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3801UA1DF1979UA-1SO HP 20M3,3253935  
3802RA1OJ1998UA-1SO HP 20M3,3003833  
3803DM3ZVA1979DMSO HP 20M3,2703930  
3804KQ6LQ2009W6SO HP 20M3,26847431.4K6III
3805SM0IFX1984SMSO HP 20M3,2646448  
3806RB5AE1986URSO HP 20M3,2009125  
3807UB5LEE1983URSO HP 20M3,2004240  
3808Y44WA1986DMSO HP 20M3,1955745  
3809DM2GHL1979DMSO HP 20M3,1934131  
3810N8EKS1986W8SO HP 20M3,1683612  
3811SM6DUA1980SMSO HP 20M3,1684024  
3812SP2IHG1985SPSO HP 20M3,1204740  
3813UA3QEE1983UA-3SO HP 20M3,1084242  
3814SP1ETC1983SPSO HP 20M3,1033729  
3815Y44WA1983DMSO HP 20M3,0965543  
3816Y23HN1982DMSO HP 20M3,0403332  
3817OK3TCK1979OKOMSO HP 20M3,0034133  
3818JH7AJD1985JA7SO HP 20M2,9973937  
3819OZ1IOC1986OZSO HP 20M2,9674943  
3820JF1SQC1988JA1SO HP 20M2,9143431  
3821UZ3TG1981UA-3SO HP 20M2,9115741  
3822N4UZ1987W4SO HP 20M2,9006058  
3823LY605W2013LYSO HP 20M2,89035340.9LY5W
3824OK3YDP1989OKOMSO HP 20M2,8804540  
3825SP8GZB1988SPSO HP 20M2,8705335  
3826OK1AOR1984OKOMSO HP 20M2,8523231  
3827WX9U2010W9SO HP 20M2,83836331.5 
3828Y23JA1984DMSO HP 20M2,8084036  
3829OK2LN1983OKOMSO HP 20M2,7903430  
3830AE1D1992W1SO HP 20M2,7604946  
3831UA4YAZ1982UA-4SO HP 20M2,7543734  
3832YT2CW2009YUSO HP 20M2,75247439.9 
3833KN5H1987W5SO HP 20M2,7445249  
3834UA9UFW1984RA9SO HP 20M2,7393933  
3835WA6VNR1987W6SO HP 20M2,7163428  
3836YE3AA2016YBSO HP 20M2,69732312.8N1IP
3837DM2CJJ1979DMSO HP 20M2,6953935  
3838RN2FQ2009UA2SO HP 20M2,68635346.2 
3839SP9SK1981SPSO HP 20M2,5564136  
3840SP4JAE1981SPSO HP 20M2,5503330  
3841SP2JXK1984SPSO HP 20M2,5083833  
3842N7CDH1982W7SO HP 20M2,5085244  
3843UA4SAM1979UA-4SO HP 20M2,4964132  
3844N4MM1987W4SO HP 20M2,4903030  
3845YU3TLG1983YUSO HP 20M2,4795937  
3846Y26WL1980DMSO HP 20M2,4404240  
3847OK3ROS1988OKOMSO HP 20M2,4385346  
3848W3FQE1995W3SO HP 20M2,4362928  
3849JA1KKA1987JA1SO HP 20M2,4363029  
3850UC2BA1984EUSO HP 20M2,4323632  
3851UA0BA2008RA0SO HP 20M2,41830310.4 
3852SR9JBK1980SPSO HP 20M2,3923226  
3853YO7AWZ1980YOSO HP 20M2,3768622  
3854OK1JST1979OKOMSO HP 20M2,3404330  
3855YO5CUQ1989YOSO HP 20M2,3203029  
3856JF2OHQ2015JA2SO HP 20M2,31030308.9 
3857OK2BCI1983OKOMSO HP 20M2,2943331  
3858JA3NMV/61984JA6SO HP 20M2,2503025  
3859KA1GQ1981W1SO HP 20M2,2503125  
3860UB5QCP1979URSO HP 20M2,2423838  
3861YO2BEO1982YOSO HP 20M2,2413127  
3862UA3IAK1979UA-3SO HP 20M2,2403332  
3863Y23HN1989DMSO HP 20M2,2333429  
3864W7EKM1983W7SO HP 20M2,2333329  
3865K2YR2005W2SO HP 20M2,220303025.3  
3866Y31PA1985DMSO HP 20M2,2203630  
3867LZ1EP1982LZSO HP 20M2,2125128  
3868KA0IKD1985W0SO HP 20M2,1844342  
3869OZ1AXG1984OZSO HP 20M2,1844039  
3870A71MM2015A7SO HP 20M (R)2,17529294.2 
3871JG7EHM2012JA7SO HP 20M2,17529292.8 
3872UA3IDT1981UA-3SO HP 20M2,1753129  
3873LZ1KRO1995LZSO HP 20M2,1703635LZ1IK 
3874RA6HF1992UA-6SO HP 20M2,1664238  
3875OH5YX1983OHSO HP 20M2,1603027  
3876Y62QN1980DMSO HP 20M2,1464437  
3877UA3LIA2009UA-3SO HP 20M2,13329272.3 
3878RA2FC1986UA2SO HP 20M2,1084034  
3879OK1DLS1990OKOMSO HP 20M2,1064239  
3880JN1VUB1986JA1SO HP 20M2,1003430  
3881JA7KM1984JA7SO HP 20M2,0802826  
3882LZ2KCS1983LZSO HP 20M2,0804332Wasco 
3883SM5JY1982SMSO HP 20M2,0724037  
3884OK2BCJ1979OKOMSO HP 20M2,0162924  
3885JA1KKA1986JA1SO HP 20M2,0103030  
3886JE3CYH1990JA3SO HP 20M1,9712727  
3887UA1DF1984UA-1SO HP 20M1,9303330  
3888KQ1F1987W1SO HP 20M1,9204040  
3889UC1CWC1988EUSO HP 20M1,8913531  
3890Y23VB1989DMSO HP 20M1,8873737  
3891JR3XEX1998JA3SO HP 20M1,8763028  
3892Y63YF1985DMSO HP 20M1,8722626  
3893Y27BN1988DMSO HP 20M1,8504037  
3894YO3KBC1982YOSO HP 20M1,8504637YO3BDP 
3895JA1KKA1980JA1SO HP 20M1,8263022  
3896RW6AA1986UA-6SO HP 20M1,8252525  
3897JA1KFX1980JA1SO HP 20M1,8063221  
3898JA3EEM1995JA3SO HP 20M1,7859485  
3899N4MM1986W4SO HP 20M1,7762524  
3900SM6JY1985SMSO HP 20M1,7603932  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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