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3001W5WZ2008W5SO LP 20M73522211.2 
3002VE2DWA2006VE2SO LP 20M731171725.4  
3003DL6UBF2000DLSO LP 20M7311717  
3004JJ1LRD/12017JA1SO LP 20M (T)72219192.2 
3005JO3JJN1997JA3SO LP 20M7141817  
3006K0UK2008W0SO LP 20M71322230.7 
3007SM2IEN2007SMSO LP 20M713272312.9  
3008YL2PW2005YLSO LP 20M69625243.1  
3009AA4GT2012W4SO LP 20M69322217.0 
3010SQ5EK2005SPSO LP 20M69016151.9  
3011HS8KGG2007HSSO LP 20M68420182.7  
3012RW0AA2009RA0SO LP 20M68017171.1 
3013KF3CV2002W3SO LP 20M67515153.2  
3014YU1PJ1996YUSO LP 20M6672323  
3015RW9QA2004RA9SO LP 20M660161524.3  
3016WN4KKN/61994W6SO LP 20M6602121  
3017JO1JKH2016JA1SO LP 20M (T)63826223.7 
3018VE3VSM2013VE3SO LP 20M62917170.7 
3019JJ1JRH2004JA1SO LP 20M6252525  
3020SV7CUD2013SVSO LP 20M (T)62424247.5 
3021IK7LVE2017ISO LP 20M62124232.9 
3022OK2PHI2010OKSO LP 20M62123232.0 
3023BD4QA2010BYSO LP 20M60922214.5 
3024WB2ART2007W2SO LP 20M59422223.3  
3025AF5CC/62016W5SO LP 20M (T)58020200.7 
3026K9QH2003W9SO LP 20M57414142.0  
3027JK3UQF2017JA3SO LP 20M55819184.0 
3028JN1HYU2008JA1SO LP 20M55819181.3 
3029NS2P2003W2SO LP 20M544161624.9  
30309N7CW20159NSO LP 20M54015151.9F2CW
3031KK9V2010W9SO LP 20M (T)54024200.3 
3032KC9IL2010W9SO LP 20M52521211.5 
3033JG3EHD2016JA3SO LP 20M51815143.5 
30349A1AKL20159ASO LP 20M51319191.99A3NU
3035OK2BHE1995OKSO LP 20M5071313  
3036WN7Y2013W7SO LP 20M50418182.0 
3037EA3GF1993EASO LP 20M5042018  
3038KG6AF2013W6SO LP 20M50022201.9 
3039KQ4VG1993W4SO LP 20M4931717  
3040DU2BOQ2013DUSO LP 20M (T)49015144.9 
3041RV9XQ2013UA-9SO LP 20M48618181.1 
3042JO1WIZ2008JA1SO LP 20M (T)48020201.1 
3043N7FG2009W7SO LP 20M (T)47617173.0 
3044PW1W2009PYSO LP 20M47614141.9PY1WW
3045IZ2GMT2008ISO LP 20M46515151.2 
3046TC100KT2015TA1SO LP 20M46223211.7TA3AER
3047JA1POS1994JA1SO LP 20M4562119  
3048Z33A2016Z3SO LP 20M45019180.9 
3049HS8KAY2004HSSO LP 20M42517173.6  
3050UA3LQQ2009UA-3SO LP 20M42021203.8 
3051UN0C2009UNSO LP 20M41614131.7 
3052JQ1QNV2014JA1SO LP 20M40313132.3 
3053JA7AXP1997JA7SO LP 20M4031513  
3054W9WE2009W9SO LP 20M38020202.1 
3055JA7AXP2005JA7SO LP 20M3771313  
3056EA2CYJ2016EASO LP 20M36816161.7 
3057HS0EHF2004HSSO LP 20M364141325.6  
3058W4ZPR2013W4SO LP 20M (T)36015153.0 
3059EA5URV2011EASO LP 20M35721214.7EA5HFW
3060JA1LPV2005JA1SO LP 20M3411111  
3061RN1M2017UA-1SO LP 20M33616160.6 
3062UY7IS2011URSO LP 20M31911112.5 
3063PE1MMZ2008PASO LP 20M (T)31515150.8 
3064JA6WW2010JA6SO LP 20M30416162.1 
3065IK8SCR2014ISO LP 20M (T)30015150.7 
3066IZ2JNN2013ISO LP 20M30017152.5 
3067IZ5GRS2007ISO LP 20M (R)299131325.0  
3068W2NPT2017W2SO LP 20M (T)29010100.4W3EH
3069VE2CLM2016VE2SO LP 20M28812120.7VE2QV
3070BD2BT2007BYSO LP 20M (R)288181627.5  
3071JG1FGL1998JA1SO LP 20M2881212  
3072JA9XAT1994JA9SO LP 20M2881818  
3073W1HFG2012W1SO LP 20M28612111.8 
3074OH2KI2017OHSO LP 20M27313130.8 
3075JA9ANF1995JA9SO LP 20M2731313  
3076N6LL2014W6SO LP 20M27010101.3 
3077DL8JDX2017DLSO LP 20M26010102.9  
3078VA3RNJ2009VE3SO LP 20M25311110.7 
3079UT7XT2014URSO LP 20M243990.7 
3080JL1NIE2012JA1SO LP 20M243991.9 
3081DL1AZK2009DLSO LP 20M243990.5 
3082WA4FJK2015W4SO LP 20M (T)24010100.9 
3083W1/CT1AGF2011W1SO LP 20M24016151.2 
3084N6MZ/72009W7SO LP 20M23010100.2 
3085RX3AEX2007UA-3SO LP 20M2079924.4  
3086LY2KA2017LYSO LP 20M20412121.0  
3087KI4MFX2009W4SO LP 20M20010101.5 
3088EC5AGM2010EASO LP 20M19811112.3 
3089W1OH2004W1SO LP 20M198111124.9  
3090WR7Q2009W7SO LP 20M19614142.1 
3091JM3LWR1998JA3SO LP 20M19288  
3092JG1SWV2011JA1SO LP 20M (R)189992.1 
3093K9QH2002W9SO LP 20M (R)184881.9  
3094DL9ZWG2016DLSO LP 20M18214141.6 
3095UT7UE2015URSO LP 20M18010102.0 
3096N8SBE2011W8SO LP 20M176980.8 
3097LA9AU1997LASO LP 20M17199  
3098KF0IQ2009W0SO LP 20M16812123.1 
3099SP3MEP1996SPSO LP 20M1651111  
3100WA4FJK2014W4SO LP 20M (T)162990.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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