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501JL3MCM2014JA3SA LP 15M (T)27,1921101037.3 
502JA3GW2012JA3SO LP ALL26,64312110711.8 
503JR3XEX1989JA3SO HP ALL26,57811097  
504JR3NDM2009JA3SO LP ALL26,400132889.4 
505JG3EHD1985JA3SO HP 20M26,07710189  
506JG3CQJ1995JA3SO LP ALL25,42010582  
507JA3ARM1981JA3SO HP 20M25,39211792  
508JA3JF1979JA3SO HP ALL25,20011480  
509JG3LDD2013JA3SO LP ALL (T)25,1971281117.9 
510JA3CCX1990JA3SO QRP 20M25,08011088  
511JA3NOJ2012JA3SO LP ALL24,92497939.5 
512JG3NKP1983JA3SO HP ALL24,73510485  
513JF3PRS2017JA3SA LP ALL24,661979112.0 
514JA3RAZ2012JA3SO LP 15M24,64599936.8 
515JG3SVP2017JA3SO LP ALL (T)24,0721811026.9 
516JR3NDM2003JA3SO LP ALL23,941102898.1  
517JA3DAY2003JA3SO LP ALL (T)23,75199919.0  
518JA3UWB1989JA3SO HP 15M23,36010180  
519JN2AMD/31992JA3SO LP ALL23,296142104  
520JK3GWT2012JA3SO LP ALL (T)23,21793714.8 
521JJ3JJL1985JA3SO HP ALL23,06811579  
522JA3DAY2007JA3SO HP 20M (T)23,0301019810.1  
523JA3UWB2012JA3SO LP 40M22,84294816.7 
524JN3QNG2015JA3SO HP ALL (T)22,60011410015.3 
525JA3EBT2012JA3SO LP ALL (T)22,3721089419.4 
526JF3LOP2011JA3SO HP 80M22,2701178512.0 
527JO3FUO2005JA3SO LP 20M22,185978730.8JJ1BDX 
528JH3EQP2017JA3SA HP ALL22,161112897.6 
529JO3PSJ2013JA3SA LP 20M21,7281079726.9 
530JO3AGQ2004JA3SO LP ALL21,321826910.0  
531JH3TXP1987JA3SO QRP ALL21,1649274  
532JR3UIC2004JA3SO HP ALL21,09783735.0  
533JE3CDW2017JA3SO LP ALL21,0601199012.4 
534JP3AWA2013JA3SO LP ALL20,832105846.9 
535JH3AIU1988JA3SO HP 10M20,4459887  
536JE3UHV2015JA3SO LP 20M20,3301029511.7 
537JG3EHD1988JA3SO HP ALL20,3208880  
538JA3PYC2007JA3SO LP 40M20,25264614.3  
539JA3LEB2013JA3SO LP ALL (T)19,9081028411.4 
540JG3NKP1988JA3SO HP ALL19,4229378  
541JR3XEX1980JA3SO HP ALL19,05310173  
542JA3EBT2016JA3SO LP ALL (T)18,5641328421.0 
543JI3FSI2014JA3SA LP 15M18,50987839.0 
544JA3JND2013JA3SO LP ALL18,492112929.8 
545JA5UBW/32010JA3SO LP 20M18,3331159711.8 
546JR3WXA1986JA3SO HP 15M18,13511493  
547JA9SOT/31986JA3SO QRP ALL17,8208566  
548JL3MCM2013JA3SO LP 10M (T)17,6701079516.7  
549JH3PTC2015JA3SO LP ALL17,400110756.8 
550JF3AYR2012JA3SO LP ALL17,34095855.1 
551JA3ECR1980JA3SO HP 20M17,2909665  
552JN3DMJ2015JA3SO QRP ALL17,0251117524.5 
553JG3EHD1986JA3SO HP 20M16,9208572  
554JL3RDC2015JA3SA HP ALL (T)16,77693726.8 
555JO3QVT2017JA3SO LP ALL16,7671268111.3 
556JA3EGE2013JA3SO HP 10M16,7321058914.0 
557JA3VUI2014JA3SA LP 10M (T)16,632938813.7 
558JH3PRR2014JA3SO HP 10M16,57592855.2 
559JJ3QJI1985JA3SO HP ALL16,5757665  
560JG3EHD1989JA3SO HP ALL16,0488268  
561JH3DMQ2011JA3SO QRP 15M15,8341069117.2 
562JH3BYX2013JA3SO LP ALL15,8001057913.5 
563JN3DSH2011JA3SO LP ALL15,762877111.1 
564JR3XEX1985JA3SO HP 40M15,4566056  
565JA3JM2007JA3SA LP ALL15,080796529.8  
566JG3SVP2010JA3SO LP ALL (T)14,852142795.6 
567JG3MGG2013JA3SO QRP ALL14,840927015.2 
568JR3RWB1991JA3SO QRP 10M14,52510083  
569JF3LOP2010JA3SO HP 80M14,32284624.5 
570JA3HC2003JA3SO LP 15M14,25080758.1  
571JH3PTC2012JA3SO LP ALL (T)14,07092678.0 
572JH3AIU1982JA3SO HP ALL13,9108565  
573JA3AVO1996JA3SO LP 20M13,7527372  
574JA3HBF2009JA3SO LP ALL13,60866633.3 
575JA3EGE2014JA3SO LP 10M13,54277746.6 
576JK3RHX2016JA3SA HP ALL13,26091786.0 
577JA3AVO2004JA3SO LP ALL13,20065604.7  
578JF3IYW/31998JA3SO LP 40M13,1086558  
579JE3ECD2017JA3SO LP ALL12,55886698.8 
580JA3HBF2011JA3SO LP ALL (T)12,40875662.3 
581JR3WRB1990JA3SO QRP 10M12,3829582  
582JR3NDM2016JA3SO LP ALL12,27667663.6 
583JA3UWB2011JA3SO LP 40M12,18075605.5 
584JS3CTF2017JA3SA LP ALL12,09660566.8 
585JF3GFH2015JA3SA LP ALL (T)11,67958514.8 
586JE3TYJ1979JA3SO HP 15M11,5248467  
587JL3MCM2008JA3SO LP 10M (T)11,502847118.6 
588JN3DMJ2014JA3SO QRP ALL11,352836621.6 
589JL3DQX2016JA3SO LP ALL11,26492648.3 
590JP3AYQ2016JA3SO HP 15M11,09697734.2 
591JA3LKE2003JA3SO LP 20M (T)10,980666132.1  
592JO3FEU2006JA3SO LP ALL (R)10,716575730.3  
593JQ3EDK2013JA3SO LP ALL10,62061598.5 
594JF3VAX2016JA3SO HP 20M10,59566654.5 
595JR3RWB2003JA3SO QRP 10M10,512807214.4  
596JH3CUL2015JA3SO LP 15M10,48870692.8 
597JF3LOP2016JA3SA HP 10M10,425907511.2 
598JL3MCM2011JA3SO LP 10M (T)10,164937714.7 
599JH3FYR1979JA3SO HP 10M10,0649774  
600JG3EHD1987JA3SO HP ALL9,6466353  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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