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2201K9HCKW9SO LP ALL (T)4,21259523.3  
2202UR5ZVPURSO LP ALL4,21236364.9  
2203LZ3YVLZSO HP 40M4,182434126.9  
2204UN0CUNSO LP ALL4,12340319.3  
2205BD1FBVBYSO LP ALL4,116544911.9  
2206VE3LXLVE3SO LP ALL4,04048409.1  
2207RX9CNNRA9SO LP ALL4,031392926.1  
2208JA4DERJA4SO LP ALL4,02634338.2  
2209EU6AAEUSO LP ALL3,95656463.4  
2210WJ5K/4W4SO LP 160M3,864484226.4  
2211JF2FIUJA2SO HP ALL3,80048382.4  
2212DL3BVADLSO QRP ALL3,79563557.7  
2213IK3SCBISO HP ALL3,780464227.0  
2214RU0AERA0SO LP ALL3,70038371.4  
2215YB0ECT/0YBSO LP ALL3,65841312.7  
2216K4OHW4SO HP ALL3,64035356.0  
2217JK1NSRJA1SO LP ALL3,62755398.4  
2218PA3AFFPASO LP ALL3,61950474.2  
2219JI4WHSJA4SO LP ALL (T)3,55240376.9  
2220JK1TCVJA1SO QRP ALL3,50030284.1  
2221AF9JW9SO QRP ALL3,38061526.4  
2222UT5MBURSO LP 10M3,3005544  
2223HB9AYZHBSO QRP ALL3,30055502.7  
2224DM1LMDLSO QRP ALL3,26852437.3  
2225RZ3VAUA-3SO LP 10M3,23454493.0  
2226SN0RQHSPSO QRP ALL3,232383226.2  
2227KJ7UNW7SO LP ALL3,22546434.6  
22288N3HAMJA3MULTI-ONE HP3,22069358.0  
2229K6ASKW6SA HP ALL (T)3,10329293.8  
2230W0ZW/5W5SO HP ALL (T)3,07234323.2  
2231JE1RRKJA1SO LP 20M3,07141372.8  
2232VO1TAVEOSO QRP 20M3,06933311.5  
2233IT9LWPIT9SO LP 15M3,06048456.9  
2234PY4PWPYSO LP ALL (T)3,06033307.1  
2235HB9IQBHBSO QRP ALL3,05056505.1  
2236UA9QFFRA9SO LP 20M3,040373224.7  
2237SM5EFXSMSO QRP ALL2,94053494.1  
2238AO5ABHEASO LP ALL2,89849464.5EA5ABH 
2239UA0FDXRA0SO LP ALL2,856453426.8  
2240KC8SQCW8SO QRP ALL (T)2,829474111.8  
2241RW4PYUA-4SO LP ALL2,77244421.8  
2242KB3KRWW3SO LP ALL2,76941398.0  
2243JA3AVOJA3SO HP 40M2,760242325.3  
2244JH1NXUJA1SO LP ALL2,7593431  
2245OK1KZOKSO LP 10M2,736534827.8  
2246JE1NVDJA1SA LP ALL (R)2,69739317.0  
2247LY2BNLLYSO QRP 15M2,688544814.6  
2248N6AJRW6SO LP 40M (T)2,68638344.0  
2249JR4FLWJA4SA LP 20M2,628393627.9  
2250KO4OLW4SO LP 20M2,61340391.6  
2251W2JEKW2SO QRP ALL2,5383327  
2252OK2PHIOKSO LP ALL2,480444027.5  
2253EA7EYQEASO LP ALL2,46435324.6  
2254AC4PQW4SO LP ALL2,45729274.3  
2255UR5ZVJURSO LP ALL2,43027274.8  
2256JA1XRHJA1SO LP 40M (T)2,394212124.9  
2257F5GGLFSO LP ALL2,36841379.3  
2258EC2DMEASO LP 20M (R)2,31839387.1  
2259RA6AFBUA-6SO HP 15M2,30139393.0  
2260WB0MW0SO LP ALL2,268302718.7  
22618S6TSMSO LP ALL2,24043404.1  
2262DL9NDVDLSO QRP ALL2,22647427.3  
2263SP5ELWSPSO LP ALL2,204302930.8  
2264YB2EMKYBSO LP 10M2,184282629.5  
2265N2JSOW2SA LP ALL (T)2,17634344.8  
2266SA6RSMSO LP ALL2,109393727.4  
2267JA1XZFJA1SO HP 10M2,0824136  
2268RN3GMUA-3SA HP ALL2,080323224.7  
2269AD9TW9SA LP ALL2,01031302.3  
2270KI4FWW4SO QRP ALL1,99540352.7  
2271A45WGA4SO LP 15M1,904282825.8  
2272SP3KPNSPSO HP ALL1,8854129  
2273N4MMW4SO LP 20M1,8462626  
2274RA9MXRA9SA HP ALL1,820282626.4  
2275UA3YDNUA-3SO LP 10M1,820403522.8  
2276LY2BBFLYSO QRP 10M1,77638372.7  
2277DL9YAJDLSA LP ALL (T)1,73633312.9  
2278KG6TTW6SA LP ALL (T)1,73436342.1  
2279N5PU/4W4SO LP 20M (T)1,728373625.7  
2280K2XAW2SO HP ALL1,72525231.5  
2281RA9SNRA9SO LP 20M1,700262527.2  
2282JL3RDCJA3SO LP ALL (T)1,68239296.3  
2283OK1DXKOKSO LP 160M1,67429274.0  
2284AO5GSEASO LP ALL (T)1,67432279.4EA5GS 
2285DL5JANDLSO HP ALL1,643313125.1  
2286YL1ZSYLMULTI-ONE HP1,620272724.6LEO (YL2RM) SERGEJ (YL1Z... 
2287RA4NCCUA-4SO LP 10M1,59535292.7  
2288DL2EFDLSO LP ALL (T)1,59032303.1  
2289YL8MYLSO HP ALL1,539292724.7YL2GM 
2290SP9IKNSPSO LP 15M1,5252925  
2291YU5AYUSA LP ALL1,472262324.8  
22929A5YY9ASO LP ALL1,464302429.5  
2293LU3FIDLUSO LP ALL (T)1,45222224.3  
2294JH9BWCJA9SO LP ALL (T)1,45026252.5  
2295KA3DRR/6W6SA LP ALL1,430322630.6  
2296W8EHW8SO QRP 20M1,428292822.5  
2297TK/DF4SATKSO LP 40M1,408181624.5  
2298VK2CCCVKSA LP ALL (T)1,35029187.3LY1F 
2299JI1BDQJA1SO LP ALL (T)1,33423236.8  
2300KC0LNDW0SO QRP 20M1,320343328.4  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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