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601JG2LGM1984JA2SO HP 40M6,6244536  
602JR2TTS2017JA2SA LP ALL6,49345437.0 
603JE2VYM2014JA2SA LP 20M (T)6,432484810.2 
604JF2LTH1989JA2SO QRP 40M6,4244944  
605JA2KKA2009JA2SO LP 15M6,40058504.0 
606JI2GZC2012JA2SO LP ALL6,38049446.9 
607JA2KKA2005JA2SO LP ALL6,34549452.0  
6087J2AAF1989JA2SO HP ALL6,1925348W1END 
609JM2LSJ2012JA2SO LP ALL6,18862525.4 
610JF2LTH1990JA2SO QRP 40M6,1486353  
611JF2FIU2015JA2SO LP 40M6,00643423.2 
612JF2FIU2017JA2SO HP ALL (T)5,92959494.3 
613JH2FXK2007JA2SO HP 160M5,775393528.2  
614JR2AQP1985JA2SO HP 20M5,7545342  
615JA2AYH2012JA2SO HP ALL5,74041415.5 
616JA2KPV2011JA2SA LP 20M5,70055505.3 
617JR2MIN2017JA2SO LP 20M5,40659536.3 
618JQ2EHD2007JA2SO HP ALL5,33662469.3  
619JN1MKZ/21987JA2SO HP 40M5,3324543  
620JE2HCJ2014JA2SO LP 15M5,26447473.4 
621JM2RUV2008JA2SA HP 10M5,15251462.6 
622JA2GSV2014JA2SO LP ALL4,97249448.9 
623JA2ESR1994JA2SO HP 40M4,9144739  
624JA2KCY2010JA2SA LP ALL (T)4,88449443.7 
625JA2HYD2013JA2SO LP 40M4,795373515.1 
626JA2CUS2017JA2SA LP 80M4,75264549.6 
627JE2HCJ2013JA2SO LP 10M4,68050455.8 
628JF2FIU2000JA2SO HP 15M4,6534747  
629JE2PCY1995JA2SO HP 15M4,6464946  
630JK2VOC1994JA2SO LP ALL4,5564634  
631JJ2ICA2016JA2SO LP ALL4,42837365.2 
632JA2EJI1990JA2SO HP 15M4,4164746  
633JI2VLM2000JA2SO LP ALL4,3665037  
634JR2NTC1989JA2SO HP 10M4,3294339  
635JF2LTH1986JA2SO HP 40M4,3203836  
636JI2GZC2014JA2SO LP ALL4,30049433.8 
637JA2AUE1992JA2SO HP ALL4,2923329  
638JE2SOY2005JA2SO LP 10M4,185554511.5  
639JG2AIG2005JA2SO QRP 40M (T)4,06029295.4  
640JA2KKA2010JA2SO LP 15M4,01853493.6 
641JA2OJ1991JA2SO HP 10M3,8224539  
642JF2FIU2007JA2SO HP ALL3,80048382.4  
643JR2FJC2010JA2SO LP ALL3,78446437.3 
644JR7OMD/21992JA2SO LP 40M3,6583231  
645JR2MIO/22015JA2SO LP 15M (R)3,65249442.6 
646JI2NQS1985JA2SO HP ALL3,6054535  
647JR2AOP1984JA2SO HP 20M3,5844232  
648JA2KPV1982JA2SO HP 15M3,5724238  
649JL2TAW2001JA2SA LP 20M3,552353226.2  
650JE2SOY2006JA2SO LP 10M3,44054437.9  
651JF2OHQ2012JA2SO LP 40M (T)3,406262619.9 
652JR2AAN/22011JA2SA LP 15M3,34447443.8 
653JH2KGL2014JA2SO LP ALL3,31240364.3 
654JL2OGZ2013JA2SO LP ALL (T)3,27650422.3 
655JF2IWL2011JA2SO HP ALL3,18538356.1 
656JI2GZC2016JA2SO LP ALL (R)3,00032301.7 
657JA2HBK2012JA2SO QRP 10M2,96440385.4 
658JA2ODV1991JA2SO HP 10M2,9523936  
659JP2MRD2012JA2SO LP 10M2,92344378.1 
660JA2CJE2017JA2SO QRP ALL2,91644365.7 
661JA2IVY1987JA2SO HP 10M2,9076851  
662JQ3CHM/21989JA2SO HP 40M2,9002825  
663JG2MLI1998JA2SO LP 10M2,8567956  
664JA2HZA2014JA2SO LP 10M2,847413911.3 
665JF2LTH1987JA2SO QRP 40M2,8383533  
666JF2XGF2015JA2SA HP 20M2,79032312.7 
667JA2FSM2003JA2SO HP ALL2,784353226.0  
668JQ2RMA2003JA2SO LP ALL2,75439345.5  
669JI2LCE1987JA2SO HP 15M2,7365138  
670JA2FSM2013JA2SA HP 15M2,70036362.8 
671JI2NQS1984JA2SO HP ALL2,6914639  
672JF2IAB2011JA2SA LP ALL2,673403310.6 
673JE2HXL2010JA2SO LP ALL2,66040383.2 
674JA2EAB1986JA2SO QRP 20M2,6505421  
675JA2KPW2016JA2SO LP ALL2,64039336.5 
676JF2LTH1988JA2SO QRP 40M2,3763433  
677JI2GZC2015JA2SO LP 40M2,34625231.3 
678JF2OHQ2015JA2SO HP 20M2,31030308.9 
679JH2KGL2013JA2SO LP 15M2,24434333.1 
680JK2EIJ/02016JA2MULTI-ONE LP2,22052373.5JK2EIJ JH0MUC
681JQ2EHD2008JA2SO HP ALL2,19041306.9 
682JM2RUV2014JA2SO QRP 15M2,17836332.1 
683JA2PAC2008JA2SO HP ALL2,13032308.0 
684JK2VOC2004JA2SA LP ALL2,12834281.4  
685JR2EKD2017JA2SA QRP 15M2,11233322.7 
686JL2XMW2015JA2SO LP 10M2,112373210.1 
687JR2SQU2006JA2SO LP 20M2,08830291.5  
688JF2LTH1999JA2SO QRP 40M2,0162718  
6897J2AAF1991JA2SO HP 10M1,9954035  
690JQ2OUL2009JA2SO LP ALL1,97530255.1 
691JF2LTH1991JA2SO QRP 40M1,9723129  
692JE2FJI2014JA2SO LP 15M1,89826264.4 
693JH2ABL1995JA2SO LP 10M1,8905345  
694JA2ODV1988JA2SO HP 10M1,8762928  
695JF2FIU2001JA2SO HP 15M1,86327271.9  
696JL2RQH1988JA2SO HP 15M1,7003025  
697JA2KPV1980JA2SO HP 15M1,6723619  
698JF2FIU2005JA2SO HP 15M1,6522928  
699JN2QYN/21994JA2SO LP 15M1,5963128  
700JR2BNF1985JA2SO HP 20M1,5682928  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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