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301OK1JDX1986OKOMSO HP 160M11,5929363  
302YV1OB1986YVSO HP 160M11,5505835  
303OL9CUH1989OKOMSO HP 160M11,53410073  
304OK3IAG1986OKOMSO HP 160M11,3169869  
305OL7BLO1985OKOMSO HP 160M11,15210668  
3064N1N1995YUSO HP 160M11,0608170  
307SP4EEZ1984SPSO HP 160M10,9628863  
308OL8CLU1988OKOMSO HP 160M10,95610166  
309SP5IXI1980SPSO HP 160M10,92010960  
310KH6ZM2010KH6SO HP 160M10,91554379.6 
311UB5ZKE1991URSO HP 160M10,6928566  
312RV9SV2005RA9SO HP 160M10,530493928.8  
313UP2PAP1980LYSO HP 160M10,50417552  
314LA2GV1983LASO HP 160M10,4509955  
315SM5HJZ2001SMSO HP 160M10,416766228.8  
316RA3DX1986UA-3SO HP 160M10,36012274  
317VE3DO1991VE3SO HP 160M10,2486442  
318UA9MR1989RA9SO HP 160M10,1844638  
319UT6UD2015URSO HP 160M10,13281682.1 
320YU2OB1980YUSO HP 160M9,9769058  
321G3XTT1984GSO HP 160M9,6387561  
322OK1JDX1983OKOMSO HP 160M9,49910459  
323RB8SM1991URSO HP 160M9,4509363  
324LY3NJM1995LYSO HP 160M9,3247363  
325RW9CD2017RA9SO HP 160M (T)9,28041401.3 
326NR6O2009W6SO HP 160M9,240786613.8N6RO
327UA9CBO1984RA9SO HP 160M8,9915037  
328UA6JFG2005UA-6SO HP 160M8,97071655.9  
329K5UR1987W5SO HP 160M8,9469071  
330AH0K2017KH0SO HP 160M8,75043356.1OH6RX 
331G3XWZ/A1985GSO HP 160M8,73615656  
332OK1DWJ1989OKOMSO HP 160M8,7108565  
333OL7BTG1990OKOMSO HP 160M8,6407860  
334UC2AAN1984EUSO HP 160M8,5868053  
335OK1DRU1989OKOMSO HP 160M8,5407761  
336RP2BFU1982LYSO HP 160M8,4288249  
337SP7LI2008SPSO HP 160M8,38572656.8 
338SP1ADM1983SPSO HP 160M8,3648451  
339UT5UJO1987URSO HP 160M8,3229857  
340OK1DWJ1986OKOMSO HP 160M8,2808560  
341RP2BET1980LYSO HP 160M8,1608951  
342UC2AAK1980EUSO HP 160M8,1128052  
343UP2BKT1986LYSO HP 160M8,1007354  
344K5NA/21988W2SO HP 160M8,0529361  
345HB9FBS2007HBSO HP 160M8,00376536.7  
346K1VW2002W1SO HP 160M7,930906513.2  
347EV2M2007EUSO HP 160M7,830655428.0EW1CQ 
348DJ3ZX1980DLSO HP 160M7,7767254  
349SP9DH1986SPSO HP 160M7,70011270  
350SP5GH1993SPSO HP 160M7,6806060  
351UA9MR1982RA9SO HP 160M7,6804930  
352YO9IE1991YOSO HP 160M7,6507851  
353OK1DIJ1980OKOMSO HP 160M7,6447652  
354UB5IJA1985URSO HP 160M7,4626641  
355KH7U2005KH6SO HP 160M7,416403611.8  
356SN2K2008SPSO HP 160M7,31663592.0SP2FWC
357OK1PGF1987OKOMSO HP 160M7,2807056  
358N0TT2011W0SO HP 160M7,19884595.4 
359RK3XWO2007UA-3SO HP 160M7,144927610.1UA3XAO 
360W0ZV1986W0SO HP 160M7,1407651  
361Y33VL1990DMSO HP 160M7,1006950  
362AM5YU1999EASO HP 160M7,0206454  
363UQ2GNL1988YLSO HP 160M7,0087348  
364UB5ZKE1989URSO HP 160M6,9966953  
365PA3BFM1985PASO HP 160M6,9126248  
366OK2PGT1984OKOMSO HP 160M6,8448559  
367SV0AA1985SVSO HP 160M6,8166348  
368OK1DRU/P1985OKOMSO HP 160M6,76810436  
369SP3FLR1980SPSO HP 160M6,5708145  
370WT3Q1992W3SO HP 160M6,56011880  
371VE3MFA1984VE3SO HP 160M6,5525036  
372UQ2GNL1985YLSO HP 160M6,3487046  
373G4OBK1984GSO HP 160M6,3006650  
374OK3CVI1987OKOMSO HP 160M6,2727343  
375WN2O2017W2SO HP 160M (T)6,25466535.0N2GC
376WA3WJD1996W3SO HP 160M6,2406552  
377Y33UL1987DMSO HP 160M6,2106345  
378OL9CPG1984OKOMSO HP 160M6,1487853  
379OK3TUM1987OKOMSO HP 160M6,1207051  
380Y24OL/P1989DMSO HP 160M6,1006350  
381OK1DQT1988OKOMSO HP 160M6,0647557  
382K5UR1986W5SO HP 160M6,0009360  
383UA3ARI1984UA-3SO HP 160M5,9866741  
384G3XWZ/A1988GSO HP 160M5,9527048  
385OK1DYL1985OKOMSO HP 160M5,9166651  
386PY0FF1990PY0FSO HP 160M5,9004025  
387UB4JFJ1989URSO HP 160M5,8299167  
388OL7BTV/P1989OKOMSO HP 160M5,8247756  
389UA2FCW1981UA2SO HP 160M5,8227141  
390YL2QN1990YLSO HP 160M5,7966246  
391OK2BQU1985OKOMSO HP 160M5,7827449  
392G3XWZ/A1986GSO HP 160M5,7767538  
393JH2FXK2007JA2SO HP 160M5,775393528.2  
394K5NA/21987W2SO HP 160M5,7608364  
395UB5IMR1984URSO HP 160M5,7606640  
396SV3RF2008SVSO HP 160M5,66453483.6 
397Y25NE1991DLSO HP 160M5,6406547  
398OK3CWQ1982OKOMSO HP 160M5,6327144  
399OL2BCC1982OKOMSO HP 160M5,5447244  
400UA3LEO1983UA-3SO HP 160M5,4746746  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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