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5824 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
5701W7AYYW72005SO HIGH 20M277121117  
5702YF3FBVYB2019SA HIGH 20M27511112.6 
5703AI6ZW62020SA HIGH 20M (T)27010101.4 
5704R8AAUA92018SO HIGH 20M2701090.1UA9BA
5705DM4ZCHDM1979SO HIGH 20M2641812  
5706UA0ZCKUA01984SO HIGH 20M2601010  
5707TA1CHTA12017SO HIGH 20M25616161.8 
5708N8AIDW42019SO HIGH 20M25010101.4 
5709Y56ZADM1983SO HIGH 20M2471513  
5710JH1APKJA12015SA HIGH 20M (T)243992.7 
5711UA4CCBUA-41982SO HIGH 20M24399  
57129M2CLN9M22020SA HIGH 20M22517150.99M2CLN
5713JH2XTVJA21983SO HIGH 20M225109  
5714EA6GPEA61983SO HIGH 20M2241414  
5715UA0WUA02018SA HIGH 20M (T)216982.5 
5716Y73XHDM1988SO HIGH 20M208108  
5717JA6FYMJA61982SO HIGH 20M20799  
5718JI1FOEJA12019SO HIGH 20M20434348.0 
5719WO7VW72019SO HIGH 20M20412120.5 
5720JA3GOJJA32021SO HIGH 20M1981092.0 
5721PA0PLMPA1979SO HIGH 20M198109  
5722K7PKAW72023SO HIGH 20M19614141.9 
5723K1MTW12023SO HIGH 20M19212121.6 
5724K2YRW22023SO HIGH 20M19212120.2 
5725JR9GMSJA92021SO HIGH 20M192880.3 
5726N4MMW41996SO HIGH 20M19288  
5727UL7IT/UL7LUN1988SO HIGH 20M19288  
5728JG1UOTJA11985SO HIGH 20M19288  
5729KS6QW61983SO HIGH 20M1921212  
5730YO3TUYO1981SO HIGH 20M19288  
5731UA9HRUA92004SO HIGH 20M1899926.5  
5732Y23BFDM1981SO HIGH 20M18999  
5733PT5EPY2018SO HIGH 20M18010101.8 
5734N2HOW22020SA HIGH 20M176880.8N2HO
5735UZ9WXHUA91985SO HIGH 20M1691313  
5736K3VZW32020SO HIGH 20M160880.7 
5737JA1OYBJA11984SO HIGH 20M1601210  
5738JS1KQQJA12019SO HIGH 20M15010100.5 
5739P29JAP21993SO HIGH 20M14777  
5740BV4VQBV2020SA HIGH 20M144881.2 
5741N1KEZW72021SO HIGH 20M128881.0 
5742UC2AGTEU1989SO HIGH 20M1211111  
5743JK1BABJA12023SO HIGH 20M (R)12010100.6 
5744JK1LUYJA12019SO HIGH 20M12010100.7 
5745JH6NBWJA61987SO HIGH 20M12088  
5746Y23BFDL1991SO HIGH 20M11977  
5747VU2YQVU2023SO HIGH 20M (C)117991.4 
5748IZ5FDDI2021SO HIGH 20M117991.9 
5749OH2BFSOH1985SO HIGH 20M112108  
5750W3GN/MW31986SO HIGH 20M1101211  
57517N3IJTJA12023SO HIGH 20M108660.3 
5752RR2RUES1985SO HIGH 20M10577  
5753JA1KXTJA12020SO HIGH 20M10010100.7  
57549A7R9A2008SO HIGH 20M96881.09A7R
5755AC6ZMW42022SO HIGH 20M90990.3  
5756A71AEA72019SO HIGH 20M90660.5 
5757OK1OFKOKOM1979SO HIGH 20M9065  
5758PY2EBDPY2023SO HIGH 20M755513.8 
5759SM0BDSSM1997SO HIGH 20M7266  
5760JK1LUYJA12017SO HIGH 20M65550.1 
5761UX3ITUR2015SO HIGH 20M65551.7 
5762JH9DRLJA92015SA HIGH 20M60551.9 
5763K5TIAW52019SO HIGH 20M55550.1 
5764JK1LUYJA12018SO HIGH 20M52540.2 
5765W4KM/3W31988SO HIGH 20M4977  
5766JA1YPAJA12022SO HIGH 20M48440.3JA1PEJ
5767RM4RUA-42013SO HIGH 20M48660.1 
5768OH6NVOH2021SO HIGH 20M45550.7  
5769JK1LUYJA12008SO HIGH 20M45550.1 
5770DQ1200ASPDL2019SA HIGH 20M42770.1DK1AX
5771UN5JUN2019SA HIGH 20M40440.1 
5772CT1EHKCT2017SO HIGH 20M40551.0 
5773OK3TTLOKOM1979SO HIGH 20M4044  
5774OK2BAQOKOM1982SO HIGH 20M3555  
5775G6ADG2021SO HIGH 20M32442.0 
5776JA1AJAJA11987SO HIGH 20M3244  
5777JA5FBZJA52018SA HIGH 20M27330.6 
5778R8CAUA92017SA HIGH 20M27330.4 
5779UU1JOUR2011SO HIGH 20M27330.1 
5780Y53TADM1983SO HIGH 20M2733  
5781KA1OWM/AGW11987SO HIGH 20M261413  
5782OH5TSOH2011SA HIGH 20M24440.1 
5783AJ6GIW62020SO HIGH 20M24660.3 
5784HB9FBGHB2018SO HIGH 20M (T)24440.2 
5785K0ARMW02017SO HIGH 20M2433 
5786YO2IYYO1980SO HIGH 20M2444  
5787JR2CSQJA22016SA HIGH 20M21331.6JJ0MPI
5788F4FLOF2021SO HIGH 20M21330.9 
5789JA0GZJA01982SO HIGH 20M2133  
5790Y49ZLDM1982SO HIGH 20M2133  
5791RT3AUA-32002SO HIGH 20M183324.1  
5792KW4EEW42021SO HIGH 20M16440.3 
5793JL3DQXJA32023SO HIGH 20M (C)15332.0 
5794W6SYW62023SO HIGH 20M15330.1 
5795JA1BCQJA11995SO HIGH 20M1444  
5796OK1MSOOKOM1979SO HIGH 20M1432  
5797VK3GKVK2019SA HIGH 20M1222  
5798YC9GWRYB2017SA HIGH 20M12531.4 
5799JH1ERJJA12021SO HIGH 20M12220.1 
5800K7SXNW72021SO HIGH 20M12220.1 
5824 results found
  Page 58 of 59  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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