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1901KO6LU2013W6SO HP ALL5,91572653.9 
1902WD6EEQ1980W6SO HP 15M5,8287858  
1903N6BHX2013W6SO LP 20M (T)5,82878628.3 
1904K6FO1992W6SO QRP 20M5,8146157  
1905KO6LU2004W6SO LP ALL5,768805610.7  
1906KZ5OM/62016W6SA LP ALL (T)5,75047463.0K6III
1907N6FD2008W6SO LP ALL5,72468539.5 
1908WA6BOB2004W6SO HP ALL5,661605127.3  
1909N6NF1986W6SO HP 20M5,6505850  
1910WA6UFY1989W6SO HP ALL5,6165048  
1911KI6OY2015W6SO LP ALL (T)5,529705714.2 
1912N1EE/61995W6SO HP ALL5,3956765  
1913N6RI2010W6SO HP ALL5,34348399.9 
1914WX6M1991W6SO HP ALL5,2646756  
1915NT6K2013W6SO LP ALL (T)5,22566553.5K6KYJ
1916NE6M2003W6SO QRP 40M5,22049459.7  
1917WS9M/62013W6SO LP ALL5,10472589.8 
1918W6GJB2015W6SA HP ALL5,09651492.8  
1919W4NJK/62011W6SO HP ALL5,09663525.3 
1920W6NS2016W6SA LP 80M (T)5,05056505.7 
1921K6LE2007W6SO LP ALL5,05061502.8  
1922N6AJR2009W6SO LP ALL (T)5,02956472.6 
1923KU6W2011W6SO LP ALL (T)5,00560552.2N6GQ
1924AI6SL2017W6SO QRP ALL5,00567555.6 
1925W6ZZZ2006W6SO LP ALL (T)4,96866547.1  
1926W6SFK2013W6SA HP ALL4,95054454.6 
1927K6DBG2009W6SO QRP ALL4,95064456.8 
1928KD4HXT/62007W6SO QRP ALL4,78860425.9  
1929W6OKK1982W6SO HP ALL4,7528072  
1930WA6L2007W6SO LP ALL4,75267542.4  
1931NK6F1998W6SO LP ALL4,7128176  
1932AK7G/62012W6SO HP ALL4,68040405.0 
1933N6JM1979W6SO HP 20M4,6364238  
1934N6CMF2013W6SO QRP ALL4,62050425.7 
1935AA6XX1992W6SO QRP 80M4,5765952  
1936WA6VNR1996W6SO LP 40M4,5604440  
1937W6JBR2015W6SA LP ALL4,52245382.9  
1938K5CAO2017W6SA LP 80M4,46949419.5 
1939KJ6Z1982W6SO HP 20M4,4005655  
1940N6RVC1989W6SO HP 15M4,3604840  
1941N6PE1981W6SO HP 80M4,3005450  
1942AF6N2017W6SA LP ALL4,27846466.9 
1943N6BHX2017W6SA LP ALL (T)4,27261486.8 
1944KI6OY2003W6SO LP ALL4,224644817.1  
1945K6ST2013W6SA HP ALL4,18354474.9 
1946W6NNV1993W6SO LP 20M4,0924333  
1947K6III2005W6SO QRP 15M4,050454528.5  
1948WA6FGV1995W6SO QRP 15M4,0308065  
1949W9KKN2017W6SA LP ALL (T)4,00458448.1  
1950KD6WKY2011W6SA HP ALL3,96964493.6 
1951W6RKC2015W6SO HP 80M (T)3,96954495.5 
1952KG6ZHC2009W6SO HP ALL3,92046404.1 
1953N6JM1987W6SO HP 20M3,8944033  
1954K6VHF2014W6SO QRP 15M3,87655519.2 
1955NO6X2014W6SO HP ALL (T)3,85443411.5 
1956AB6WO1995W6SO LP ALL3,84310063  
1957K2GMY/62014W6SO QRP 10M3,78340396.7 
1958AA6EE1990W6SO HP ALL3,7827061  
1959K6ZM2000W6SO HP ALL3,7004037W7SW 
1960W6OUL2008W6SO LP ALL3,57044342.5 
1961K6LE2012W6SA LP ALL3,53539356.6 
1962W6ISQ2003W6SO HP 15M3,5044948  
1963AE6U1980W6SO HP 160M3,4446642  
1964K5CAO/62012W6SO LP 80M3,34444388.1 
1965N5KO/62009W6SA LP ALL3,30048442.7 
1966K4TKM/61987W6SO HP 15M3,3004544  
1967N6BCT2013W6SO LP ALL3,27655528.6 
1968KQ6LQ2009W6SO HP 20M3,26847431.4K6III
1969W6SJ2010W6SO HP ALL3,23744391.5 
1970KI6OFN2009W6SO QRP ALL (R)3,16842368.0 
1971K6ASK2007W6SA HP ALL (T)3,10329293.8  
1972KK6C1980W6SO HP 40M3,1006962  
1973N6PUC2017W6SO LP 40M3,09435345.1 
1974N6OJ1987W6SO QRP 20M3,0645851  
1975WA6FGV1994W6SO QRP 15M3,0386762  
1976KU6T1996W6SO LP 15M3,0005450  
1977N6NF1990W6SO QRP ALL2,8704441  
1978N6AJR2010W6SO HP ALL (T)2,83850432.5 
1979WA6VNR1987W6SO HP 20M2,7163428  
1980N6AJR2007W6SO LP 40M (T)2,68638344.0  
1981N6CK2006W6SO LP ALL2,664393726.5  
1982NG0X/61995W6SO LP ALL2,6403930  
1983NE6M2017W6SA QRP 40M2,62840364.6 
1984N6QZS2011W6SO LP ALL2,62445419.4 
1985W6VNR2009W6SO HP ALL2,46044417.8 
1986AA6EE1994W6SO HP ALL2,3525149  
1987NP4IW/WX61996W6SO LP 15M2,3407560  
1988W6UB2015W6SA QRP ALL2,32030291.3 
1989WA6FGV1998W6SO QRP 10M2,3184238  
1990KG6HAF2005W6SO LP 20M2,27538352.9  
1991N6IC1999W6SO LP 15M2,2013131  
1992AI6Z2017W6SA HP 20M (T)2,16028274.8 
1993KD6WKY2016W6SA LP ALL2,13538352.6 
1994K6KQV2011W6SO LP ALL2,13537351.1 
1995N6XI2012W6SO LP 20M2,11234321.0 
1996WA5VGI/61995W6SO HP 80M2,0804340  
1997N6PC2005W6SO LP ALL2,03040354.8  
1998KI6QDH2013W6SA LP ALL (T)2,016423615.4 
1999W8QZA/61989W6SO QRP 20M2,0002825  
2000WB9HRO/61983W6SO QRP ALL1,9785146  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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