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601VE3OSZ2008VE3SO LP 160M21,5401036010.2 
602VE3MO2012VE3SO QRP ALL20,412938110.9 
603VE3NYT1989VE3SO HP 40M20,1286868  
604VE3VSM2014VE3SO LP ALL20,07697846.6 
605VE3NYT1985VE3SO HP ALL19,9959393  
606VE3OME1985VE3SO HP 160M19,87210054  
607VE3FK2014VE3SA LP ALL19,51698822.8 
608VE3PN1986VE3SO HP 160M19,4709555  
609VE3XAT2011VE3SO LP ALL19,40297895.4 
610VA3RJ2004VE3SO LP 15M19,350998610.5  
611VE3XD2017VE3SA QRP ALL19,23699849.0 
612VE3XAT2010VE3SO LP ALL19,21095853.4 
613VE3STT2000VE3SO LP 10M (T)19,1978881  
614VE3XAT2014VE3SA LP ALL (T)18,90086843.3 
615VE3CX2016VE3SA HP ALL18,50478721.8 
616VA3AVG2017VE3SO QRP 20M18,18394878.9VE3DXK
617VE3AGC2002VE3SO LP ALL (R)18,018807815.1  
618VA3WPV2010VE3SO QRP ALL17,87379618.9 
619VC3C2C2017VE3SO HP ALL17,724110847.4VE3RIA
620VE2AEJ/31989VE3SO HP 10M17,63210076  
621VE3NBE1989VE3SO HP 20M17,5208080  
622VE3HX1990VE3SO HP 10M17,30110079  
623VA3ATT2010VE3SO LP ALL16,52484681.8 
624VA3DBT2015VE3SO LP ALL (T)16,45685687.1 
625VE3RCN2015VE3SO LP ALL16,04677713.4 
626VE2AEJ/31981VE3SO HP 10M15,7628971  
627VA3GML2009VE3SO LP 20M15,70897849.2 
628VE3INQ1986VE3SO HP 160M15,7048452  
629VE3AYR2016VE3SO QRP ALL15,476877310.4 
630VE3HG2013VE3SA QRP 20M15,36680783.8 
631VA3RJ2010VE3SO LP 20M15,228898110.4 
632VE3RCN2013VE3SO LP ALL (T)14,62875695.1 
633VE3MGY2004VE3SO LP 160M14,418725412.6  
634VE3JSQ2016VE3SO LP ALL14,34871688.8  
635VA3FN2010VE3SO LP ALL14,212906810.0 
636VE3OSZ2002VE3SO LP 160M13,923735110.4  
637VE3WDM2008VE3SA LP ALL13,8321027611.0 
638VE3OMU1987VE3SO HP ALL13,5787662  
639VA3RJ2009VE3SO LP 15M13,500807513.2 
640VE3RCN2005VE3SO LP ALL13,44079706.3  
641VE3YGN1997VE3SO LP 80M13,3007750  
642VE3VSM2016VE3SO QRP ALL13,13293676.9 
643VE3MCL1985VE3SO HP ALL12,9856649  
644VA3RJ2006VE3SO LP 15M12,24082727.0  
645VA3RKM2015VE3SO QRP ALL12,21075663.5 
646VE3KI2008VE3SO LP ALL12,12060604.2 
647VA3RJ2008VE3SO LP 15M12,070777110.7 
648VE3AYR2015VE3SO QRP ALL12,024757212.8 
649VE3CFK2014VE3SO LP 160M12,00067488.1 
650VA3FN2016VE3SO LP ALL11,97771594.3 
651VE3SQZ2009VE3SO QRP 80M11,904704811.2 
652VE3OBU2009VE3SO LP 20M11,77669642.8 
653VE3MO2010VE3SO QRP ALL11,15180597.8 
654VE2AEJ/31988VE3SO HP 10M10,7907265  
655VE3TEE1989VE3SO HP ALL10,6646562  
656VE3XAT2016VE3SA LP ALL10,48869692.1 
657VE3DUS2011VE3SO LP 40M10,44246463.1 
658VA3GUY2013VE3SO LP 15M (T)10,35070695.9 
659VE3DO1991VE3SO HP 160M10,2486442  
660VE3FEA1984VE3SO HP ALL9,9846052  
661VE3MGY2013VE3SO QRP 20M (T)9,98375677.7 
662VA3DBT2014VE3SO LP ALL (R)9,74157517.7 
663VE3MDX2012VE3SO LP ALL9,28061583.8 
664VE3LMS2005VE3SO QRP 20M9,052646228.9  
665VE3STT1996VE3SO LP ALL (T)8,8506159  
666VE3XAX2003VE3SO LP 80M (T)8,736524227.2  
667VE3HX1994VE3SO HP 10M8,6427358  
668VE3KZ2004VE3SO HP 10M8,55061577.5  
669VE3IGJ2002VE3SO QRP ALL (R)8,49365577.6  
670VA3FN2017VE3SO LP ALL8,22553472.5 
671VC3JFF1996VE3SO QRP 20M8,2016559  
672VY2MGY/31999VE3SO LP 160M8,0345939  
673VE3MZD2017VE3SA HP ALL (R)6,885595112.7 
674VE3XAT2005VE3SO LP ALL6,812545226.6  
675VE3OIL2002VE3SO LP 10M6,650525015.6  
676VE3MFA1984VE3SO HP 160M6,5525036  
677VE3LXL2015VE3SO LP ALL6,52854514.7 
678VE2AFJ/31980VE3SO HP 10M6,4195349  
679VE3HX1993VE3SO HP 10M5,9695547  
680VE3DUS2010VE3SO LP 80M5,88942395.1 
681VE3OSZ2015VE3SO LP 160M5,88048354.7 
682VE3IGJ2012VE3SO QRP ALL5,71245424.9 
683VA3ZNW2016VE3SO LP ALL5,537584910.6VA3NZW
684VA3FN2015VE3SO LP ALL5,48853493.7 
685VE3FJ2014VE3SO LP 10M5,36849443.7 
686VE3XD2015VE3SA QRP 15M5,21749475.4 
687VA3RKM2014VE3SO QRP ALL5,08246421.8 
688VA3FN2013VE3SO LP ALL4,91443392.2 
689VE3RCN2004VE3SO LP ALL4,86049454.4  
690VA3RJ2007VE3SO LP 15M4,78450468.9  
691VE3RSA2014VE3SO QRP 40M4,76834322.2 
692VE2AEJ/31986VE3SO HP 10M4,7565541  
693VE3HQL1989VE3SO HP 20M4,7005347  
694VE3CFK2015VE3SO LP 160M4,41043305.1 
695VE3HG2014VE3SO QRP 20M4,36841391.7 
696VE3VO2008VE3SO LP 20M4,25745432.3 
697VE3IAE2015VE3SA LP 10M (T)4,25542375.6 
698VE3LXL2007VE3SO LP ALL4,04048409.1  
699CG3JFF2005VE3SO QRP ALL3,88041406.0VE3JFF 
700VE3AUO2011VE3SO LP 20M (T)3,87045439.3 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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