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2701M0BGR2008GSO QRP ALL36120192.6 
2702EX8BN2011EXSO QRP ALL36012122.5 
2703N6AZE1996W6SO QRP ALL3601918  
2704NF8M2006W8SO QRP ALL33618163.4  
2705KK7C1986W7SO QRP ALL3363515  
2706IO7W2014ISO QRP ALL33023222.0IK7LVE
2707WX4RM2011W4SO QRP ALL32513131.9 
2708DL1HSI2017DLSO QRP ALL32418180.6 
2709VA7CPC2007VE7SO QRP ALL32411926.5  
2710OK/DL2DXA/P2017OKSO QRP ALL31515151.7 
2711AD0BI2016W0SO QRP ALL (T)31515154.6 
2712SM6BSM1993SMSO QRP ALL3151615  
2713KB1ZBU2013W1SO QRP ALL (R)30814142.6 
2714JE1ILP2012JA1SO QRP ALL288980.9 
2715JL6LTB2012JA6SO QRP ALL28614132.0 
2716K7MK2017W7SO QRP ALL28015140.8 
2717IW2NRI2013ISO QRP ALL (T)27313130.5 
2718VA3RKM2008VE3SO QRP ALL26011100.8 
2719VE3DTI2013VE3SO QRP ALL25010103.3 
2720JE1ILP2013JA1SO QRP ALL24211113.6 
2721PY1CMT2010PYSO QRP ALL23413136.0 
2722WB8MWR1985W8SO QRP ALL2342926  
2723KA0KKV1988W0SO QRP ALL2282319  
2724PA3AFF1985PASO QRP ALL2251515  
2725JG1BGT2015JA1SO QRP ALL22010101.0 
27264D1N2009DUSO QRP ALL22013113.7 
2727KB0KFX/92016W9SO QRP ALL20911111.2 
2728IZ2ZPH2014ISO QRP ALL20813132.0 
2729JG1BGT2014JA1SO QRP ALL20414121.3 
2730AC9DN/82014W8SO QRP ALL19811112.2 
2731N8AXA1991W8SO QRP ALL198109  
2732KE3KD2017W3SO QRP ALL19614141.7 
2733SM7BNG1980SMSO QRP ALL1921212  
2734WB6HVH2013W6SO QRP ALL (T)176982.3 
2735Y21DH/P1982DMSO QRP ALL1761211  
2736JR6KBF2015JA6SO QRP ALL16513112.3 
2737UT5MB2005UTSO QRP ALL1651311  
2738K9XB2017W9SO QRP ALL16010101.7 
2739RZ4AA2012UA-4SO QRP ALL160880.4 
2740WB8SDA2008W8SO QRP ALL15614121.5 
2741JG1BGT2017JA1SO QRP ALL15412111.3 
2742W1SGC/42013W4SO QRP ALL (T)144991.5 
2743EA1BYA2008EASO QRP ALL14311110.7 
2744NV1W2017W1SO QRP ALL13213122.6 
2745SV1OCN2014SVSO QRP ALL (R)126992.2 
2746Y24DG1985DMSO QRP ALL12699  
2747IK1DQW2016ISO QRP ALL117991.7 
2748DG3SBM2014DLSO QRP ALL11010100.8 
2749YO4ATW2014YOSO QRP ALL102660.7 
2750N6XI/22004W2SO QRP ALL999925.4  
2751JE1ILP2016JA1SO QRP ALL98774.4 
27527M2KXI1995JA1SO QRP ALL9887  
2753KC7FCW2017W7SO QRP ALL96981.7 
2754KV6T2003W6SO QRP ALL917724.4  
2755JG1BGT2016JA1SO QRP ALL901191.7 
2756JE1ILP2014JA1SO QRP ALL9055 
2757PA1B2016PASO QRP ALL (T)88880.8 
2758HI7/AD8J2006HISO QRP ALL805525.2  
2759OZ1JFK2017OZSO QRP ALL77770.7 
2760PY2ZQ2015PYSO QRP ALL72880.9  
2761W2JEK2017W2SO QRP ALL70771.0 
2762UR3QOD2015URSO QRP ALL (R)66661.1 
2763RA4UAT2010UA-4SO QRP ALL66660.5 
2764RZ4AA2010UA-4SO QRP ALL60660.5 
2765EA1DVY1990EASO QRP ALL6076  
2766WJ1R2016W1SO QRP ALL (T)54660.7 
2767JA1POS2016JA1SO QRP ALL50551.0 
2768IS0/IZ8SAR2012ISSO QRP ALL (T)451131.2 
2769KZ5OM/62015W6SO QRP ALL (T)40551.3 
2770AB8DF2001W8SO QRP ALL364424.3  
2771KC2RZZ2016W2SO QRP ALL35551.3  
2772JG1BGT2012JA1SO QRP ALL32440.6 
2773IQ1TG2012ISO QRP ALL (T)30931.2IZ1GJH
2774VA3RKM2009VE3SO QRP ALL30330.1 
2775UC2WBP1986EUSO QRP ALL3033  
2776IT9CEL/CT32014CT3SO QRP ALL (T)27610.9 
2777IW1FV/EA92014EA9SO QRP ALL (T)27610.8 
2778IZ1GXA/3V20143VSO QRP ALL (T)27610.9 
2779IZ1GZT/EA82014EA8SO QRP ALL (T)27610.8 
2780IZ1SGO/CN82014CNSO QRP ALL (T)27610.9 
2781IZ1XRS/IT92012IT9SO QRP ALL (R)20821.1 
2782DH0JAE2010DLSO QRP ALL20441.1 
2783LU7HZ2010LUSO QRP ALL18330.8 
2784LA1PHA2004LASO QRP ALL164424.3  
2785V85AN2017V8SO QRP ALL15430.3 
2786IS0/IZ8SAR2014ISSO QRP ALL (T)9610.9 
2787IZ1MHA/9H20149HSO QRP ALL (T)961 
2788KJ4UZX2010W4SO QRP ALL (T)9330.2 
2789K2JF2017W2SO QRP ALL633 
2790NA1DX2017W3SO QRP ALL (T)422 
2791DG8MG2014DLSO QRP ALL (T)331 
2792DJ5MN2014DLSO QRP ALL (T)3310.7 
2793K6MI2005W6SO QRP ALL31125.9  
2794JA1POS2017JA1SO QRP ALL2220.6 
2795DG3SBM2015DLSO QRP ALL2220.6 
2796LZ2LE2007LZSO QRP ALL0  24.1  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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