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601KK7A2016W7SO QRP 20M4,77965594.0 
6029M2UST20139M2SO QRP 20M (R)4,72551458.0 
603SM7R2013SMSO QRP 20M4,71270624.8 
604IT9CJC2016IT9SO QRP 20M4,70450492.8 
605WT0O2014W0SO QRP 20M (T)4,70464563.4K0TI
606KI9A1982W9SO QRP 20M4,6979177  
607UP2DT1985LYSO QRP 20M4,6746257  
608YO4SI2017YOSO QRP 20M4,58867629.1 
609G4IKR2016GSO QRP 20M4,50553538.8 
610G3CWL/A1985GSO QRP 20M4,4556155  
6119A2EY19939ASO QRP 20M4,4466157  
612JE1RZR2014JA1SO QRP 20M4,42842411.5  
613VE3HG2014VE3SO QRP 20M4,36841391.7 
614OZ9MM1981OZSO QRP 20M4,2646352  
615KA7SPS2013W7SO QRP 20M4,234695810.9 
616EA1BYA2000EASO QRP 20M4,1766658  
617RV3E/JT1BY1990UA-3SO QRP 20M4,1765736  
618SN16B2006SPSO QRP 20M4,160545226.5SP9NSV 
619OH2ID2014OHSO QRP 20M4,13060594.8 
620K7DBV1985W7SO QRP 20M4,1259375  
621AA8UP1997W8SO QRP 20M4,1045554  
622OK1JOC2006OKSO QRP 20M4,002494625.7  
623G3DOP1987GSO QRP 20M3,9566852  
624RA3XEV2003UA-3SO QRP 20M3,948504728.4  
625G3DOP1994GSO QRP 20M3,9446258  
626DL2DWP2010DLSO QRP 20M3,88665582.6 
627JH7XVB1998JA7SO QRP 20M3,8545247  
628DK2AB2014DLSO QRP 20M3,80860562.2 
629OK6D2014OKSO QRP 20M3,74456525.0 
630OZ9MM1982OZSO QRP 20M3,6726651  
631SP2FAP1987SPSO QRP 20M3,6485048  
632RV3YR2004UA-3SO QRP 20M3,542534625.4  
633NF8M2016W8SO QRP 20M3,52548472.9 
634JK7UST2017JA7SO QRP 20M3,45840385.7 
635VE2ABO1995VE2SO QRP 20M3,4045046  
636W8EH2011W8SO QRP 20M (T)3,36048486.2 
637HA4YG/81992HASO QRP 20M3,3396053  
638W9CC2011W9SO QRP 20M3,22048463.7 
639VA3RJ2016VE3SO QRP 20M3,19240385.3 
640G3DOP1986GSO QRP 20M3,1859035  
641DL2PY1998DLSO QRP 20M3,1505450  
642OH2KI2011OHSO QRP 20M3,10842421.7 
643G4IKR2017GSO QRP 20M3,072524810.3 
644VO1TA2007VEOSO QRP 20M3,06933311.5  
645N6OJ1987W6SO QRP 20M3,0645851  
646DL5ANS2000DLSO QRP 20M3,0385049  
647OK1AOU1992OKOMSO QRP 20M2,8805248  
648HB9LDO2001HBSO QRP 20M2,8473939  
649AD0IU2017W0SO QRP 20M2,83553459.0 
650OK2BPF1983OKOMSO QRP 20M2,7954943  
651JO3TQZ2016JA3SO QRP 20M2,720464011.5 
6529A2EY20069ASO QRP 20M2,698393825.1  
653JA2EAB1986JA2SO QRP 20M2,6505421  
654NU4B1985W4SO QRP 20M2,5508175  
655WA2ASQ/42013W4SO QRP 20M2,53545393.9 
656Y25QE1988DMSO QRP 20M2,4964139  
657NU4B1986W4SO QRP 20M2,4944543  
658KL7/W6RCL1989KLSO QRP 20M2,4843527  
659OM3TPL1997OMSO QRP 20M2,4514743  
660PA2RG2016PASO QRP 20M2,39749473.6 
661YO3JW2015YOSO QRP 20M2,36544431.2 
662R2MA2015UA-3SO QRP 20M2,28042402.5 
663VE2ABO1991VE2SO QRP 20M2,2403428  
664DL1DAF2014DLSO QRP 20M2,16039364.8 
665VK4SF1986VKSO QRP 20M2,1603024  
666HG5SPORT2016HASO QRP 20M2,09143411.7 
667UT4UM1988URSO QRP 20M2,0464133  
668YU1IZ2013YUSO QRP 20M2,02143433.8 
669UU4JQE2012URSO QRP 20M2,01031304.6 
670W8QZA/61989W6SO QRP 20M2,0002825  
671YO4GHW1999YOSO QRP 20M1,9324642  
672JA0VTK/72016JA0SO QRP 20M1,89030271.9 
673KG6O2017W7SO QRP 20M1,86245383.5 
674IN3UFW2012ISO QRP 20M (T)1,84842425.9 
675JE1CAC2013JA1SO QRP 20M (T)1,82029283.7 
676RV3GM2002UA-3SO QRP 20M1,7683434  
677HB9AYZ1990HBSO QRP 20M1,7644536  
678JH1ISU2014JA1SO QRP 20M1,68230293.8 
679KI0G2010W0SO QRP 20M (T)1,62044367.2 
680WA7LNW2011W7SO QRP 20M1,56839320.6 
681NF8M2008W8SO QRP 20M1,56036302.8 
682KA3EAJ2017W3SO QRP 20M1,51836335.4 
683WB2GDD1989W2SO QRP 20M1,5123028  
684PA0TA1985PASO QRP 20M1,5123636  
685OZ9MM1986OZSO QRP 20M1,4964334  
686JA4XHF/31994JA3SO QRP 20M1,4753025  
687VE7EKS1986VE7SO QRP 20M1,4562828  
688OK3TNA1991OKOMSO QRP 20M1,4503129  
689W8EH2007W8SO QRP 20M1,428292822.5  
690JJ7ATA2013JA7SO QRP 20M1,37728274.1 
6919A8MM20099ASO QRP 20M1,37633320.8 
692JH4XSY/12017JA1SO QRP 20M1,36436319.9 
693YL3FW2014YLSO QRP 20M1,33036350.5 
694KC0LND2007W0SO QRP 20M1,320343328.4  
695G3CWL/A1986GSO QRP 20M1,3203430  
696JR4VEV2012JA4SO QRP 20M (T)1,29625244.6 
697K6VHF2017W6SO QRP 20M1,28831284.0 
698Y21OL1983DMSO QRP 20M1,2883528  
699YB1HDR2017YBSO QRP 20M1,28121211.6 
700F2AI2009FSO QRP 20M1,26036363.2 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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