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301KO1H2004W1SO QRP 40M8,95056504.1  
302JM1XTB2013JA1SO QRP 40M8,73646426.8 
303YO3CDN1983YOSO QRP 40M8,7009050  
304JA9MJR1985JA9SO QRP 40M8,5364744  
305VK2CCC2017VKSO QRP 40M8,35848429.0 
306KB1DH1983W1SO QRP 40M8,3086862  
307N2JNZ2003W2SO QRP 40M8,29684619.0  
308W8NNC2014W8SO QRP 40M8,25064555.2 
309RC4AA2010UA-4SO QRP 40M7,94661585.1RW4AO
310UC2AFJ1980EUSO QRP 40M7,9047752  
311UV3AAC1984UA-3SO QRP 40M7,7527551  
312JH7XGN1987JA7SO QRP 40M7,7425049  
313NZ3O2015W3SO QRP 40M7,73855535.1 
314WA8HSB/42013W4SO QRP 40M7,56068633.9 
315KU7Y2010W7SO QRP 40M (T)7,42470586.6 
316JR7CDL1989JA7SO QRP 40M7,3804441  
317N2UN1992W2SO QRP 40M7,0508875  
318LY5Q2015LYSO QRP 40M6,93055552.8 
319OK2TEO2012OKSO QRP 40M6,91652524.2 
320SM5DQ1994SMSO QRP 40M6,8325656  
321JM1DPL2017JA1SO QRP 40M6,79035354.8 
322DF1HF2012DLSO QRP 40M6,67065585.2 
323W8NNC2015W8SO QRP 40M6,51077626.2 
324JF2LTH1989JA2SO QRP 40M6,4244944  
325US5EFU2011URSO QRP 40M (T)6,32560554.1 
326OK1IF2009OKSO QRP 40M6,25459532.5 
327JA1KJW1997JA1SO QRP 40M6,2043533  
328JF2LTH1990JA2SO QRP 40M6,1486353  
329UR2RKF1979ESSO QRP 40M6,0486442  
330UB5CGN1984URSO QRP 40M6,0167047  
331JM1XTB2014JA1SO QRP 40M5,94051457.6 
332OK4JR2012OKSO QRP 40M (T)5,73350494.2 
333W8TM2004W8SO QRP 40M5,67157532.4  
334BD4RDR2010BYSO QRP 40M5,535494511.5 
335W8NNC2017W8SO QRP 40M5,52966573.6 
336JM1DPL2015JA1SO QRP 40M5,40032303.9 
337KV7X1984W7SO QRP 40M5,2446257  
338NE6M2003W6SO QRP 40M5,22049459.7  
339Y21YH1989DMSO QRP 40M5,2088062  
340IK3RET2012ISO QRP 40M5,15058505.7 
341JR9GXQ1993JASO QRP 40M5,1484039  
342YB2LSR2014YBSO QRP 40M4,78530291.8 
343VE3RSA2014VE3SO QRP 40M4,76834322.2 
344UZ6AXQ1993UA-6SO QRP 40M4,6758055  
345UA3XCQ1981UA-3SO QRP 40M4,3685139  
346JG2AIG2005JA2SO QRP 40M (T)4,06029295.4  
347OI2HJ1983OHSO QRP 40M3,8764938OH2BFG 
348SM0LPO1983SMSO QRP 40M3,8765734  
349WA2ZWH1979W2SO QRP 40M3,8083934  
350UA9TX1989RA9SO QRP 40M3,7502925  
351W7VMI2005W7SO QRP 40M3,60843415.4AH6B 
352OH2BEC2004OHSO QRP 40M3,56744419.4  
353RD1A2015UA-1SO QRP 40M3,51042392.7 
354SM7CZC1980SMSO QRP 40M3,4965238  
355WD7I/01993W0SO QRP 40M3,4045246  
356II7M2013ISO QRP 40M (R)3,108393710.2 
357OZ1ZH1984OZSO QRP 40M2,8524731  
358JF2LTH1987JA2SO QRP 40M2,8383533  
359JH7XVB1994JA7SO QRP 40M2,6402624  
360JJ1INO1980JA1SO QRP 40M2,6243632  
361YO3MS1983YOSO QRP 40M2,5204830  
362SP5DDJ2001SPSO QRP 40M2,44837344.9  
363JF2LTH1988JA2SO QRP 40M2,3763433  
364OZ8A2012OZSO QRP 40M2,21135333.1 
3659M2ZAK20149M2SO QRP 40M2,11226223.9 
366JJ1INO1979JA1SO QRP 40M2,0682822  
367YB2BG2013YBSO QRP 40M2,06020203.2 
368JF2LTH1999JA2SO QRP 40M2,0162718  
369JF2LTH1991JA2SO QRP 40M1,9723129  
370N3ZP2011W3SO QRP 40M1,97130272.1 
371N2PEB1994W2SO QRP 40M1,9385751  
372KC2LYQ2008W2SO QRP 40M1,68024242.7 
373SM6AHU1994SMSO QRP 40M1,6774339  
374UT4UI2012URSO QRP 40M1,57720194.1 
375VK2CCC2014VKSO QRP 40M1,48817169.6 
376JA1LEY1979JA1SO QRP 40M1,4402518  
377OK2NA2004OKSO QRP 40M1,431282725.8  
378YO3GLH2010YOSO QRP 40M1,37227284.1 
379SM7CZC1981SMSO QRP 40M1,3443124  
380LA7SI2013LASO QRP 40M1,30026251.7 
381GM1J2010GMSO QRP 40M1,27625221.6MM0BQI
382IZ3NVR2011ISO QRP 40M (T)96621211.1 
383SQ3OGP2016SPSO QRP 40M94623225.0 
384JO3LDN2005JA3SO QRP 40M86720173.5  
385JP1GVC2009JA1SO QRP 40M86413120.8 
386JR6QFV1984JA6SO QRP 40M8401414  
387DL8UKW1993DLSO QRP 40M8281918  
388NR3Z2017W3SO QRP 40M81018181.5 
389JJ1INO1981JA1SO QRP 40M7481817  
390DM2BLM/P1979DMSO QRP 40M6842018  
391JG1GPY2013JA1SO QRP 40M64813121.5 
392KH6CS2017KH6SO QRP 40M59411112.7 
393YB2LSR2015YBSO QRP 40M56010100.8 
394DL0VLT1992DLSO QRP 40M5501111  
395JK3AHS2011JA3SO QRP 40M51323193.2 
396IZ5JLW2013ISO QRP 40M (T)51218162.4 
397JK3AHS2010JA3SO QRP 40M45020183.7 
398W6RCL1997W6SO QRP 40M4201615  
399JG2CNS/32009JA3SO QRP 40M37212122.2 
400KU7Y2011W7SO QRP 40M (T)35216161.5 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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