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501DL7AU2013DLSA HP 20M43,9771481072.7 
502R7NK2017UA-6SA HP 20M41,3441531523.0 
503OH6TN2017OHSA HP 20M40,5791391195.3 
504WS9M/22010W2SA HP 20M39,62116614112.4 
505DL4CF2003DLSA HP 20M39,5161631483.3  
506OZ1ADL2014OZSA HP 20M38,50314413911.0 
507JR2WLQ2015JA2SA HP 20M38,25215213113.0 
508RA0AM2001RA0SA HP 20M38,2321181187.7  
509JR2WLQ2016JA2SA HP 20M37,75214713217.5 
5104B1EE2010XESA HP 20M (T)36,9601381207.4XE1EE
511UA9UX2017RA9SA HP 20M (T)35,7221291062.9 
512DL4YR2017DLSA HP 20M34,8271681412.7 
513M4U2011GSA HP 20M (T)34,2001791506.4G0DVJ
514TM5J2014FSA HP 20M33,7281311242.9F5TMJ
515W7WW2011W7SA HP 20M (T)32,5121441286.8 
516LY4XX2007LYSA HP 20M31,51019013726.0  
517KZ5OM/62011W6SA HP 20M31,5061231184.4K6III
518UA9AU2016RA9SA HP 20M31,0001081003.8  
519OM3DX2017OMSA HP 20M (T)30,5001481255.1 
520CX4SS2017CXSA HP 20M (T)28,8401151036.0 
521G4RKO2017GSA HP 20M27,6751541356.0 
522N8AGU2013W8SA HP 20M (T)27,451100974.4 
523RA0AM2010RA0SA HP 20M27,168121966.4 
524UA3RU2017UA-3SA HP 20M (T)27,1561411243.5 
525JH1ACA2010JA1SA HP 20M26,48712210918.1 
526KZ7X2013W7SA HP 20M (T)26,0701481101.2K6LL
527SK2T2014SMSA HP 20M25,4141521311.0SM2LIY
528R3YC2017UA-3SA HP 20M25,2521341185.9 
529W4ANT2016W4SA HP 20M (T)25,12399979.8 
530G0MTN2016GSA HP 20M (T)25,0101441222.8 
531W8FAX2017W8SA HP 20M24,206103983.1 
532RW4WZ2010UA-4SA HP 20M24,1301361276.3 
533K5TRI/72016W7SA HP 20M23,76013311013.0 
534JG7AMD2017JA7SA HP 20M22,44896926.7 
535K9OSH/01996W0SA HP 20M21,960128122  
536TF4M2007TFSA HP 20M21,6721661262.2  
537HL1/WX8C2013HLSA HP 20M21,1501069411.9 
538RA0AM2011RA0SA HP 20M20,91597891.3 
539SP2KAC2011SPSA HP 20M20,7401301225.4 
540SN2M2008SPSA HP 20M20,7001101156.7SP2XF
541NQ5K2017W5SA HP 20M19,2931481093.5W5ASP
542RT3D2013UA-3SA HP 20M19,178888612.7 
543LZ1QZ2011LZSA HP 20M17,5381141112.7 
544KG5VK2017W5SA HP 20M17,20598936.6 
545EW1FM2012EUSA HP 20M (T)16,4801131038.4 
546K0BX2010W0SA HP 20M16,47880773.8 
547G3YJQ2017GSA HP 20M16,0231191099.8 
548DL6EZ2009DLSA HP 20M16,01693883.8 
549G3RVM2016GSA HP 20M15,93093901.9 
550K0BX2009W0SA HP 20M15,54075703.7 
551J49XF2011SV9SA HP 20M15,04211710910.4SV0XBN
552SP9CVY2009SPSA HP 20M15,030989010.6 
553PY2KJ2016PYSA HP 20M (T)14,91677662.7 
554DK9TN2017DLSA HP 20M14,4841241022.0 
555RA9LT2017RA9SA HP 20M14,23576735.5 
556WM9Q2013W9SA HP 20M (T)13,27282793.0 
557JJ5GSY2012JA5SA HP 20M (T)13,17673728.9 
558YC8UP2017YBSA HP 20M13,03584553.4 
559K7EIQ2010W7SA HP 20M (T)13,0201079310.7 
560KK9V2017W9SA HP 20M (T)12,516101843.1 
561RA3TT2017UA-3SA HP 20M11,65698942.4 
562NA2U/72016W7SA HP 20M10,880100803.0 
563G0MGM2017GSA HP 20M10,47278772.4 
564R7NK2016UA-6SA HP 20M10,00569691.3 
565LZ4RR2013LZSA HP 20M9,92087801.1 
566VE6AO2010VE6SA HP 20M9,81572652.2VE6TC
567EA3CEC2014EASA HP 20M9,70279773.9 
568CT3DZ2014CT3SA HP 20M9,54060609.1 
569NN6NN2013W6SA HP 20M9,27277762.2W6XK
570JH1APK2017JA1SA HP 20M (T)8,96061567.6 
571HS1JZT2017HSSA HP 20M7,80960577.9 
572KZ5OM/62013W6SA HP 20M7,68060601.9K6III
573K4EDI2009W4SA HP 20M7,22456563.7 
574BG4WOM2017BYSA HP 20M7,00057565.5 
575UN7QF2010UNSA HP 20M6,80059501.8 
576DF9ZP2017DLSA HP 20M6,37254543.0 
577K2MK/12016W1SA HP 20M6,34549470.8 
578LY3I2016LYSA HP 20M6,34453522.3 
579K4YYL2017W4SA HP 20M6,25147471.8 
580W1EBI2010W1SA HP 20M6,03253520.7 
581DJ1AA2017DLSA HP 20M5,86571692.4 
582OF6GAZ2017OHSA HP 20M5,79648465.6 
583RX4HX2017UA-4SA HP 20M (T)5,78068684.1 
584UA0QBR2010RA0SA HP 20M (T)5,50248423.9 
585HL5YI2017HLSA HP 20M (T)5,45458543.3 
586OM8LA2017OMSA HP 20M5,20069654.5 
587W9IIX2017W9SA HP 20M4,758656110.0 
588KI7DG2016W7SA HP 20M (T)4,73059554.5 
589OH9MM2010OHSA HP 20M (T)4,36666591.2 
590RK9DM2012RA9SA HP 20M3,90040394.4 
591JA0GCI2017JA0SA HP 20M3,69652488.0 
592EA2AZ2009EASA HP 20M3,40850481.2 
593UR4L2011URSA HP 20M3,26450481.8 
594OM3DX2010OMSA HP 20M3,16252510.8 
595N9NA/72013W7SA HP 20M3,08048448.2 
596N1OPZ1995W1SA HP 20M2,8443636  
597JF2XGF2015JA2SA HP 20M2,79032312.7 
598W9IIX2013W9SA HP 20M2,46046414.8 
599AI6Z2017W6SA HP 20M (T)2,16028274.8 
600K9OSH1997W9SA HP 20M1,3694237  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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