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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
25701Y41VLDL1991SO HIGH ALL3,9006150  
25702UB5JLJUR1984SO HIGH ALL3,9004139  
25703RO1AUA-12023SO HIGH ALL (C)3,89469663.2  
25704EA1NDEA2020SO HIGH ALL (C)3,88868542.7 
25705JA4DUDJA41989SO HIGH ALL3,8854037  
25706SP8FNASP1981SO HIGH ALL3,8854137  
25707JH3BILJA31998SO HIGH ALL3,8804540  
25708JR1BASJA12017SA HIGH ALL3,87534314.0 
25709UA6LPUA-61997SO HIGH ALL (T)3,8614339  
25710K5FNQW52023SO HIGH ALL3,85442413.1 
25711NO6XW62014SO HIGH ALL (T)3,85443411.5 
25712UA4CMUA-41979SO HIGH ALL3,8524136  
25713JG3EHDJA31990SO HIGH ALL3,8504235  
25714OK2SWDOKOM1982SO HIGH ALL3,8485037  
25715Y59QADM1984SO HIGH ALL3,8404140  
25716UQ2PMYL1982SO HIGH ALL3,8185246  
25717SP8GUVSP1981SO HIGH ALL3,8164136  
25718VA2QRVE22022SO HIGH ALL3,81137371.7 
25719OH1PYOH1981SO HIGH ALL3,8084434  
25720Y72XMDM1989SO HIGH ALL3,8076027  
25721JA0AVSJA02018SO HIGH ALL3,80042383.9 
25722UN6PUN2014SO HIGH ALL3,80041400.6 
25723JF2FIUJA22007SO HIGH ALL3,80048382.4  
25724PY2KXIPY1990SO HIGH ALL3,8003838  
25725SM0MLLSM1982SO HIGH ALL3,8006040  
25726OH2IDOH2022SO HIGH ALL3,79252484.6 
25727AA6EEW61990SO HIGH ALL3,7827061  
25728N7DSXW72020SO HIGH ALL3,78054456.1 
25729RA3BQUA-32019SO HIGH ALL3,78039352.4  
25730IK3SCBI2007SO HIGH ALL3,780464227.0  
25731Y77YHDM1989SO HIGH ALL3,7806336  
25732YC8DULYB2022SO HIGH ALL (C)3,77441378.4 
25733SP9KRSP2013SA HIGH ALL3,77245411.6 
25734Y31NJ/PDM1988SO HIGH ALL3,7724441  
25735PS7DXPY2016SO HIGH ALL3,76239384.5 
25736JG3KMTJA32021SO HIGH ALL3,76049404.2 
25737UR2RERES1989SO HIGH ALL3,7604340  
25738WD8RYCW42017SO HIGH ALL3,75050503.9 
25739SM6BZESM1979SO HIGH ALL3,7443836  
257404F7FLODU2020SO HIGH ALL3,740473413.2 
25741W0ODSW02014SO HIGH ALL3,74035343.3 
25742K2YRW22020SA HIGH ALL3,73842421.7K2YR
25743Y34UFDM1983SO HIGH ALL3,7385442  
25744KC9EOQW92021SO HIGH ALL3,73549454.0 
25745DF2RGDL1987SO HIGH ALL3,7265346  
25746UA6AKBUA-61980SO HIGH ALL3,7244438  
25747DU1XXDU2011SO HIGH ALL (T)3,71238297.1 
25748DD2NUDL2023SO HIGH ALL3,71040353.1 
25749K6ZMW62000SO HIGH ALL3,7004037W7SW 
25750PA0INEPA1979SO HIGH ALL3,7004037  
25751NU0WW02015SO HIGH ALL3,69644445.4 
25752N3UA/4W42013SA HIGH ALL3,68640381.2 
25753SM5BDVSM1979SO HIGH ALL3,6864338  
25754K1RHW32023SO HIGH ALL3,67561495.9 
25755PY2MCPY2018SO HIGH ALL (T)3,66832282.0 
25756W3ICMW32020SA HIGH ALL3,66656476.7W3ICM
25757OK2LNOKOM1990SO HIGH ALL3,6668047  
25758N1KWW92023SO HIGH ALL3,66340371.0 
25759CT3HFCT32017SO HIGH ALL3,66336331.2 
25760Y57SDDM1982SO HIGH ALL3,6547142  
25761OH3AAOH2016SA HIGH ALL3,64840382.3OH2KI
25762WB4HRLW42023SO HIGH ALL3,64851483.8 
25763EA3GFEA1980SO HIGH ALL3,6454745  
25764K4OHW42007SO HIGH ALL3,64035356.0  
25765W4YDDW41998SO HIGH ALL3,6405452  
25766RA1ARUA-12003SO HIGH ALL3,630413011.8  
25767JA9CWJJA91990SO HIGH ALL3,6304033  
25768SP4KTOSP1991SO HIGH ALL3,6274239  
25769KI7NW72014SA HIGH ALL (T)3,62641375.2 
25770Y59ZFDM1980SO HIGH ALL3,6125743  
25771YO7AUUYO1980SO HIGH ALL3,6107919  
25772RV1OOUA-12016SO HIGH ALL3,60843413.7 
25773JI2NQSJA21985SO HIGH ALL3,6054535  
25774KC2DEW21983SO HIGH ALL3,6044134  
25775SP5ELA/8SP2008SO HIGH ALL3,58855463.8 
25776YU7QDY/MYU1984SO HIGH ALL3,5884239  
25777SM6HCJSM1980SO HIGH ALL3,5885046  
25778RT8UUA92018SA HIGH ALL3,57035352.1 
25779IZ1CLAI2010SO HIGH ALL3,56445442.5 
25780RX9TXUA92009SO HIGH ALL3,56441360.5 
25781UI8ADQUJ1981SO HIGH ALL3,5643833  
25782JH4UVUJA41980SO HIGH ALL3,5444128  
25783W3GVXW32022SO HIGH ALL3,53639343.0 
25784DL5JANDL2009SO HIGH ALL3,53540355.1 
25785LA3UGLA1995SO HIGH ALL3,5347338  
25786Y24TGDM1990SO HIGH ALL3,5344238  
25787DJ6TBDL2020SA HIGH ALL3,52851492.3DJ6TB
25788VA1CCVE12023SO HIGH ALL3,52836362.5 
25789K0SRLW02018SO HIGH ALL3,52552473.7 
25790EA6AZEA62004SO HIGH ALL (T)3,520514428.3  
25791K4KZW42018SO HIGH ALL3,51050456.4 
25792PY2XJPY2020SA HIGH ALL3,504564811.8PY2XJ
257937N2TRMJA12012SO HIGH ALL3,48832324.3 
25794JH1RFMJA12012SO HIGH ALL3,48031291.9 
25795OK1DLSOKOM1986SO HIGH ALL3,4765144  
25796DJ5IWDL2016SO HIGH ALL3,47139391.1 
25797N8KQW82023SO HIGH ALL3,46560556.9 
25798OH5PTOH1979SO HIGH ALL3,4584038  
25799N5MOAW52013SA HIGH ALL3,45635322.3 
25800R2AOQUA-32019SA HIGH ALL3,45033304.3 
27004 results found
  Page 258 of 271  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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