2SO HP ALL4866  
785JE2LPC2007JA2SO QRP 10M48660.5  
786JF2FIU2006JA2SO HP 15M404424.1  
787JA2NGN2013JA2SO LP 15M35550.2 
788JL2OGZ/22012JA2SO LP 20M28440.1 
789JE2VYM2016JA2SA LP 10M (T)24446.7 
790JR2CSQ2016JA2SA HP 20M21331.6JJ0MPI
791JL2OGZ/22014JA2SO LP 10M (T)18430.3 
792JR2AAN/22013JA2SO LP 15M16440.1 
793JA2ODS1986JA2SO HP 10M1533  
794JE2FJI2016JA2SO LP ALL1533 
795JR2AAN/22012JA2SA LP 15M8220.1 
796JJ2RON2012JA2SO HP 40M611 
797JJ2RON2014JA2SO LP 15M6220.8 
798JR2AWS2012JA2SO LP 40M611 
799JE2CPI2015JA2SO LP 80M21116.6 
800JF2IWL2017JA2SA QRP 160M (T)111 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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