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1901WB5M/41987W4SO HP 40M12,1689178  
1902N4KE1979W4SO HP 40M12,0005250  
1903Y49RF1984DMSO HP 40M11,9506250  
1904JA1YAG1987JA1SO HP 40M11,8726556  
1905WT6K2010W6SO HP 40M11,85095792.5 
1906OK2BBQ1983OKOMSO HP 40M11,7659165  
1907E73ECJ2011E7SO HP 40M11,69074705.2E73ZR
1908JA7FFN1996JA7SO HP 40M11,6844946  
1909WD8JYM1981W8SO HP 40M11,6648272  
1910K7SDW1990W7SO HP 40M11,4305545  
1911JA1QWL1989JA1SO HP 40M11,4005250  
1912KJ6DL1995W6SO HP 40M11,34010081  
1913N5NMX1991W5SO HP 40M11,3408281  
1914WA3CGE1986W3SO HP 40M11,0944643  
1915JA5IP1996JA5SO HP 40M11,0165351  
1916YO4BBH1989YOSO HP 40M10,8568059  
1917K1XM1983W1SO HP 40M10,8005050  
1918UA4AGP1984UA-4SO HP 40M10,7886662  
1919W9AKS2016W9SO HP 40M (T)10,72087807.7 
1920UQ2PP1982YLSO HP 40M10,5288056  
1921AB1U/62013W6SO HP 40M (T)10,48877692.5W6RKC
1922K4XD2010W4SO HP 40M (T)10,33597652.0 
1923Y21CL1990DMSO HP 40M10,2665959  
1924OK2TED1984OKOMSO HP 40M10,2487861  
19254Z5KO20154XSO HP 40M10,23447432.6 
1926LA8ECA1986LASO HP 40M10,20011434  
1927W3BGN1982W3SO HP 40M10,1526254  
1928DU1EV2010DUSO HP 40M9,82844392.8 
1929JA6AZH1983JA6SO HP 40M9,8005749  
1930UA0SR1984RA0SO HP 40M9,7928348  
1931ES1PW1990ESSO HP 40M9,7206160  
1932SM6CMR1986SMSO HP 40M9,6328056  
1933SP2HFL1984SPSO HP 40M9,6125954  
1934JA8EJO1984JA8SO HP 40M9,6006348  
1935PY1CE1992PYSO HP 40M9,5944439  
1936PA0LOU1993PASO HP 40M9,5766363  
1937KT7G1986W7SO HP 40M9,4626357  
1938UC2WBL1983EUSO HP 40M9,3007350  
1939YO2CJX1984YOSO HP 40M9,2888054  
1940OK3TOA1980OKOMSO HP 40M9,0208155  
1941JI1MTF1988JA1SO HP 40M8,9764844  
1942EA2KV2017EASO HP 40M (T)8,89260570.9 
1943UA3TBW1981UA-3SO HP 40M8,8887344  
1944DU1EV2011DUSO HP 40M8,85341391.6 
1945WA2JQK2012W2SO HP 40M8,84052522.0 
1946CT4DX1987CTSO HP 40M8,8264948  
1947JA1QZC1984JA1SO HP 40M8,8164738  
1948W7TSQ2009W7SO HP 40M8,61478737.6 
1949UP2BFM1979LYSO HP 40M8,5207260  
1950SM6BXV1981SMSO HP 40M8,5145143  
1951EW8EW2013EUSO HP 40M8,47858540.5 
1952OK3TAY1981OKOMSO HP 40M8,4706255  
1953HA3PT1980HASO HP 40M8,4668851  
1954KA1GHR1983W1SO HP 40M8,0645048  
1955UC2AFZ1983EUSO HP 40M7,9567651  
1956LX1NO2009LXSO HP 40M7,84052491.0 
1957N8MK1980W8SO HP 40M7,6166056  
1958UB5ZR1986URSO HP 40M7,6005850  
1959K7WA1981W7SO HP 40M7,5685443  
1960JH9AMJ1990JA9SO HP 40M7,3604646  
1961OK2BVG2004OKSO HP 40M7,34436347.3  
1962WA2JQK2010W2SO HP 40M7,33670564.8 
1963OH2KI1984OHSO HP 40M7,3268066  
1964SR4AAZ1980SPSO HP 40M7,3007850  
1965YO5CUU1989YOSO HP 40M7,2005350  
1966UR2QY1980ESSO HP 40M7,0306655  
1967YO4DCF1983YOSO HP 40M6,9565747  
1968LZ1GN1983LZSO HP 40M6,8884741  
1969YO2LEF1991YOSO HP 40M6,8805243  
1970OZ8XO1995OZSO HP 40M6,8605449  
1971W2RR2017W2SO HP 40M6,83745432.5WA2AOG
1972JA1XEM1995JA1SO HP 40M6,6603837  
1973RX3AP1996UA-3SO HP 40M6,6497961  
1974JG2LGM1984JA2SO HP 40M6,6244536  
1975JM1AQU1988JA1SO HP 40M6,5546658  
1976UA0CDM1982RA0SO HP 40M6,5414531  
1977JA8TGF1984JA8SO HP 40M6,4643832  
1978W6RKC2011W6SO HP 40M (T)6,40745432.1 
1979JA2SAP/11984JA1SO HP 40M6,4003832  
1980UT0YO1997URSO HP 40M6,3245451  
1981UB5WCF1982URSO HP 40M6,2839261  
1982W7YS1985W7SO HP 40M6,0185151  
1983OK2LN1992OKOMSO HP 40M6,0165847  
1984JA1THL1985JA1SO HP 40M5,9044541  
1985KJ1N/01994W0SO HP 40M5,84610079  
1986JA0UMV1990JA0SO HP 40M5,8283631  
1987JA5JGV1989JA5SO HP 40M5,8103735  
1988RA1QBF1985UA-1SO HP 40M5,73412247  
1989DM5XIG1979DMSO HP 40M5,7045846  
1990JA9FHB2017JA9SO HP 40M5,65238362.6 
1991K0CS1989W0SO HP 40M5,4724036  
1992SN8C2008SPSO HP 40M5,45055500.5SP8HZZ
1993LA9HFA1990LASO HP 40M5,3947458  
1994JN1MKZ/21987JA2SO HP 40M5,3324543  
1995JA8EJO1985JA8SO HP 40M5,3013431  
1996PY7CJN1999PYSO HP 40M5,1043029  
1997SP3KTC1981SPSO HP 40M5,0846241SP-1151-PDO 
1998SP9CVY1988SPSO HP 40M5,0405045  
1999UA0FER1982RA0SO HP 40M5,0404935  
2000YO8OH1990YOSO HP 40M5,0165544  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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