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401OL0COB1984OKOMSO HP 160M5,4007645  
402EY5IGY1983URSO HP 160M5,3825939  
403UV6LIP1989UA-6SO HP 160M5,3685944  
404OK3TLN1990OKOMSO HP 160M5,2805548  
405JR5JAQ2012JA5SO HP 160M5,187553915.6 
406YV1OB1988YVSO HP 160M5,1843427  
407UB4ITQ1988URSO HP 160M5,0745843  
408UP2BEW1989LYSO HP 160M5,0165944  
409OK3ROS1987OKOMSO HP 160M5,0086342  
410UA9SJL1984RA9SO HP 160M4,9684027  
411K1ZM1990W1SO HP 160M4,7846346  
412Y26IL/A1987DMSO HP 160M4,7045542  
413UA4WEC1986UA-4SO HP 160M4,5574631  
414SP9DH1980SPSO HP 160M4,5106241  
4155Z4FO19955ZSO HP 160M4,4643124  
416OL3AXS/P1981OKOMSO HP 160M4,4286541  
417OL4BRC1989OKOMSO HP 160M4,3865751  
418UQ2GMB1989YLSO HP 160M4,2905539  
419J40AA1984SVSO HP 160M4,1045238  
420KG7D1986W7SO HP 160M4,0805840  
421OE5JDL1983OESO HP 160M4,0808524  
422KH0R2008KH0SO HP 160M4,00432223.3 
423OL6BHV1983OKOMSO HP 160M3,7847044  
424OL6BNB1985OKOMSO HP 160M3,7444839  
425SE4DHF2005SMSO HP 160M (T)3,696454224.8SM4DHF 
426NL7Z1997KLSO HP 160M3,6343423  
427RM5O2011UA-3SO HP 160M3,61044382.0 
428OL9CRF1986OKOMSO HP 160M3,5206744  
429UQ2GNL1984YLSO HP 160M3,5005035  
4304M3A1987YVSO HP 160M3,4922118YV3AGT 
431LA7SI1984LASO HP 160M3,4784637  
432K1ZM2000W1SO HP 160M3,4654035  
433AE6U1980W6SO HP 160M3,4446642  
434SR9EPY1980SPSO HP 160M3,3845536  
435OK3CWQ1981OKOMSO HP 160M3,3614537  
436OK3CWQ1980OKOMSO HP 160M3,3603532  
437LZ2WA1991LZSO HP 160M3,3124736  
438EA1AUI1988EASO HP 160M3,2684138  
439UB5CMD1988URSO HP 160M3,2685138  
440F6DYY1980FSO HP 160M3,2485729  
441OK1FWQ1989OKOMSO HP 160M3,2405045  
442UA9MR1985RA9SO HP 160M3,1743623  
443RF6FFW19834LSO HP 160M3,1162819  
444PY1BVY1989PYSO HP 160M3,0243124  
445SR8EMO1980SPSO HP 160M3,0244736  
4467S3C2005SMSO HP 160M2,97539355.8SM3CCM @SM3CCM 
447OE1TKW1980OESO HP 160M2,9704833  
448OL1BSI1988OKOMSO HP 160M2,9525441  
449OL4BDY1982OKOMSO HP 160M2,9044433  
450CT1AOZ2017CTSO HP 160M2,81237374.7 
451UB5IJA1986URSO HP 160M2,8084837  
452RX3AEX2003UA-3SO HP 160M2,736403825.5  
453AA1K/32013W3SO HP 160M2,70649332.2 
454SP3GVX1983SPSO HP 160M2,6044331  
455OK1KUA1981OKOMSO HP 160M2,6044231  
456DK1DU1980DLSO HP 160M2,5845838  
457OL6BFB/P1984OKOMSO HP 160M2,5745639  
458OK3CQR1981OKOMSO HP 160M2,5204835  
459OH3JR1980OHSO HP 160M2,4424033  
460UA3DQH1984UA-3SO HP 160M2,4003225  
461OK2BDR1986OKOMSO HP 160M2,3684437  
462EZ3QEJ1982UA-3SO HP 160M2,3005025  
463YO2BEH1999YOSO HP 160M2,1703231  
464OL4BHI1984OKOMSO HP 160M2,1465637  
465SP6CZ1984SPSO HP 160M2,1464029  
466YU7ECO1981YUSO HP 160M2,1003930  
467UA1QBM1980UA-1SO HP 160M2,1003430  
468W8LRL1980W8SO HP 160M2,1004530  
469OK2BWM1981OKOMSO HP 160M2,0883229  
470PY1BVY1995PYSO HP 160M2,0682522  
471N0TT2002W0SO HP 160M1,995403527.8  
472OH5NG1980OHSO HP 160M1,9803730  
473OL9CWR1990OKOMSO HP 160M1,9224231  
474W9IND2009W9SO HP 160M1,86047304.6 
475UA3PLS1985UA-3SO HP 160M1,8565429  
476VE3ABG1983VE3SO HP 160M1,8243019  
477DL6BAB/P1981OKOMSO HP 160M1,8004230  
478RT5UO1986URSO HP 160M1,7942623  
479W7DRA2008W7SO HP 160M1,74035296.1 
480OL9CUD1988OKOMSO HP 160M1,7403929  
481YV1OB1995YVSO HP 160M1,7341717  
482PA5A2005PASO HP 160M1,711302926.4  
483OL9CTG1986OKOMSO HP 160M1,6834333  
484PY1BVY1990PYSO HP 160M1,6561818  
485N6LL1989W6SO HP 160M1,5843124WA6CDR 
486Y22PE1991DLSO HP 160M1,5663529  
487UR2RNJ1984ESSO HP 160M1,5643423  
488TA3J2012TASO HP 160M1,53616160.6 
489W8LRL1983W8SO HP 160M1,4825539  
490EU3AA2015EUSO HP 160M1,458282717.8 
491OL1BUY1991OKOMSO HP 160M1,4582827  
492OK2BQU1983OKOMSO HP 160M1,4562826  
493EZ3ABW1983UA-3SO HP 160M1,4403124  
494DK5XF1982DLSO HP 160M1,4043227  
495OH3TQ1983OHSO HP 160M1,3803123  
496K9LA2013W9SO HP 160M1,33427232.4 
497YV1OB1989YVSO HP 160M1,2901715  
498OK3KEU1985OKOMSO HP 160M1,2883523  
499VE3INQ1984VE3SO HP 160M1,2582117  
500UA0FEO1986RA0SO HP 160M1,2542619  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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