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601LZ1FW1999LZSO LP 80M6,8375553  
602UT7DU2009URSO LP 80M6,54074606.3 
603JE1SPY1994JA1SO LP 80M6,5125444  
604US5ELM2012URSO LP 80M6,37050497.1 
605K5CAO/62014W6SO LP 80M6,156725712.8 
606DK9HE2010DLSO LP 80M6,10461562.9 
607RA1AR/32006UA-3SO LP 80M6,01857511.9  
608UA3DCE2010UA-3SO LP 80M5,98058525.6 
609JE1SPY1995JA1SO LP 80M5,9226247  
610VE3DUS2010VE3SO LP 80M5,88942395.1 
6119A0CW19989ASO LP 80M5,81454519A3SM 
612YO2CJX1994YOSO LP 80M5,6403632  
613LY2BNL2006LYSO LP 80M5,63556498.3  
614JM1NKT2004JA1SO LP 80M5,54444362.9  
615JT1BV2009JTSO LP 80M5,47640374.0 
616OK5AA2006OKSO LP 80M5,280514825.9  
617JA1NLX1994JA1SO LP 80M5,0403530  
6189A6M20129ASO LP 80M4,73851460.4 
619BG1WNU2017BYSO LP 80M4,64043406.3  
620KI3O/42009W4SO LP 80M4,60658476.7 
621JE1SPY1993JASO LP 80M4,5364236  
622IT9IMJ2011IT9SO LP 80M4,45950497.5 
623OK5SWL2003OKSO LP 80M4,42950431.5OK2SWD 
624SP3CYY2009SPSO LP 80M4,40051441.8 
625W7DRA/02006W0SO LP 80M4,2775547  
626SP9DUX2005SPSO LP 80M4,186484625.2  
627OK5AD2009OKSO LP 80M4,11650421.7 
628UA9QFF2005RA9SO LP 80M4,050292725.2  
629W7DRA/72003W7SO LP 80M4,02553358.3  
630K4FT2011W4SO LP 80M3,96048442.4 
631BA3AX2009BYSO LP 80M (R)3,91048343.5 
632ON6UU2014ONSO LP 80M3,69643424.4 
633W4WS1998W4SO LP 80M3,6263837N4VHK 
634SP9EML1997SPSO LP 80M3,6124542  
635SP6TRH2009SPSO LP 80M3,60850444.1 
636RV6AAA2016UA-6SO LP 80M3,52643432.5 
637JL3MCM2016JA3SO LP 80M (T)3,420443611.5 
638WW1M2010W1SO LP 80M (T)3,39541353.1 
639K0PK2013W0SO LP 80M (T)3,36256414.2 
640K5CAO/62012W6SO LP 80M3,34444388.1 
641IK0EIE2009ISO LP 80M (T)3,12040402.3 
642UA3DTT2005UA-3SO LP 80M3,06036362.5  
643OK2STM2017OKSO LP 80M (R)3,02444425.2 
644OK1DDV/P1997OKSO LP 80M2,8804236  
645YL2PN2004YLSO LP 80M2,850393824.5  
646DO6NIK2013DLSO LP 80M2,84942373.9 
647OK1KZ2016OKSO LP 80M2,76540352.6 
648KX9DX2003W9SO LP 80M2,680524028.8  
649N5XUS1995W5SO LP 80M2,6324847  
650N9TF2009W9SO LP 80M (T)2,48443363.2 
651W7DRA/02010W0SO LP 80M2,44845364.0 
652OF5ZA2017OHSO LP 80M (T)2,31234341.3OH1ZAA
653SV9/OK2BOB2011SV9SO LP 80M2,17833330.9 
654SV1XV2002SVSO LP 80M1,998312727.0  
655VR2EH2009VRSO LP 80M1,94434274.0UA3QJC
656LY2SQ2010LYSO LP 80M1,92035323.2 
657IT9IMJ2012IT9SO LP 80M1,88834325.9 
658UX2HB2012URSO LP 80M (T)1,79830290.6 
659G6N2016GSO LP 80M1,76732312.0G0GDU
660ZS6MG2004ZSSO LP 80M (T)1,683181724.7  
661UA3DTT2004UA-3SO LP 80M1,638272626.6  
662UA3DCE2015UA-3SO LP 80M1,62429288.1 
663YC2MXV2008YBSO LP 80M1,56619184.2 
664SQ9AOJ2004SPSO LP 80M1,512332721.8  
665PY1SL1998PYSO LP 80M1,3682018  
666PY6KY2010PYSO LP 80M1,36020204.3 
667JF2FIU2016JA2SO LP 80M1,32630261.3 
668OM8HG2008OMSO LP 80M1,22226260.8 
669OZ1APA1997OZSO LP 80M1,2002424  
670HI0A1994HISO LP 80M1,1521616  
671W4YDD1996W4SO LP 80M1,1502323  
672JR7OEF2017JA7SO LP 80M1,03640283.1 
673PR7AR2007PYSO LP 80M1,01413131.3  
674UN2C2017UNSO LP 80M97514130.5UN7CW
675DL2MIH2009DLSO LP 80M85822221.4 
676YC2MXV2007YBSO LP 80M845131328.1  
677AA9IV2011W9SO LP 80M805242319.1 
678PY1KR2014PYSO LP 80M (R)765151518.5 
679DL5ANS2007DLSO LP 80M630191824.9  
680JH2KKW2016JA2SO LP 80M61218181.7 
681I4JEE2010ISO LP 80M61217170.6 
682RV9LM2007RA9SO LP 80M610111024.4  
683JE1TSD2011JA1SO LP 80M60010101.0 
684RA6AFB2005UA-6SO LP 80M40813122.5  
685LS7D1999LUSO LP 80M4081917  
686G0MLY2009GSO LP 80M (T)39214141.2 
687IH9YMC2015IG9SO LP 80M384880.2 
688DH0KKK1994DLSO LP 80M3501514  
689SP1YGL2006SPSO LP 80M32412925.5  
690JA9DOF1997JA9SO LP 80M32088  
691I4JEE2008ISO LP 80M26412120.5 
692ZZ7ZZ2015PYSO LP 80M259770.1 
693US5ELM2017URSO LP 80M24010100.3 
694US5ELM2016URSO LP 80M (T)23010101.5 
695YO2AQO2015YOSO LP 80M224881.3 
696JA1VVH2004JA1SO LP 80M1968725.7  
697VK4BAA2008VKSO LP 80M1921681.2 
698JA1IZZ2003JA1SO LP 80M168661.9  
699JA9DQF1992JA9SO LP 80M15055  
700LU5YF2004LUSO LP 80M147773.4  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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