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501VE7BS1988VE7SO HP 160M1,2481716  
502RT5UY1984URSO HP 160M1,2482924  
503OL6BNB1986OKOMSO HP 160M1,2323128  
504KG6DX1986KH2SO HP 160M1,2241812  
505RA6AJG1984UA-6SO HP 160M1,2243617  
506CY3INQ1983VE3SO HP 160M1,2002615  
507JH2FXK2009JA2SO HP 160M1,188232219.7 
508AE6U1979W6SO HP 160M1,1105137  
509OK2BWM1983OKOMSO HP 160M1,1043124  
510AD1G1993W1SO HP 160M1,1002222  
511UV6AGF1986UA-6SO HP 160M1,0922621  
512SP6BNR1981SPSO HP 160M1,0803020  
513UQ2GQN1989YLSO HP 160M1,0262019  
5144Z4OL19814XSO HP 160M1,0141413  
515OK1HBT1983OKOMSO HP 160M1,0083224  
516W8LRL1982W8SO HP 160M1,0083524  
517W8LRL1979W8SO HP 160M1,0083328  
518UP2DM1986LYSO HP 160M9662421  
519OK2PGU1983OKOMSO HP 160M9662723  
520VE3DO1992VE3SO HP 160M9601615  
521EA5FAC1986EASO HP 160M9602620  
522NA2M1986W2SO HP 160M9203323  
523OK2PJB1988OKOMSO HP 160M9122724  
524KA1SR1985W1SO HP 160M8843226  
525UT2IW2012URSO HP 160M84022211.6 
526OL9CJB1979OKOMSO HP 160M8352622  
527K4JYO1999W4SO HP 160M8192521  
528SP5IXI1979SPSO HP 160M7922218  
529KL7HBK1980KLSO HP 160M7281513  
530OL3AXS1979OKOMSO HP 160M7142521  
531UM8MAZ1982EXSO HP 160M7001610  
532OK2BWM1984OKOMSO HP 160M6842019  
533OK3CAQ1980OKOMSO HP 160M6842819  
534PY7ZY2007PYSO HP 160M680121025.5  
535RP2BID1985LYSO HP 160M6802217  
536AH7R1999KH6SO HP 160M6601110  
537YV1OB1987YVSO HP 160M6481212  
538PA3AAV1984PASO HP 160M6461917  
539JJ1WWL2014JA1SO HP 160M (T)63025218.1 
540W8TOM2015W8SO HP 160M629231712.8 
541YB8AX/01988YBSO HP 160M6241312  
542OK1DWF1979OKOMSO HP 160M6082416  
543OL3BVB1989OKOMSO HP 160M6002220  
544RM5O2012UA-3SO HP 160M59419181.1 
545OL6BFB1983OKOMSO HP 160M5722822  
546OL7BQD1988OKOMSO HP 160M5442317  
547UZ3YWB1986UA-3SO HP 160M5042521Dmitry 
548OL9CJB1980OKOMSO HP 160M5041918  
549W9CG1980W9SO HP 160M5042421  
550OK2BCZ1984OKOMSO HP 160M4942419  
551SP6AEG2007SPSO HP 160M480151526.7  
552OE1TKW1984OESO HP 160M4481614  
553OK3CQD1982OKOMSO HP 160M4481614  
554K5UR1980W5SO HP 160M4483428  
555VE3INQ1981VE3SO HP 160M4401110  
556OL6BNW1986OKOMSO HP 160M4202220  
557W2XQ1980W2SO HP 160M3803019  
558LZ2ZG2008LZSO HP 160M377141310.2 
559UD6DKZ19864JSO HP 160M3741211  
560K8NW1987W8SO HP 160M3602018  
561K5NA/21982W2SO HP 160M3602518  
562OZ1W1982OZSO HP 160M3381413  
563OL8COS1983OKOMSO HP 160M3302515  
564JA7TQK1986JA7SO HP 160M3042316  
565VE3INO1980VE3SO HP 160M28898  
566OH5NG1979OHSO HP 160M2721716  
567W9CG1979W9SO HP 160M2662119  
568RM5O2014UA-3SO HP 160M25312111.0 
569OL7BGX1983OKOMSO HP 160M2401210  
570JH3CYZ1989JA3SO HP 160M2381817  
571OL5VGP1986OKOMSO HP 160M234129  
572OL2BHZ1983OKOMSO HP 160M2342413  
573OL8CNI1981OKOMSO HP 160M2341513  
574OK2KUB/P1983OKOMSO HP 160M216129OK2BQU 
575W7DRA2013W7SO HP 160M21010102.8 
576VE2DWA2010VE2SO HP 160M208881.0 
577OL5BIW1984OKOMSO HP 160M2082013  
578OK2OU1981OKOMSO HP 160M2041817  
579UT/UA0QGQ2001URSO HP 160M198119  
580OK2BWM1982OKOMSO HP 160M198119  
581NI5T/72015W7SO HP 160M19213121.5N7GP
582JH3CYZ1987JA3SO HP 160M1902119  
583RM4W2014UA-4SO HP 160M1899923.2 
584SP9GDB1981SPSO HP 160M189139  
585RA6AJQ1983UA-6SO HP 160M182157  
586JE1SPY1980JA1SO HP 160M1821413  
587JF1NZW1985JA1SO HP 160M162119  
588SP5GH1985SPSO HP 160M15477  
589YC0LOW1997YBSO HP 160M15055  
590K5UR1982W5SO HP 160M1442018  
591W1BB1980W1SO HP 160M14498  
592EA5TX1986EASO HP 160M140117  
593YC0LOW1999YBSO HP 160M13266  
594W9CG1982W9SO HP 160M12898  
595JH7LVK1987JA7SO HP 160M1202320  
596UA1ZBQ1981UA-1SO HP 160M11288  
597W9CG1981W9SO HP 160M1121414  
598KA7T1995W7SO HP 160M1083527  
599KA1SR1984W1SO HP 160M108129  
600OL1BGA1983OKOMSO HP 160M108166  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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