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301K2MK2010W2SA HP ALL862,28476739724.1 
302N2NC2009W2SO HP 20M860,7008284758.0@N2RM
303N2MM1981W2SO HP 20M859,320917372  
304W2EG2014W2SO LP 40M856,05062539018.0 
305AB2E2014W2SA HP ALL (T)842,96067241012.8 
306W2EG2010W2SO LP 40M841,75959137921.7 
307N2WK2017W2SA HP ALL840,38568245520.7 
308N2AZS1988W2SO HP ALL840,322824386  
309WK2G1997W2SO LP ALL (T)835,992791408  
310W2EG2011W2SO LP 40M831,43262940423.9 
311NA2U2009W2SO HP 20M830,24885347217.8K2TTT
312K2UF2010W2SO LP ALL830,07077540128.2 
313K2UF2005W2SO LP ALL828,63672939822.5  
314W2GN2014W2SA HP ALL827,23577546526.7 
315W2LK2007W2SA HP ALL820,84766840117.1  
316K2LE2006W2SO HP ALL (T)816,44267940714.6  
317AB2E1993W2SO HP ALL816,124776373  
318W2LE2005W2SA HP ALL (T)811,10469240819.7  
319N2ED2012W2SO HP ALL796,74075242011.8 
320K3EL/22009W2SA HP ALL785,40064542032.5 
321KI2P1987W2SO HP 20M782,273912419  
322W2TZ2001W2SO LP ALL781,83069836536.0  
323KW2J1996W2SO HP ALL777,777823429  
324NJ2L1987W2SO HP 20M772,952909424  
325K2UF2009W2SO LP ALL767,53368739127.0 
326KR2Q1997W2SO QRP ALL766,206640378  
327W2AW2017W2SO LP 20M764,79675248922.9N2GM
328NF2RS2015W2SO LP ALL (T)757,55268245220.9K2ZR
329NR2H1990W2SO HP ALL755,298776394  
330K2MK2009W2SO HP ALL753,92068738018.5 
331K2UF2003W2SO LP ALL753,30076240526.0  
332N2GM2006W2SO LP 20M744,14468844420.4  
333W2GD1992W2SO QRP ALL741,802670421  
334NX2X2010W2SO HP ALL (T)738,81578638525.2 
335AA2U1992W2SO QRP ALL732,018668406  
336N2UN2012W2SA HP 15M730,35659848426.6 
337W2LE2012W2SA HP ALL (T)728,30159743913.0 
338KW2J1988W2SO HP ALL727,089791363  
339K2QMF1995W2SO HP ALL721,614591381  
340K2NV2017W2SO HP ALL720,7957074358.9 
341N2GC2000W2SO HP ALL (T)720,295667355  
342KZ2S1984W2SO HP 40M716,870644343  
343K2SX2003W2SO HP ALL (T)715,38478840116.1  
344N2WLG1997W2SO HP ALL709,020598390  
345W2YC2004W2SA HP ALL (T)707,64463139820.2  
346W2GD1991W2SO QRP ALL701,055629405  
347W2LE2011W2SA HP ALL (T)700,33562239522.5 
348KA2AEV1983W2SO HP ALL698,950831350  
349KA2MGE2002W2SO HP ALL (T)692,43770340926.0  
350AB2E2001W2SA LP ALL (T)691,79565137722.9  
351AB2E1997W2SA HP ALL690,426593363  
352K2CYE2012W2SA HP ALL (T)690,00054340012.6 
353NA3D/22016W2SO HP 15M689,83273846826.3 
354K2TTM2014W2SO LP ALL (T)687,46657538615.1 
355AE2T1999W2SO LP ALL686,880685405  
356KE2D2015W2SO LP ALL (T)681,72061138018.0 
357N2UU2015W2SO LP ALL (T)679,96064938214.4 
358K2QMF2008W2SA HP ALL678,14460638415.2 
359WB2Q1990W2SO HP 15M675,906805462  
360WQ2N2015W2SA HP ALL675,68057541011.6 
361N2ED2013W2SO HP ALL671,92270841414.8 
362WS9M/22016W2SO HP ALL666,90571841516.6 
363KW2J1995W2SO HP ALL656,460834426  
364N1CC/21997W2SO HP ALL655,603630377  
365AB2E2002W2SA LP ALL (T)641,12467639627.1  
366NT2Y2006W2SO LP 20M633,95571141316.5  
367NR2H1992W2SO HP 40M631,414590379  
368WA2EYA2001W2SO LP ALL627,94664637422.1  
369N2UU2016W2SO LP ALL (T)627,62465337919.8 
370KA2AEV1989W2SO QRP ALL625,504697352  
371WF2B2010W2SA HP ALL623,55869337715.9K2ONP
372N2AA1994W2SO HP 20M622,654708433  
373W2HCA1999W2SO HP ALL621,918621349  
374WN2O2010W2SO HP ALL (T)618,37263535611.8N2GC
375K5NA/21985W2SO HP ALL617,638521314  
376K2FU2010W2SO HP ALL616,83466235820.1 
377WS9M/22009W2SO HP ALL615,11854837135.9 
378AA2U1994W2SO QRP ALL613,470607390  
379KR2AA2011W2SO HP 20M608,84474045231.9 
380N2ED1998W2SO LP ALL (T)601,500612375  
381W2HG1988W2MULTI-ONE HP601,092660354W2HG + packet 
382W2ZU1999W2SO HP ALL (T)599,760600360  
383W2OO2003W2SO HP ALL592,23360133924.1  
384W2LE2006W2SA HP ALL (T)591,13661137715.5  
385W2YC1997W2SO HP ALL589,248539372  
386N2LSK1996W2SO LP ALL (T)587,904643384  
387WK2G1998W2SO LP ALL584,610704390  
388WA2MCR2012W2SO LP ALL582,93060138120.5 
389K2MK2008W2SO HP ALL582,75059833323.6 
390W2LE2009W2SO HP ALL (T)580,95759537718.7 
391W2LE2014W2SA HP ALL (T)574,45952039712.8 
392W2TZ2004W2SO LP ALL570,02461937817.7  
393N2ED1997W2SO LP ALL (T)561,005545365  
395WF2B2011W2SA HP ALL557,23255137612.3K2ONP
396K1TN/22010W2SO LP ALL (T)556,83060834517.5 
397N2UU2013W2SO LP ALL (T)553,37860932919.5 
398N1CC/21996W2SA HP ALL552,520600380  
399KQ2O1982W2MULTI-ONE HP552,448747332KQ2O K2BK 
400K2SX2005W2SO HP ALL (T)541,8565453289.7  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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