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301IT9SSI2014IT9SA LP 15M8,24665627.6 
302BG4TRN2015BYSA LP 15M8,073706920.6 
303PY2XC2017PYSA LP 15M7,97561556.3 
304JF2KWM2015JA2SA LP 15M7,92064609.9 
305PU9OSB2009PYSA LP 15M7,73856537.1 
306LU3JVO2009LUSA LP 15M7,35053501.7 
307PY2FSR2017PYSA LP 15M7,124575212.2 
308JF2KWM2016JA2SA LP 15M7,01859588.7 
309BD4UN2013BYSA LP 15M6,55284636.0 
310JO1WIZ2012JA1SA LP 15M (T)6,14448484.7 
311VA1CHP2017VE1SA LP 15M (T)5,58652494.0 
312JA4AQR2013JA4SA LP 15M (T)5,52048464.0 
313JS1IFK2010JA1SA LP 15M5,22562555.5 
314PY7OO2017PYSA LP 15M4,68746432.7 
315RW4CLF2016UA-4SA LP 15M4,60041402.0 
316LU4HK2016LUSA LP 15M4,57246361.1  
317KF0IQ2015W0SA LP 15M4,25638388.1 
318EC4TA2014EASA LP 15M4,15858540.8 
319JG1LPL2016JA1SA LP 15M4,05054456.9 
320JN1ECL2015JA1SA LP 15M3,85442415.4 
321BD4HF2010BYSA LP 15M3,72671543.9 
322GM1C2013GMSA LP 15M (T)3,48345436.7GM1BSG
323YB2FWQ2013YBSA LP 15M3,456363610.2 
324SM6TOL2013SMSA LP 15M3,38844442.8 
325JR2AAN/22011JA2SA LP 15M3,34447443.8 
326BD2BT2012BYSA LP 15M3,33234346.6 
327SP8TJU2009SPSA LP 15M3,21354518.9 
328UW5ZY2013URSA LP 15M3,19239384.1 
329JM8GJB2017JA8SA LP 15M (R)2,87038359.7 
330LW6DW2017LUSA LP 15M2,75933312.1 
331PY2UD2017PYSA LP 15M2,59234322.4 
332PU4ENY2017PYSA LP 15M (R)2,52832326.6 
333US2IVR2011URSA LP 15M (R)2,52046404.9 
334F1UVN2017FSA LP 15M2,49634322.4 
335UT2AB2016URSA LP 15M (T)2,349292910.0 
336ON7XN2014ONSA LP 15M2,14540392.7 
337VK4NM2017VKSA LP 15M2,07228281.0 
338UX7LL2013URSA LP 15M2,04632311.0 
3395P3A2011OZSA LP 15M2,02841392.6OZ3ABE
340TA3AER2016TASA LP 15M1,91429291.9 
341JK1FUP2015JA1SA LP 15M (T)1,88137335.8 
342IV3XZG2011ISA LP 15M1,73937376.1 
343YD9RWY2017YBSA LP 15M1,72528254.2 
344YO8SAO2017YOSA LP 15M1,53634325.3 
345AE7DW2015W7SA LP 15M1,51228283.8 
346VA7BWG2013VE7SA LP 15M1,43127271.5VE7GM
347KB9O2014W9SA LP 15M1,40822222.6 
348JI1BDQ2017JA1SA LP 15M1,32022221.8 
349JR3KAH2017JA3SA LP 15M1,30235319.6 
350EW1AFM2017EUSA LP 15M (T)1,26033307.2 
351DL5MO2016DLSA LP 15M1,22525253.2  
352ED5W2014EASA LP 15M1,19627260.4EA5BB
353JE6PJP2017JA6SA LP 15M1,17636285.5 
354SP1RKT2011SPSA LP 15M1,16128271.2 
355JA7ZP2015JA7SA LP 15M1,05823231.1 
356YC6BTI2017YBSA LP 15M (T)1,01223226.7 
357JA2HBK2015JA2SA LP 15M1,00822212.6 
358PA0RRS2015PASA LP 15M95019193.5 
359W4JDS2015W4SA LP 15M94521211.0 
360YB2ECG2015YBSA LP 15M (T)94020202.1 
361JA1MZM2016JA1SA LP 15M (T)88023200.7 
362JM1EKM2014JA1SA LP 15M86418181.7 
363UV5QQ2012URSA LP 15M (T)78217173.9 
364JF2KWM2017JA2SA LP 15M74119193.7 
365YO6CFB2012YOSA LP 15M69016152.9 
366UV1G2008URSA LP 15M68223220.3UT7GX
367DL2SWN2011DLSA LP 15M66519192.0 
368YB1RUS2017YBSA LP 15M61616143.9 
369JA1LKY2016JA1SA LP 15M60924213.4 
370K8YC/42013W4SA LP 15M58515152.4 
371KF5HIQ2013W5SA LP 15M54022205.3 
372KR2E2017W7SA LP 15M45015151.2 
373JH1EYS2015JA1SA LP 15M41421233.7 
374JI1BDQ2015JA1SA LP 15M36012122.6 
375EI3CTB2017EISA LP 15M (T)30814142.6 
376DN7DX2012DLSA LP 15M29711110.2 
377JA1LKY2017JA1SA LP 15M28818162.8 
378DN7DX2013DLSA LP 15M28812120.3 
379DL1DVE2015DLSA LP 15M243990.3 
380YO5BFJ2012YOSA LP 15M243991.5 
381DO4MX2017DLSA LP 15M2341090.5 
382YD8UYJ2017YBSA LP 15M (R)20011102.6 
383JE6PJP2016JA6SA LP 15M19514133.0 
384PY8WW2017PYSA LP 15M (T)18711113.4 
385ND0C2012W0SA LP 15M (T)147770.7 
386JA3EJG2015JA3SA LP 15M5555 
387PY2OA2017PYSA LP 15M48440.6 
388EA2BVV2010EASA LP 15M (T)45992.2 
389PY7OO2013PYSA LP 15M40440.3 
390TA1CH2014TA1SA LP 15M (R)35550.2 
391V85ACR2017V8SA LP 15M24331.1V85ACR V89SYA V89SZA
392JR3VZS2015JA3SA LP 15M20551.5 
393N4BFR2014W4SA LP 15M20440.8 
394HC1JQ2017HCSA LP 15M15330.2 
395PY1FOX2017PYSA LP 15M15331.1 
396UP2F2011UNSA LP 15M (T)15330.2UN8FM
397JS1BXH2016JA1SA LP 15M12220.2 
398JR2AAN/22012JA2SA LP 15M8220.1 
399JR0BUL2016JA0SA LP 15M4220.1 
400BU2CA2015BVSA LP 15M4220.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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