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5483 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
5201YC2CABYB2020SA LOW 20M26010100.6YC2CAB
5202DL8JDXDL2017SO LOW 20M26010102.9  
5203IZ5IOVI2021SO LOW 20M25616161.4 
5204VA3RNJVE32009SO LOW 20M25311110.7 
5205YC2CABYB2018SA LOW 20M25011101.5 
5206JE1GZBJA12019SO LOW 20M24713130.6 
52077X2ARA7X2019SO LOW 20M243991.1DL8CX
5208V85ZXV82018SO LOW 20M243991.6 
5209UT7XTUR2014SO LOW 20M243990.7 
5210JL1NIEJA12012SO LOW 20M243991.9 
5211DL1AZKDL2009SO LOW 20M243990.5 
5212SP8BXLSP2019SO LOW 20M24015151.2 
5213WA4FJKW42015SO LOW 20M (T)24010100.9 
5214W1/CT1AGFW12011SO LOW 20M24016151.2 
5215K7JNAW72019SO LOW 20M23814144.1 
5216KN5SW52017SA LOW 20M23413131.4K5WW
5217N1OKLW42023SO LOW 20M (T)234990.3 
5218N6MZ/7W72009SO LOW 20M23010100.2 
5219JK1FUPJA12016SA LOW 20M (T)225998.5 
52207J1YADJA12021SO LOW 20M225991.2JF1TEU
5221WB0RURW52020SA LOW 20M22010101.1WB0RUR
5222PS7AWPY2021SO LOW 20M22010101.4 
5223BH7JUOBY2018SA LOW 20M216991.0BH7JUO
5224JE1GZBJA12023SO LOW 20M (C)20911110.6 
5225YB2BSEYB2021SO LOW 20M20911114.4 
5226JP3QAOJA32018SO LOW 20M20911111.0 
5227PY2XJPY2023SO LOW 20M207990.7 
5228JA9LNZJA92021SO LOW 20M (C)207992.5 
5229LU6UALLU2020SO LOW 20M207991.6 
5230RX3AEXUA-32007SO LOW 20M2079924.4  
5231LY2KALY2017SO LOW 20M20412121.0  
5232JI7OED/7JA72011SA LOW 20M20010101.2 
5233F5SJHF2021SO LOW 20M20020205.7  
5234KI4MFXW42009SO LOW 20M20010101.5 
5235EC5AGMEA2010SO LOW 20M19811112.3 
5236W1OHW12004SO LOW 20M198111124.9  
5237WR7QW72009SO LOW 20M19614142.1 
5238PA3DDPPA2020SA LOW 20M19513130.8PA3DDP
5239JS1BXHJA12018SA LOW 20M192881.2 
5240JM3LWRJA31998SO LOW 20M19288  
5241N4HAIW82022SO LOW 20M19010100.3 
5242KC6KGLW62018SO LOW 20M19010102.7 
5243JQ1YLKJA12018SO LOW 20M189991.7 
5244JG1SWVJA12011SO LOW 20M (R)189992.1 
5245K9QHW92002SO LOW 20M (R)184881.9  
5246W7JMMW72021SO LOW 20M18214141.6 
5247DL9ZWGDL2016SO LOW 20M18214141.6 
5248N8CWUW82022SO LOW 20M18017150.9 
5249UT7UEUR2015SO LOW 20M18010102.0 
5250PY2BRZPY2007SA LOW 20M1768825.7  
5251K4RFKW42022SO LOW 20M17612110.8 
5252N8SBEW82011SO LOW 20M176980.8 
5253LA9AULA1997SO LOW 20M17199  
5254KF0IQW02009SO LOW 20M16812123.1 
5255YO8THRYO2023SO LOW 20M (Y)16511110.1 
5256SP3MEPSP1996SO LOW 20M1651111  
5257WA4FJKW42014SO LOW 20M (T)162990.9 
5258VU2JOSVU2019SO LOW 20M16010102.8 
5259YC2HMDYB2020SO LOW 20M154870.6 
5260JI7OED/7JA72016SO LOW 20M15414110.7 
5261AJ9CW92011SO LOW 20M15411110.5 
5262YO3CVGYO2023SO LOW 20M153991.3 
5263PY3AKSPY2020SO LOW 20M153993.2 
5264BA4CWBY2011SO LOW 20M153991.5 
5265JG3WCZJA31995SO LOW 20M15399  
5266YB0ISEYB2020SA LOW 20M152982.0YB0ISE
5267CE6VMOCE2013SO LOW 20M152883.5 
5268JG8NKJJA82022SO LOW 20M (C)147770.3 
5269SP9RCFSP2019SO LOW 20M (T)147771.6 
5270YC3ARYYB2017SO LOW 20M147871.9 
5271IK5OJBI2022SO LOW 20M14412121.9 
5272UA3VQLUA-32009SO LOW 20M14412120.7 
5273S53DIJS52007SO LOW 20M143111124.3  
5274BH4RKHBY2010SA LOW 20M (R)140101010.5 
5275YL2KFYL2010SA LOW 20M (T)14012100.3 
5276JP3UBRJA32021SO LOW 20M14010102.9 
5277JH1NXUJA12011SO LOW 20M14011100.7 
5278NY6UW62010SO LOW 20M14010101.4 
5279KT7GW72022SO LOW 20M135990.9  
5280DJ1MMDL2018SA LOW 20M133770.8 
5281W7TXW72019SO LOW 20M133770.7 
5282RV9CXUA92011SO LOW 20M133770.9 
5283JR1UMOJA12007SO LOW 20M133771.2  
5284K5AEBW52021SO LOW 20M13212112.8 
5285NU7KW72023SO LOW 20M13011101.0 
5286SD6WSM2017SO LOW 20M13011100.2SM6PVB
5287JR1USUJA12021SO LOW 20M128880.8 
5288VK6WXVK2013SA LOW 20M120882.4 
5289PY2MQPY2022SO LOW 20M (T)119776.9 
5290W3EHW22020SO LOW 20M112881.2 
5291JA4RWNJA42018SO LOW 20M112882.2 
5292N6BHXW62016SO LOW 20M (T)11010101.9 
5293YC1IFRYB2023SO LOW 20M108661.4 
5294RV4ASUA-42020SO LOW 20M108660.3 
5295JP7GRUJA72018SO LOW 20M108660.6 
5296JA7ZPJA72006SO LOW 20M1086624.5  
5297JG3EHDJA32005SO LOW 20M108666.3  
5298PS7AWPY2017SO LOW 20M105770.9 
5299WA2NXKW22002SO LOW 20M105772.0  
5300CT1AGFCT2008SO LOW 20M102760.7CT1AGF
5483 results found
  Page 53 of 55  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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