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1901OF3BCX2017OHSO LP 15M (T)72927271.2OH1ZAA
1902TA8A2015TASO LP 15M72019182.8 
1903JN1BBO2009JA1SO LP 15M70319194.3 
1904DK9MH2016DLSO LP 15M68020200.6 
1905JH1TJM2014JA1SO LP 15M (R)68017174.7 
1906JI1LAI2012JA1SO LP 15M67216164.2 
1907JA1XPU1997JA1SO LP 15M6661918  
1908YO4BXX2016YOSO LP 15M66520195.6 
1909BD8BIN2012BYSO LP 15M66519193.7 
1910K5MBA2012W5SO LP 15M65121211.7 
1911U5EX2013URSO LP 15M64617172.9 
1912DO3ME2009DLSO LP 15M63823224.9 
1913JL1MWI1996JA1SO LP 15M6202420  
1914KL7FAP1992KLSO LP 15M6162222  
1915JH1CFV2016JA1SO LP 15M61219182.4 
1916JO1JKH/12014JA1SO LP 15M (T)60817163.1  
1917RK3DSW2012UA-3SO LP 15M60020200.7 
1918DJ6XB2006DLSO LP 15M60016151.7  
1919JL3IVX2001JA3SO LP 15M5941918  
1920EA5AFH1998EASO LP 15M5851615  
1921LU8DCF2017LUSO LP 15M (R)56017164.1  
1922YO4RHK2000YOSO LP 15M5601410  
1923JE4URN2016JA4SO LP 15M55127190.4 
1924JG1TVK1995JA1SO LP 15M5441616  
1925KA3MYM1997W3SO LP 15M5401512  
1926DF8DX2012DLSO LP 15M52816161.1 
1927KA1RFD2012W1SO LP 15M52518215.8 
1928IT9CDU2014IT9SO LP 15M51319192.7 
1929YE4IJ2016YBSO LP 15M50713132.3 
1930K2TV2015W2SO LP 15M50414140.4 
1931BV4VQ2014BVSO LP 15M49616163.5 
1932JA1GYO2003JA1SO LP 15M496171625.8  
1933KA1VMG/T1999W1SO LP 15M4901414  
1934BD1EFO2012BYSO LP 15M (T)48113132.0 
1935IZ0EUS2016ISO LP 15M48015152.2 
1936BV4VQ2013BVSO LP 15M48016152.5 
1937RN3QIS2012UA-3SO LP 15M48015150.9 
1938RW4LQ2012UA-4SO LP 15M (T)47614141.9 
1939NP3YL2017KP4SO LP 15M (T)45518130.9 
1940SP2IHG1998SPSO LP 15M4482614  
1941WN7Y2017W7SO LP 15M44020201.0  
1942JH1NXU1994JA1SO LP 15M4291313  
1943YB1TIA2015YBSO LP 15M42015156.0 
1944DU7RH2012DUSO LP 15M41613134.9 
1945JA6RIL2013JA6SO LP 15M40516151.1 
1946IZ0EUS2015ISO LP 15M38412121.9 
1947JA5FOP2015JA5SO LP 15M37815142.2 
1948JG3EHD2004JA3SO LP 15M37713132.5  
1949YC1ELP2017YBSO LP 15M36413132.0 
1950JA6IP1998JA6SO LP 15M3612419  
1951CT7/CU8AS2010CTSO LP 15M36012121.6 
1952PV8AA2008PYSO LP 15M36012120.6 
1953JA6QDU1992JA6SO LP 15M3601212  
1954JJ1YSU1992JA1SO LP 15M3511313  
1955JE1XAD2014JA1SO LP 15M34812121.9 
1956JG2KFI2012JA2SO LP 15M33813133.5 
1957YC0OSX2016YBSO LP 15M33012110.3 
1958BA6QY2012BYSO LP 15M33011111.6 
1959JF1ELQ2016JA1SO LP 15M32516131.4 
1960PY7YN2011PYSO LP 15M (R)32517134.3 
1961PU8TFA2007PYSO LP 15M (R)32513130.2  
1962CO2GL2012CMSO LP 15M32412121.7 
1963BA3QZ2016BYSO LP 15M32321195.6 
1964JG1WKM2011JA1SO LP 15M31515151.8 
1965BZ4DHI1993BYSO LP 15M3151715  
1966JI3ZOX2001JA3SO LP 15M3121413JL3IVX 
1967JA9XAT1993JASO LP 15M3001515  
1968JQ2OUL2007JA2SO LP 15M28812122.5  
1969KA1RFD2014W1SO LP 15M28615132.4 
1970JQ1AHZ/62009JA6SO LP 15M28616132.1 
1971JK1LUY2015JA1SO LP 15M28010101.1 
1972PR7TW2011PYSO LP 15M28010101.7 
1973JI1LAI2009JA1SO LP 15M28010100.8 
1974DL6RCD2007DLSO LP 15M273131325.2  
1975JQ1AHZ/22004JA2SO LP 15M273131329.6  
1976V85ZX2012V8SO LP 15M2701092.9 
1977PU3LYB2009PYSO LP 15M26011101.7 
1978T91GJK2002E7SO LP 15M260101024.5T92T 
1979JK1NSR2015JA1SO LP 15M2521090.7 
1980JA1XPU1994JA1SO LP 15M2501110  
1981OM8CM2013OMSO LP 15M24713134.3 
1982JM1IXB1999JA1SO LP 15M2421211  
1983JQ1VDJ/12013JA1SO LP 15M24010100.9 
1984JA5IDV2001JA5SO LP 15M24010101.6  
1985JJ0ACA2013JA0SO LP 15M23111110.8 
1986JH1BUB1992JA1SO LP 15M2281712  
19875R8UI20175RSO LP 15M216991.8 
1988UA6JQ2015UA-6SO LP 15M216990.5 
1989JJ2SHW2000JA2SO LP 15M216108  
1990DO9MJ2014DLSO LP 15M (R)21015154.4 
1991UB3AFJ2014UA-3SO LP 15M (R)21010102.8 
1992PU3LYB2012PYSO LP 15M (R)21010104.6 
1993JA4TUJ2017JA4SO LP 15M (T)20010100.5 
1994JI1JPJ/72016JA1SO LP 15M20010101.9 
1995SV9/R2DX2015SV9SO LP 15M20010100.7 
1996JR3KAH2014JA3SO LP 15M19811113.3 
1997DB1CP2012DLSO LP 15M19513130.7 
1998JE1GZB2016JA1SO LP 15M (T)19212120.6 
1999JK1CYF2016JA1SO LP 15M (T)19212123.4 
2000SP8LXE2011SPSO LP 15M19216162.5 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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