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401IZ2DII2019ISA HP 40M107,7122502045.0 
402WJ2D2019W4SA HP 40M107,3041501363.4 
403R9LM2018RA9SA HP 40M104,7981551222.1 
404DJ9AO2018DLSA HP 40M (T)103,8342491935.3 
405SP4JTJ2018SPSA HP 40M102,3001781659.4 
406PY5AKW2009PYSA HP 40M101,4321441248.6 
407NO6T2014W6SA HP 40M97,84821416219.4N6NC
408M5D2019GSA HP 40M97,1281891713.8 
409OM7PY2017OMSA HP 40M95,6452171856.9 
410SP5GH2012SPSA HP 40M94,46412812814.5 
411IZ8VKW2018ISA HP 40M93,5372041714.6 
412NM7D2016W7SA HP 40M91,5202651769.4N7JW
413W2IRT2009W2SA HP 40M85,6441231223.4 
414ON6NL2019ONSA HP 40M83,4241951764.2 
415LZ2FL2018LZSA HP 40M81,0111871638.0 
416KN6EL1995W6SA HP 40M77,840181139  
417SP4JTJ2014SPSA HP 40M74,1681531466.8  
418OZ1ADL2017OZSA HP 40M72,1051781658.9 
419JH1AQN2013JA1SA HP 40M71,7571371199.1 
420WA2JQK2013W2SA HP 40M69,1601531407.6 
421ZL3PAH2010ZLSA HP 40M (T)66,88611710611.5 
422UN4PG2019UNSA HP 40M (T)57,1651151032.3 
423PA5KT2019PASA HP 40M55,4401481262.1 
424EW1FM2019EUSA HP 40M (T)51,8471631396.6 
425OE4VIE2016OESA HP 40M50,9641761373.4 
426K1IM2018W1SA HP 40M (T)50,77910810311.1 
427ZL2JU2017ZLSA HP 40M50,313107936.5 
428WA2JQK2014W2SA HP 40M49,89615712610.3 
429N4VZ2016W4SA HP 40M (T)48,7341361189.3 
430SP2HWW2013SPSA HP 40M48,7201621458.9 
431VA6XDX2011VE6SA HP 40M (T)48,708127997.0VE6LB
432SD6N2016SMSA HP 40M46,6361671314.0SM6V 
433VE6LB2013VE6SA HP 40M (T)46,332113998.3 
434PY2IQ2016PYSA HP 40M45,77898946.6 
435RG5R2018UA-3SA HP 40M45,6751721453.6 
436W3SFG2013W3SA HP 40M (T)42,84010910510.6 
437OU2W2019OZSA HP 40M41,8081571342.9OZ1ETA
438W2RDX2008W2SA HP 40M41,757100932.9K2DB
439G3ZGC2016GSA HP 40M40,992100962.4 
440IC8FBU2010ISA HP 40M40,8171331198.6 
441W6RLL/72011W7SA HP 40M40,7401141054.5 
442PX2V2011PYSA HP 40M40,25589833.7PY2KJ
443DL1DBR2017DLSA HP 40M39,8941331225.1 
444UI0L2017RA0SA HP 40M39,8821351029.2 
445RT4M2019UA-4SA HP 40M37,5921491271.7 
446KC9EE2019W9SA HP 40M (T)36,9151661157.9 
447IQ8LR2009ISA HP 40M35,7541291183.1IZ8DVD
448YO8TOH2009YOSA HP 40M35,328105962.9 
449CX5UA2019CXSA HP 40M34,95881773.5 
450W3OD2015W3SA HP 40M32,89585853.0 
451BG3UPA2018BYSA HP 40M32,13094904.6BG3UPA
452R7HF2016UA-6SA HP 40M30,7381271092.2 
453PE1HWO2017PASA HP 40M (T)29,57596917.1 
454DJ4MZ2011DLSA HP 40M27,7561131081.4 
455BA4SI2015BYSA HP 40M25,52084807.7 
456EI6JK2015EISA HP 40M23,247848112.8 
457LA9TJA2013LASA HP 40M23,136121961.3 
458K4WW2016W4SA HP 40M22,44097886.6 
459K0COP/42007W4SA HP 40M (T)20,67282764.7  
460LW3DG2016LUSA HP 40M20,37463614.0 
461JL6IPK2000JA6SA HP 40M19,2008375  
462WV6I2013W6SA HP 40M18,800122944.2 
463KF2BQ2016W2SA HP 40M18,45964630.7N2OO
464W6NN2012W6SA HP 40M (T)18,330106943.3 
465VU2CPL2017VUSA HP 40M18,29060592.3 
466JR2ALA2019JA2SA HP 40M16,18266626.1 
4674Z4OQ20124XSA HP 40M16,03856545.8 
468BD0AAI2017BYSA HP 40M11,98552514.0 
469W5GDX2017W5SA HP 40M11,13059532.1 
470KG5VK2016W5SA HP 40M10,48861572.7 
471PA0INA2016PASA HP 40M10,14861591.7 
472DL4JLM2017DLSA HP 40M10,02457561.6 
473KK9V2013W9SA HP 40M (T)9,95472633.6 
474N3GJ2010W3SA HP 40M9,84041402.0 
475LZ2ZG2014LZSA HP 40M9,12059574.3 
476CX7ACH2015CXSA HP 40M8,20043417.1 
477SP3GTS2018SPSA HP 40M7,61455541.8 
478JJ5GSY2013JA5SA HP 40M (T)5,95036353.6 
479EA2KY2009EASA HP 40M5,14551495.0 
480JA4CZM2017JA4SA HP 40M3,16825241.4 
481KP4JRS2016KP4SA HP 40M (T)3,07224242.1 
482YE3AA2019YBSA HP 40M2,97525251.4 
483PY2KJ2018PYSA HP 40M2,32021201.5 
484W6IA2019W6SA HP 40M2,15623222.8 
485RN6L2018UA-6SA HP 40M2,13228261.2 
486YB7GRN2018YBSA HP 40M1,70023203.8 
487BD3BD2011BYSA HP 40M1,14422223.3 
488VK3GK2017VKSA HP 40M1,13616164.4 
489HL5YI2018HLSA HP 40M (T)1,00816162.5 
490SP9JZT2017SPSA HP 40M95019193.4  
491JK3NSD2018JA3SA HP 40M72611110.4 
492W0AD2017W0SA HP 40M58010100.4 
493UA0W2017RA0SA HP 40M (T)48010106.7 
494JH1APK2012JA1SA HP 40M (T)252770.8 
495JM2RUV2010JA2SA HP 40M126660.4 
496JF3LOP2019JA3SA HP 40M54330.1 
497YO4CSL2011YOSA HP 40M30330.2 
498JA1JRS2016JA1SA HP 40M9330.2 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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