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2901EB3CMLEASO LP 40M (R)1,30026265.0 
2902VE3XATVE3SO LP 20M1,29823220.5 
2903JJ3GRX/1JA1SO QRP ALL1,26930274.5 
2904JM4WUZJA4SO HP 80M1,26024202.8 
2905PY7GKPYSO LP 20M1,26024302.1 
2906RA6YJUA-6SO LP 10M1,24829326.4 
2907JF0ESV/0JA0SO LP 15M1,24839327.0 
2908YT1HAYUSO LP ALL1,24832320.8 
2909Z35GZ3SO LP ALL1,24834320.8 
2910ON4ERMONSO LP ALL1,22541353.2 
2911OM8HGOMSO LP 80M1,22226260.8 
2912AD7BNW7SO LP ALL1,21926232.0 
2913UA1OAMUA-1SA LP 80M1,20026251.6 
2914PY2XCPYSA LP 10M1,18822221.9 
2915PA3CLQPASO LP 20M1,18838363.9 
2916VU3DJQVUSO LP 20M1,14422223.8VU3DJQ
2917US0YAURSO QRP ALL1,14429262.5 
2918RW9QARA9SA LP 10M1,12724231.4 
29197J1ABDJA1SO HP ALL1,12533251.7 
2920JR3GVHJA3SO LP 20M1,10729274.0 
2921DJ1HFDLSO LP ALL1,09233284.0 
2922PY2IAXPYSO QRP ALL1,09224214.3 
2923JA1AATJA1SO LP 10M1,08124232.0 
2924LZ2FMLZSO LP 10M1,03630281.4 
2925GM4UBJGMSO QRP 10M (T)1,026393810.1 
2926UR4IGPURSO QRP 10M1,01526292.3 
2927W0PSSW0SO LP ALL98031284.2 
2928W2IUCW2SO HP ALL96625232.7 
2929HS0GBI/2HSSO QRP ALL93017152.2 
2930PS8JNPYSO LP ALL90118172.2 
2931RN4AMUA-4SO LP 10M89129271.4 
2932EA5DCLEASO LP ALL89127274.6 
2933WA4OSDW4SO LP ALL88430261.4 
2934SP6EKSSPSO LP ALL (T)85827261.7 
2935WA0IAFW0SO LP ALL85828261.6 
2936S50DXS5SO LP 10M85126232.1 
2937K3QC/4W4SO LP ALL83622223.1 
2938CT/LZ3NDCTSO QRP ALL82819181.2 
2939W4OGGW4SO LP 20M81020181.1 
2940VK5SWVKSO LP ALL81018182.5 
2941DL9AWIDLSO LP 10M78028260.5 
2942DJ3GEDLSO QRP 160M76021202.5 
2943DL2MIHDLSO LP 10M74425241.6 
2944UA4FCOUA-4SA HP 80M74119190.4 
2945W5WZW5SO LP 20M73522211.2 
2946W5THTW5SO LP ALL73117170.7 
2947K0UKW0SO LP 20M71322230.7 
2948KB9YGDW9SO LP ALL70423223.7 
2949WQ2RPW2SO QRP ALL70423221.6N2CQ
2950RA4STUA-4SA HP ALL68816161.6 
2951UV1GURSA LP 15M68223220.3UT7GX
29527N4CPTJA1SO LP ALL66018151.4 
2953YO7LYMYOSO LP ALL65131319.1 
2954VA3PLVE3SO LP ALL62918171.4 
2955IZ3NVRISO LP 10M60026241.1 
2956KA6GDTW6SO LP ALL60021202.1 
2957K9NW/8W8SO LP ALL59823230.5 
2958JH3DMQJA3SO QRP 15M58823216.5 
2959YO7LTQYOSO LP ALL58031297.3 
2960JN1HYUJA1SO LP 20M55819181.3 
2961SM6TOLSMSO LP ALL55224241.1 
2962JF2MBFJA2SO QRP 80M55215121.0 
2963JE1SPYJA1SO LP 160M52822164.4 
2964F4CUIFSO LP ALL (T)51017171.9F4CUI
29657K1CPTJA1SO QRP ALL50420180.6 
2966DJ3EFDLSO LP ALL48115131.8 
2967JO1WIZJA1SO LP 20M (T)48020201.1 
2968RV9YKRA9SO QRP 10M48015151.7 
2969IZ2GMTISO LP 20M46515151.2 
2970W8OWS/4W4SO LP ALL45016151.3 
2971SP2MHCSPSO HP 15M39618180.4 
2972JM1NKTJA1SO LP 160M (T)37821145.4 
2973LZ2ZGLZSO HP 160M377141310.2 
2974JF1WQCJA1SO QRP 20M36819163.6 
2975M0BGRGSO QRP ALL36120192.6 
2976PV8AAPYSO LP 15M36012120.6 
2977UC0LAFRA0SO QRP 20M33617161.4 
2978PE1MMZPASO LP 20M (T)31515150.8 
2979UU2JQURSO HP ALL31010100.2 
2980KF4MOUW4SO LP 40M30419194.5 
2981I4JEEISO LP 80M26412120.5 
2982VA3RKMVE3SO QRP ALL26011100.8 
2983N3GEW3SO LP 40M25212121.4 
2984YV5NWGYVSO LP ALL2481081.1 
2985LA8TIALASO LP ALL22117173.0 
2986OH4UOHSO LP ALL22113130.3OH3RM
2987DL2SHRDLSO QRP 20M19614142.0 
2988VK4BAAVKSO LP 80M1921681.2 
2989UA4ARLUA-4SA LP ALL1801093.1 
2990S59TS5SO LP ALL16512110.7 
2991GX0SACGSO LP 15M15612121.0G4WGE
2992WB8SDAW8SO QRP ALL15614121.5 
2993EA1BYAEASO QRP ALL14311110.7 
2994JN1BBOJA1SO LP ALL133771.6 
2995IV3XZGISO LP ALL13212121.3 
2996S53DIJS5SO LP ALL13010100.2 
2997JN1RQVJA1SO HP ALL120661.6 
2998S59EIJS5SO LP ALL12010101.0 
2999MM0DFVGMSO QRP 20M1081090.5 
3000CT1AGFCTSO LP 20M102760.7CT1AGF

Page 30 of 32

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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