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3801VK6MABVKSO LP ALL (R)31911112.2 
3802JH1CFVJA1SO QRP 15M (R)30815144.5 
3803KB1ZBUW1SO QRP ALL (R)30814142.6 
3804IZ2JNNISO LP 20M30017152.5 
3805DN7DXDLSA LP 15M28812120.3 
3806II7UISO QRP 15M28613131.6 
3807NX2PXW2SA QRP ALL28010101.3 
3808JI1UDDJA1SO LP ALL27313130.8 
3809IW2NRIISO QRP ALL (T)27313130.5 
3810LU7DWLUSO HP 40M266771.3 
3811JP2MRDJA2SO LP ALL26010102.9 
3812VE3DTIVE3SO QRP ALL25010103.3 
3813UU2JQURSA HP ALL2481081.0 
3814OM8CMOMSO LP 15M24713134.3 
3815BG4HYKBYSO LP ALL (T)24713131.2 
3816DL5JRADLSO LP ALL24211110.4 
3817JE1ILPJA1SO QRP ALL24211113.6 
3818F4FDAFSA LP ALL24011102.6 
3819JQ1VDJ/1JA1SO LP 15M24010100.9 
3820RU3VVUA-3SO LP 10M (T)2341091.4 
3821JO3RCKJA3SO LP 10M (T)23111117.3 
3822JJ0ACAJA0SO LP 15M23111110.8 
3823N5ZCW5SO HP ALL22010101.5 
3824JA0NFPJA0SO LP 10M22010102.3 
3825PY2KPPYSO HP ALL216881.0 
3826UX3ITURSO LP ALL216661.1 
3827W7DRAW7SO HP 160M21010102.8 
3828JR0BULJA0SA QRP 15M20911112.1 
3829JE1SPYJA1SO LP 160M20816132.9 
3830JG7UVOJA7SO QRP 20M207992.6 
3831IZ1MHYISO QRP 40M20010100.4 
3832K1QW/5W5SO LP ALL192881.1 
3833K4JAZW4SO LP ALL18928276.6 
3834JO7GVCJA7SO LP 10M18213130.8 
3835VK1FOC/6VKSA QRP ALL (T)18010100.5VK2IA
3836K2JFW2SO LP ALL180990.5 
3837WB6HVHW6SO QRP ALL (T)176982.3 
3838EU1OIDEUSO LP ALL17010101.7 
3839EA1BYAEASO QRP 20M16812120.7  
3840DL1SVADLSA LP ALL15411111.2 
3841PV8DXPYSA QRP 10M153990.6 
3842CE6VMOCESO LP 20M152883.5 
3843JE8KGH/7JA7SO LP ALL (T)144990.6 
3844W1SGC/4W4SO QRP ALL (T)144991.5 
3845DJ9KHDLSO LP 10M1351191.5 
3846YV5ENYVSA LP ALL133770.4 
3847UA4FTAUA-4SO LP ALL128880.6 
3848IT9ATQIT9SO LP ALL12111110.6 
3849VK6WXVKSA LP 20M120882.4 
3850CT2JBDCTSO HP ALL120881.2  
3851IZ4AKOISO LP 80M120880.9 
3852JI3FSIJA3SO LP 15M119770.9 
3853UA3DCEUA-3SO LP 80M108999.0 
3854JA2HBKJA2SO QRP 10M105771.2 
3855MX0IRNGSO HP ALL104880.1 
3856LA9OSALASO LP ALL (R)104882.1 
3857KA1KUW1SO LP ALL102761.6 
3858W7KHZW7SO LP ALL (T)102661.2 
3859RW0BGRA0SO HP 15M10010100.3 
3860DV1UBYDUSO LP ALL (T)100551.0  
3861IO7KISA QRP 40M98770.4 
3862UT2IYURSO HP 10M96660.2 
3863UA0ZCRA0SA LP ALL90660.5 
3864SM6MISSMSO LP 40M9010102.7 
3865KS0AAW0SA LP ALL84661.0  
3866K3TW/4W4SO QRP 160M81991.3 
3867DG4MKGDLSO LP ALL77770.7 
3868JA2KCY/1JA1SO LP ALL77770.2 
3869K9FHW9SO LP 40M75550.4 
3870BH4SQE/5BYSO LP 15M72990.8 
3871JG2QUMJA2SO LP 15M66662.1 
3872K0TNTW0SA LP ALL65550.2 
3873JE2FJIJA2SO LP 20M65556.2 
3874BG5OABYSA LP ALL64883.4 
3875OK2NAOKSA QRP 10M64880.2 
3876KC7YEW7SO LP ALL631191.8 
3877N4PUW4SO LP ALL56771.3N4EWT
3878JL1KLKJA1SO LP ALL55550.7 
3879JK1TCVJA1SO QRP 10M55550.7 
3880VU2ABSVUSA LP 40M (T)54330.6 
3881W2CCCW2SO LP 160M54330.5K2CS
3882RM4RUA-4SO HP 20M48660.1 
3883PA3DTRPASO LP 10M (T)48440.7 
3884JL1IBLJA1SO LP ALL48440.6 
3885VK2IA/6VKSA LP 10M (T)40440.1 
3886PY7OOPYSA LP 15M40440.3 
3887YT1CIYUSA QRP 10M40652.2 
3888K2HT/0W0SO LP 10M36440.3 
3889JA2NGNJA2SO LP 15M35550.2 
3890N9KY/4W4SA QRP ALL (T)32440.2 
3891JO1JKHJA1SO LP 20M (T)25550.2 
3892NC6QW6SO LP ALL25550.6 
3893AE6SFW6SO LP ALL24440.3 
3894NQ0IW0SO HP ALL21330.3 
3895HK6PHKSO LP 15M21330.2 
3896JA1YNEJA1SO LP 15M21330.2 
3897N4HAW4SO LP ALL21330.6 
3898JG3EHDJA3SO QRP 15M21330.8 
3899AD0ABW0SO HP ALL (T)16441.9  
3900JR2AAN/2JA2SO LP 15M16440.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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