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19019A4VV9ASA HP 80M6,273545126.0  
1902IZ0BXZISO LP 10M6,24070658.4  
1903YO9HGYOSO LP ALL6,13872664.8  
1904CF7JCVE7SO LP ALL5,96755519.8  
1905UA4LWUA-4SO LP 15M5,963676731.6  
1906DL4AAEDLSO LP 20M5,93451461.8  
1907UA9CHLRA9SO LP ALL5,89545452.6  
1908AN1FBJEASO LP ALL5,858605827.9  
1909LZ3NYLZSO LP 40M5,832373626.0  
1910KB5VTBW5SO LP 20M5,8315249  
1911EA7GOEASO QRP 10M5,824605631.0  
1912UA3PWUA-3SO LP ALL5,724565326.6  
1913NO2D/0W0SO QRP ALL5,67059544.5  
1914OH6NPVOHSO QRP 15M5,6685752  
1915JQ1AHZ/6JA6SO LP ALL5,58048457.4  
1916SM0OYSMSO LP ALL (T)5,45059503.1  
1917KE2WB/4W4SO QRP ALL5,20344435.1  
1918YO4CSLYOSO LP ALL5,2028051  
1919K9PYW9SO LP ALL5,19849467.6  
1920OK1XCOKSO LP 10M5,14855522.0  
1921LZ4BULZSO LP ALL5,07649474.4  
1922DL2BQDDLSO QRP ALL4,950474527.1  
1923LZ1EPLZSO LP 20M4,9024343  
1924YU7AMYUSO LP ALL4,845675725.8  
1925OH1MAOHSO LP ALL4,83050423.2  
1926BV2WSBVSO LP 40M4,74031304.4  
1927PY1MKPYSO LP 10M4,71941395.2  
19289A5YY9ASO LP ALL4,550525010.3  
1929PY2BWPYSO HP 80M4,29029268.6  
1930SP6MSPSO LP 160M4,275474525.4  
1931UN0CUNSO LP 20M4,26442419.1  
1932CT/SM6PVBCTSO LP 20M4,26351492.0  
1933SP9DUXSPSO LP 80M4,186484625.2  
1934JE2SOYJA2SO LP 10M4,185554511.5  
1935KP4JRSKP4SO LP 20M4,14438371.8  
1936JL4LWLJA4SO HP 20M4,1044036  
1937JR1NKNJA1SO QRP 15M4,09247445.5  
1938W1WEFW1SO LP ALL4,06641382.2  
1939K2YEHW2SO LP ALL4,06031282.2  
1940JG2AIGJA2SO QRP 40M (T)4,06029295.4  
1941UA9QFFRA9SO LP 80M4,050292725.2  
1942K6IIIW6SO QRP 15M4,050454528.5  
1943DL3BVADLSO QRP ALL3,984554812.1  
1944SQ9IWT/8SPSO LP ALL3,978585131.7  
1945DL2ZADLSO LP 40M3,94846423.1  
1946K9OSHW9SO LP 20M3,93939391.0  
1947K1VSJW1SO LP ALL (T)3,9004139  
1948CG3JFFVE3SO QRP ALL3,88041406.0VE3JFF 
1949RZ1CXSUA-1SO LP 20M3,72653461.8  
1950SE4DHFSMSO HP 160M (T)3,696454224.8SM4DHF 
1951W7VMIW7SO QRP 40M3,60843415.4AH6B 
1952JA1XEMJA1SO LP 40M3,588272625.6  
1953UY5YAURSO LP 10M3,552504826.3  
1954I0QMISO LP 15M3,534413825.8  
1955HS1OVHHSSA LP ALL (T)3,45839382.5  
1956RA6XBUA-6SO LP ALL (R)3,44044404.3  
19577K1EQGJA1SO LP 15M3,3673737  
1958K7UIRW7SO LP ALL3,25029262.1  
1959RV9WBRA9SO LP 20M3,220363526.0  
1960OK5SWLOKSO LP 20M3,150464526.5OK2SWD 
1961JA7MJJA7SO HP 80M (T)3,10527273.3  
1962UA3DTTUA-3SO LP 80M3,06036362.5  
1963M0OKTGSA LP ALL3,040434028.0  
19647S3CSMSO HP 160M2,97539355.8SM3CCM @SM3CCM 
1965W7AFAW7SO LP 20M2,8003735  
1966K5IBW5SO LP ALL2,747434127.0  
1967N2XUW2SO LP 15M (T)2,706343327.4N2ZN 
1968JH0NVX/1JA1SO LP 20M2,656333225.4  
1969RW3SUUA-3SO LP ALL2,619272727.1  
1970RX9DJRA9SO LP 20M (T)2,581312931.1  
1971K0JVW0SO LP ALL2,38028284.6  
1972VK6HZVKSO LP 20M2,37830295.1  
1973JQ6PAQ/1JA1SO QRP 15M2,2773933  
1974KG6HAFW6SO LP 20M2,27538352.9  
1975K2YRW2SO HP 20M2,220303025.3  
1976JO1QZIJA1SO HP 80M2,1502525  
1977JN1HYUJA1SO LP 15M2,10838315.1  
1978YL4UYLSO HP ALL2,072423725.6YL3GN 
1979M0PCBGSO QRP ALL2,05236364.7  
1980N6PCW6SO LP ALL2,03040354.8  
1981DH8BQADLSO QRP 10M1,96842415.0  
19827K1DPEJA1SO LP ALL1,94331295.4  
1983OK1DSUOKSO LP ALL1,9242826  
1984CG2DWAVE2SO LP 20M1,80927271.4LU7DW 
1985DL5FCODLSO LP 15M1,7283936  
1986PA5APASO HP 160M1,711302926.4  
1987IK1RACISO QRP ALL (T)1,705313125.3  
1988RW6FFUA-6SO LP 20M1,696353224.4  
1989JR1UMOJA1SO LP ALL1,692191827.1  
1990JF2FIUJA2SO HP 15M1,6522928  
1991DL1APXDLSO LP 20M1,638403927.6  
1992KX7LW7SO QRP ALL1,530373425.2  
1993LY2BNLLYSO LP 40M1,52020205.4  
1994SV1DPISVSO HP ALL1,49642340.9  
1995W0CG/8W8SO LP ALL1,495242324.5  
1996UT5ZAURSO LP 40M1,44921211.2  
1997PA2WJZPASO LP ALL1,37229281.9  
1998JG1FGL/2JA2SO LP 15M1,3342623  
1999OK1KZOKSO LP 160M1,3252525  
2000YL1SYLSO HP ALL1,316332824.9YL1ZS 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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