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401OK2PPOKSO LP ALL1,327,5361,104504  
402JF1SQCJA1SO LP 15M1,326,8301,017479  
403RU0LLRA0SO LP ALL (T)1,309,4641,201468  
404PW1SPYSO LP ALL (R)1,308,920980430PY1KS 
405UT2IDURSO HP 15M1,302,7401,122530  
406N1WR/3W3SO LP ALL1,289,130907485  
407OM3IAGOMSO HP ALL1,287,7201,091504  
408OK1HXOKSO LP ALL1,279,4601,133518  
409JA2KVBJA2SO LP ALL1,272,063977507  
410OH6NJOHSO HP ALL (T)1,271,0251,222525  
411AD6EW6SA HP ALL1,269,940998470  
412JH5OXFJA5SO LP ALL (T)1,267,0021,034474  
413K1HTW1SO LP ALL1,251,639917453  
414N4TZ/9W9SO LP 15M1,251,432951504  
415K2QMFW2SA HP ALL (T)1,251,093880467  
416LY2IJLYSO HP 40M1,241,638953458  
417S53MJS5SO HP ALL (T)1,241,5061,179497  
418KP4AHKP4SO LP 20M1,226,1841,030453WP3C 
419ON6NRONSO QRP ALL1,224,6001,076520ON4RU 
420DL5YMDLSO HP ALL1,222,4201,011509  
421OK2DUOKSO LP 15M1,215,4931,001521  
422OK1AXBOKSA HP ALL1,211,2111,050531  
423S54XS5SO LP ALL1,209,2851,007495  
424LU1EWLLUSO LP ALL1,208,093896431  
4259A2EU9ASO LP ALL1,206,3301,002509  
426JA6ZLIJA6SO HP ALL (T)1,201,760953464  
427WH0VKH0SO HP ALL1,198,916925386  
428RA9ANRA9SO HP ALL1,193,566791454  
429AB6WMW6SA HP ALL1,192,8901,040510  
430W3BGNW3SO HP 40M1,191,840735390  
4314Z5JA4XSO LP ALL1,189,664888452  
432DJ9MHDLSA HP ALL1,185,3451,025477  
433OH8BQTOHSO LP ALL1,185,2751,095521  
434SM5JBMSMSO LP ALL1,177,6401,092499  
435F5RZJFSO HP 15M1,175,182996502  
436HK3JBRHKSO HP ALL1,175,154955438  
437M5AGSO LP ALL (T)1,170,7481,054487G3SXW 
438S55AS5SO HP ALL (T)1,167,8861,041482  
439PY1ARS/4PYSO HP ALL1,162,926849414  
440UX6FURSO HP 20M1,161,8881,203546UX3FW 
441KJ0GW0MULTI-ONE HP1,160,522901493KJ0G K0SX 
442LY2FELYSO QRP ALL1,154,8621,068498  
443S51AS5MULTI-ONE HP1,148,9761,112474S51XO S57PW 
444OD5PLODSO LP ALL1,145,4241,009392  
445KX1MW1SO QRP ALL1,138,176964456  
446WT1TW1MULTI-ONE HP1,137,720866456K1WD WO1N K1TWF 
447US3IZURSO LP ALL1,136,1871,154507  
448LY2HNLYSO HP ALL1,135,2661,013501  
449LY2DXLYSO LP ALL1,135,0441,057492  
450LY2LALYSO LP ALL1,134,8481,064496  
451UT7IYURSO HP 40M1,132,404832442  
452RU6AVUA-6SO HP ALL1,122,1651,052495  
453UT2UZURSO LP ALL1,120,752954516  
454AG7W/6W6SO HP ALL1,120,635922405K6XX 
455WA4QDMW4SO HP 15M1,117,152938432  
456LY2BNLYSO LP ALL1,114,9751,000515  
457UA4PAUA-4SO LP ALL1,114,8121,054537  
458W6NLW6SO HP ALL1,111,560905471  
459OK1ZPOKSO LP ALL1,107,8401,001480  
460W4YEW4SO HP ALL (T)1,107,600852426  
461W4MYAW4SO HP 40M1,107,185692395  
462SP9XCNSPSO LP 15M1,100,693900517  
463UR7IWWURSO HP 15M1,098,0991,007513US7IGF 
464JE4MHLJA4SO LP ALL (T)1,097,044907442  
465S54AS5SO LP 40M1,096,550815455  
466OK1DOLOKSO LP ALL1,087,6801,009480  
467KR5DXW5SO HP ALL1,087,170954465  
468UT2IOURSA LP ALL1,076,4001,027468  
469UX2MMURSO HP 15M1,076,250979525  
470Z31CNZ3SO LP 20M1,074,8551,127547  
471BD4EDBYSO HP 15M1,074,3981,058403  
472OK2QXOKSO LP ALL (T)1,073,276989502  
473RI4CUA-4SO HP 15M1,071,3391,124843RU4CO 
474JA7NVFJA7SO LP ALL1,067,904931432  
475DJ9DZDLSO HP 40M1,064,095831437  
476EU1SAEUSO LP ALL1,060,4431,015493  
477ER1LWERSO LP ALL1,058,9101,135470  
478UT8IMURSO HP 15M1,054,1001,016508  
479SM5HJZSMSO HP 15M1,049,750891494  
480DF4SADLSO HP ALL1,045,143890459  
481YO4GDPYOSO HP 15M1,044,4481,027508  
482IZ3ASA/3IMULTI-ONE HP1,039,4411,088481CLUB GROUP 
483UR5LCVURSO HP 15M1,038,568912524  
484RA3XOUA-3SO HP 15M1,034,880911528  
485SQ6ZSPSO HP 40M1,031,261779413SP3RBR 
486OM8ONOMSO LP ALL1,023,642857477  
487LY2MMLYSO HP ALL1,020,402904498  
488HB9ARFHBSO LP ALL1,017,8311,065471  
489WN6KW6SO LP ALL (T)1,015,151997437  
490DJ6QTDLSO HP ALL1,014,585936473  
491VE3IAYVE3SO LP ALL1,013,965779395  
492HA4YFHASO LP ALL1,007,124880492  
4932S4SIDGMSO HP ALL997,770962474GM4SID 
494OK2ECOKSO LP ALL995,692887458  
495SM3CVMSMSO LP ALL (T)993,564984468  
496DL3NEODLSA HP ALL986,910922491  
497LO7HLUSO LP ALL984,732826399LU7HN 
498K2UFW2SO LP ALL984,492846414  
499K6GTW6SO HP ALL977,024880449  
500EI4DWEISO LP ALL976,030935467  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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