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3001KT5W/42015W4SO LP ALL2,29628283.6 
3002KB4KBS2017W4SA LP 80M2,26232292.7 
3003AJ4IK2008W4SO LP ALL (R)2,23240363.5 
3004N3UA/42009W4SO LP 10M2,18449397.5 
3005KO4OL2012W4SO LP ALL2,13030301.6 
3006KS4X2010W4SO QRP ALL2,08830295.4 
3007N4DE2010W4SO LP ALL (T)2,04031303.1 
3008KU4A2014W4SA QRP 10M (T)2,01630281.9 
3009KI4FW2007W4SO QRP ALL1,99540352.7  
3010WC4V2008W4SA LP ALL1,97239342.8 
3011KK9O2017W4SO LP ALL1,97230291.7 
3012KI4FW2010W4SA LP ALL1,96141372.4 
3013NJ8J/42016W4SO LP ALL1,92032301.4 
3014K4CQW2010W4SO LP ALL1,88045405.6 
3015NA4W2014W4SO LP 160M1,86040314.6K4WI
3016W4ZPR2016W4SO LP ALL (R)1,85026253.0 
3017WA4SSB1988W4SO HP 80M1,8484942  
3018N4MM2007W4SO LP 20M1,8462626  
3019W4BK2011W4SO LP ALL1,80034301.2 
3020N4MM1986W4SO HP 20M1,7762524  
3021KD8IGK/42012W4SO LP ALL1,77525252.9 
3022NA3M/42017W4SA LP ALL1,76022220.6 
3023WN4R2014W4SO LP ALL1,74030301.6 
3024N5PU/42007W4SO LP 20M (T)1,728373625.7  
3025WF4FP2013W4SO QRP ALL1,70830281.6K4FB
3026NA4W2011W4SO LP 160M1,69634322.2K4WI
3027AB4IQ2015W4SA LP ALL1,69028263.6 
3028N4FY2016W4SO LP 40M (T)1,67923231.3 
3029WA4OML1982W4SO HP 10M1,6344119  
3030W4HZD1995W4SO LP 20M1,6204536  
3031KN4Y/M2003W4SO LP 10M1,568383230.3  
3032K4RV2001W4SO LP 10M1,56423234.1  
3033AD4YQ2015W4SA LP ALL1,54022222.9 
3034K8NZ/42014W4SA LP ALL1,50027250.8 
3035N9KY/42012W4SA LP ALL (T)1,50025252.0 
3036AA4WX1997W4SO HP ALL1,5002020  
3037AI4AA2002W4SO LP 160M1,47234324.2K4WI 
3038W4EAB2017W4SA HP ALL1,45225224.1 
3039W7IY2017W4SO LP ALL1,43023221.4 
3040K4UK/M2000W4SO LP ALL1,4252525  
3041W4WNT2016W4SA LP ALL1,40822221.8 
3042N4XYZ2017W4SO LP ALL1,38623221.5 
3043W4ZPR2015W4SO LP ALL (T)1,38622222.7 
3044N3ZV2017W4SO QRP ALL1,37236283.0 
3045NX4N2017W4SO LP 20M1,33335310.3 
3046N4ES2015W4SA HP ALL1,33024191.9 
3047N3AO/42013W4SA LP ALL1,32329271.6 
3048SM0MLL/AJ41985W4SO HP 20M1,3205244  
3049AJ4RW2012W4SO HP ALL (T)1,32022221.7 
3050K4MX2017W4SO LP 40M1,32022220.5 
3051WD8RYC/42014W4SO LP ALL1,32020202.9 
3052NA4EA2013W4SA LP ALL1,29616161.1 
3053N8RW/42016W4SO LP ALL1,27227242.9 
3054NQ4K2011W4SO LP 40M1,25817170.9 
3055N0KOE/42014W4SO LP 20M1,25433336.3 
3056KE4OAR1997W4SO LP ALL (R)1,2352019  
3057KJ4IXG2016W4SO HP ALL1,20031304.2 
3058N2WN/42015W4SO LP 10M1,17822191.2 
3059WB0POH/42013W4SO QRP ALL1,17529254.3 
3060KD9B/42012W4SO QRP ALL1,17323233.6 
3061W4TG2017W4SA LP ALL1,15025251.6 
3062W4YDD1996W4SO LP 80M1,1502323  
3063AD4IE2015W4SO QRP ALL1,13421210.8 
3064NA4W2017W4SO LP 160M1,10735272.5K4WI
3065K6ETM/42004W4SO LP ALL1,1002020  
3066K3MZ/42012W4SO LP ALL1,09222211.9 
3067N0KOE/42015W4SO LP ALL (T)1,06631267.7 
3068W4ATL2017W4SA HP 20M1,04026260.8 
3069W4WNT2007W4SA LP ALL1,02624192.0  
3070WA0WHT/42005W4SO LP 20M1,026191925.3  
3071WI4R2009W4SO LP 160M96234266.8 
3072W4JDS2015W4SA LP 15M94521211.0 
3073W4ATL2001W4SO LP ALL (T)91224161.8  
3074NR4C2013W4SO LP ALL90222220.5 
3075WB5NMZ/42009W4SO LP ALL90222223.8 
3076WA4OSD2008W4SO LP ALL88430261.4 
3077N4MM1989W4SO HP ALL8831817  
3078K3QC/42008W4SO LP ALL83622223.1 
3079K4ALE2017W4SO LP ALL83227261.4 
3080K4JYO1999W4SO HP 160M8192521  
3081W6IHG/42011W4SA LP ALL81617171.8 
3082KE4OAR2001W4SO HP 20M (T)810181825.7  
3083W4OGG2008W4SO LP 20M81020181.1 
3084WA4ZOF2014W4SO QRP ALL81018182.0 
3085K4EOR2013W4SO LP ALL79229246.9 
3086K3MZ/42010W4SO LP ALL76818161.7 
3087KE4QCM2017W4SO LP ALL76019193.8 
3088N4NTO2017W4SO LP 20M75927231.5 
3089N4MM2002W4SO LP 15M7521616  
3090K4WI2013W4SO LP 160M74823222.3 
3091K4WI2009W4SO LP 160M72527251.8 
3092N9KY/42014W4SA LP ALL (T)72022201.2 
3093W4JHC2012W4SA LP ALL71417172.6 
3094AI4SV2011W4SO QRP 20M71325235.9 
3095W4OGG2003W4SO LP ALL7023513  
3096AA4GT2012W4SO LP 20M69322217.0 
3097K4MZE2015W4SO LP ALL68018202.9 
3098K4NVA2012W4SO LP 10M63015150.6N3TG
3099W4WNT2009W4SO LP ALL62020201.9 
3100ND2O2017W4SA HP ALL61515150.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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