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201YL2GQT1994YLSO LP 160M10,1407965  
202RW4HHD1997UA-4SO LP 160M9,9287368  
203F5RAB2017FSO LP 160M (T)9,86074683.9 
204UR4III1999URSO LP 160M9,4387366  
205OK2ZV1999OKSO LP 160M9,3947361  
206SL0W2007SMSO LP 160M8,61869627.4SM0AJU 
207UA3VVH1993UA-3SO LP 160M8,4429267  
208UT5PH2011URSO LP 160M8,25368635.1 
209RV3FW2017UA-3SO LP 160M8,12869644.4 
210VY2MGY/31999VE3SO LP 160M8,0345939  
211YL2II2008YLSO LP 160M7,92067604.7 
212XO5SF1995VE5SO LP 160M7,9204540  
213RM5Z2014UA-3SO LP 160M7,87468625.1 
214DJ8OG2007DLSO LP 160M7,39268564.3  
215ER2RM2015ERSO LP 160M (R)7,31664592.4 
216OK1CZ2013OKSO LP 160M7,13461582.1 
217SP8GYD1993SPSO LP 160M6,8346851  
218UT3N2006URSO LP 160M6,80467544.2UT3NK 
219OM3TYM1994OMSO LP 160M6,6085956  
220YO2AQB2001YOSO LP 160M6,5914339  
221HA1TI2014HASO LP 160M6,38460565.1 
222SP6LV2000SPSO LP 160M6,3125448  
223LY2ND2011LYSO LP 160M6,21563556.4 
224OM4J2012OMSO LP 160M6,06960512.0OM4JD
225F5RZJ1997FSO LP 160M6,0185951  
226VE3OSZ2015VE3SO LP 160M5,88048354.7 
227RN3CT2004UA-3SO LP 160M (T)5,82858474.9  
228IY0TC2001ISO LP 160M5,5685848I0KHP 
229SQ3WW2012SPSO LP 160M5,48859494.0 
230WD8DSB/92014W9SO LP 160M5,40077545.3 
231UT5EO2008URSO LP 160M5,35354533.1 
232LY2ND2013LYSO LP 160M5,24352493.5 
233YO2BEH2002YOSO LP 160M5,22058454.6  
234G3R2010GSO LP 160M4,55454463.5G0DCK
235VE3CFK2015VE3SO LP 160M4,41043305.1 
236ON6TJ2003ONSO LP 160M4,40051444.4  
237SP6M2005SPSO LP 160M4,275474525.4  
238LZ5VV2017LZSO LP 160M4,18647463.0  
239IO0KHP1994ISO LP 160M4,0424643I0KHP 
240WJ5K/42007W4SO LP 160M3,864484226.4  
241RA4HPI2017UA-4SO LP 160M3,78445444.0 
242OK1KZ2013OKSO LP 160M3,65447422.7 
243YT1YV2008YUSO LP 160M3,60843411.3 
244SP4BEU2013SPSO LP 160M3,47142391.7 
245YO9RIJ2015YOSO LP 160M3,44046402.3 
246UY0ZA1995URSO LP 160M3,1725552  
247G0DCK2013GSO LP 160M3,04041405.0 
248WD8DSB/92013W9SO LP 160M2,92651384.0 
249UT5PY2017URSO LP 160M (T)2,88640374.3 
250RA3YAO2006UA-3SO LP 160M (R)2,81247375.6  
251UT1WW1995URSO LP 160M2,8084036  
252ON5JD2008ONSO LP 160M2,52037366.1 
253E71AVW2014E7SO LP 160M2,48437363.8E75MM
254LA4XFA1998LASO LP 160M2,4483634  
255US0QG2003URSO LP 160M2,2803430  
256VY2MGY/32000VE3SO LP 160M2,2622929  
257OR6TJ2002ONSO LP 160M2,16036303.9  
258DL3EAZ2014DLSO LP 160M2,14235343.3 
259OK1DKM2000OKSO LP 160M2,1406220  
260VE2AWW2017VE2SO LP 160M2,11227244.2 
261UA3QCB2006UA-3SO LP 160M2,077373127.9  
262NT1E/22006W2SO LP 160M2,03043298.4K3BU 
263UB5ZME1993URSO LP 160M2,0303835  
264AA9AX1994W9SO LP 160M2,01610072  
265UN7CH2011UNSO LP 160M1,99526192.6 
266NA4W2014W4SO LP 160M1,86040314.6K4WI
267TA1CM2017TA1SO LP 160M1,79832292.8 
268OK3TYQ1992OKOMSO LP 160M1,7363328  
269JE1SPY2017JA1SO LP 160M1,71548359.0 
270NA4W2011W4SO LP 160M1,69634322.2K4WI
271OK1DXK2007OKSO LP 160M1,67429274.0  
272UN7CH2009UNSO LP 160M1,67219194.0 
273SQ2RH2017SPSO LP 160M1,59629283.5 
2744Z4KX20164XSO LP 160M1,58117171.3 
275G0RRM2012GSO LP 160M1,56630297.0 
276AI4AA2002W4SO LP 160M1,47234324.2K4WI 
277RV3FW2013UA-3SO LP 160M1,47031304.5 
278EA1FCH2006EASO LP 160M1,45827272.5  
279UA9SLX2008RA9SO LP 160M1,41018154.0 
280US0QG2008URSO LP 160M1,39230294.3 
281G4EHT2008GSO LP 160M1,35028252.9 
282OK1KZ2005OKSO LP 160M1,3252525  
283HA7JQK2012HASO LP 160M1,32032241.7 
284DL3FF2011DLSO LP 160M1,30027250.6 
285YO9RIJ2013YOSO LP 160M1,27427261.2 
286WD8DSB/92012W9SO LP 160M1,24831262.8 
287SV5/OK2BOB2012SV5SO LP 160M1,15024233.5 
288NA4W2017W4SO LP 160M1,10735272.5K4WI
289WI4R2009W4SO LP 160M96234266.8 
290JE1SPY2010JA1SO LP 160M93626183.7 
291HA7JQK2014HASO LP 160M90322211.0 
292LY49BC2013LYSO LP 160M90323210.3 
293NS3T2014W3SO LP 160M90225221.6 
294SN5Z2002SPSO LP 160M810191824.6SP5MBQ 
295N9TF2007W9SO LP 160M80025203.4  
296RB5ELM1993URSO LP 160M7922018  
297ES5NC2007ESSO LP 160M760201925.3  
298JE1SPY2007JA1SO LP 160M76025205.7  
299JE1SPY2016JA1SO LP 160M75933235.5 
300VE3CFK2013VE3SO LP 160M75615141.4 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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