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301OK1AIJ2010OKSO QRP 15M14,63012411014.4 
302E21AOY2010HSSO QRP 15M14,168887711.4 
303W8VSK1980W8SO QRP 15M13,3178269  
304DJ6TK2016DLSO QRP 15M13,02499884.0 
305W1CVE2004W1SO QRP 15M12,960898110.6  
306JS1GHA1988JA1SO QRP 15M12,9209368  
307OK1AIJ2011OKSO QRP 15M12,70511110510.2 
308UB5FDM1985URSO QRP 15M12,53311583  
309UJ8JME1988EYSO QRP 15M12,2408060  
310WY6DX2011W6SO QRP 15M (T)12,096878415.3 
311YU4XA1989YUSO QRP 15M12,0607860  
312OK1HBT1988OKOMSO QRP 15M12,0366359  
313JR1NKN2010JA1SO QRP 15M11,8691078315.9 
314SV9/DL7VOA2012SV9SO QRP 15M11,21881798.2 
315K2KTT1993W2SO QRP 15M11,0208176  
316EA2CR2002EASO QRP 15M11,0049084  
317Y26SW1992DLSO QRP 15M10,7928076  
318ER2RM2007ERSO QRP 15M10,707958329.3  
319YB2VMC2017YBSO QRP 15M10,55368618.2 
320AA6GI2014W6SO QRP 15M10,374847810.6 
321BD4SP2010BYSO QRP 15M10,2411007715.2 
322WA6FGV2009W6SO QRP 15M10,218947812.9 
323JH7RTQ2007JA7SO QRP 15M10,064946815.8  
324W5NZ/42013W4SO QRP 15M (T)10,01174717.8 
325N1AFC1986W1SO QRP 15M9,4728574  
326OH3GD1985OHSO QRP 15M9,28811186  
327JP1FZA1985JA1SO QRP 15M9,1527164  
328W5NZ/42012W4SO QRP 15M (T)9,10866668.1 
329OK1AIJ2005OKSO QRP 15M9,08591798.7  
330UB5QCK1983URSO QRP 15M8,7127766  
331YC3MM2001YBSO QRP 15M8,64056549.5  
332JH1BUB1989JA1SO QRP 15M8,6248744  
333K2CS1998W2SO QRP 15M8,6148273  
334WA6FGV2007W6SO QRP 15M8,59183719.6  
335KH6KG2014KH6SO QRP 15M8,58660546.6 
336N6HI/72015W7SO QRP 15M8,568565610.0 
337WA6FGV2017W6SO QRP 15M8,540787012.7 
338I2BPP2014ISO QRP 15M8,51569656.2 
339PY1WDS1981PYSO QRP 15M8,1006050  
340JK1RJQ1983JA1SO QRP 15M8,0836959  
341JR1NKN2008JA1SO QRP 15M8,060846213.7 
342VU2UR2010VUSO QRP 15M7,93065615.7 
343WA6FGV1997W6SO QRP 15M7,66310797  
344JR1NKN2007JA1SO QRP 15M6,944766216.3  
345G4GIU1983GSO QRP 15M6,9446656  
346YO6EZ2001YOSO QRP 15M6,8605549  
347YB1HDR2016YBSO QRP 15M6,81149495.5 
348WA6FGV2004W6SO QRP 15M6,72075648.1  
349SP8LXE2012SPSO QRP 15M6,63464624.5 
350ES1CR1994ESSO QRP 15M6,5558369  
351RX9TL2006RA9SO QRP 15M6,424504424.8  
352WC3O2014W3SO QRP 15M6,37052491.4 
353W6YMH1984W6SO QRP 15M6,2706557  
354WA8GHZ/51999W5SO QRP 15M6,2066158  
355JR1NKN1997JA1SO QRP 15M6,0906958  
356RA3XEV2007UA-3SO QRP 15M5,98567575.7  
357WP4F2015KP4SO QRP 15M (T)5,98052525.2 
358OK1AIJ2009OKSO QRP 15M5,88073707.4 
359UA1CAK2015UA-1SO QRP 15M (T)5,85046454.6 
360K7QO2012W7SO QRP 15M5,81467577.7 
361TF3LJN1979TFSO QRP 15M5,8055945  
362JE1JAC2013JA1SO QRP 15M5,77254525.1 
363OH6NPV2005OHSO QRP 15M5,6685752  
364N1AFC1984W1SO QRP 15M5,6565856  
365AH6EK1984KH6SO QRP 15M5,6404940  
366JA9UAD1980JA9SO QRP 15M5,5045043  
367RN4AO2015UA-4SO QRP 15M5,47873665.8 
368DH6YMC2015DLSO QRP 15M (T)5,40056543.0 
369EW6DR2000EUSO QRP 15M5,2445046  
370DJ3GE2011DLSO QRP 15M5,12067644.9 
371OH5WH2013OHSO QRP 15M5,08854488.3 
372W5NZ/42014W4SO QRP 15M (T)4,79448473.6 
373SP8LXE2014SPSO QRP 15M4,75658585.7 
374NI9C1990W9SO QRP 15M4,7206659  
375OK1AIJ2007OKSO QRP 15M4,69765618.0  
376VU2UR2009VUSO QRP 15M4,69249465.8 
377YU4XA1990YUSO QRP 15M4,5575049  
378LU4HFE1996LUSO QRP 15M4,4774137  
379N3CZ/42013W4SO QRP 15M4,38741411.8 
380EC3AP1980EASO QRP 15M4,2725948  
381DL4JYT1992DLSO QRP 15M4,2145349  
382JR1NKN2005JA1SO QRP 15M4,09247445.5  
383K6III2005W6SO QRP 15M4,050454528.5  
384WA6FGV1995W6SO QRP 15M4,0308065  
385K6VHF2014W6SO QRP 15M3,87655519.2 
386HA7MW2006HASO QRP 15M3,77438372.2  
387HS8KGG/52012HSSO QRP 15M3,65443426.9 
388LA8WG2014LASO QRP 15M (T)3,48161598.4 
389JA1NLX2008JA1SO QRP 15M3,43252444.7 
390YC2YTH2012YBSO QRP 15M3,29635326.4 
391UA0W2014RA0SO QRP 15M3,20437364.2 
392G3CWL/A1984GSO QRP 15M3,0943734  
393M0OSH2012GSO QRP 15M3,04041408.7 
394WA6FGV1994W6SO QRP 15M3,0386762  
395JA0BMS/11987JA1SO QRP 15M3,0365344  
396UA0QGQ1989RA0SO QRP 15M3,0243028  
397UY7LM2016URSO QRP 15M2,96744432.3 
398JH8DBI2012JA8SO QRP 15M (T)2,90535351.0 
399JH1BUB1991JA1SO QRP 15M2,8884838  
400JF8LPB2015JA8SO QRP 15M2,844403610.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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