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101HA6IAM1986HASO QRP 80M31,75217898  
102SM5OUU2009SMSO QRP 80M31,0881411166.0 
103Y25XA1988DMSO QRP 80M30,52816496  
104G3VMY1986GSO QRP 80M29,56815095  
105UA3LIZ2004UA-3SO QRP 80M28,4081231067.3  
106SP4LDT1980SPSO QRP 80M27,98416088  
107SP3MEP2005SPSO QRP 80M27,5101351056.8  
108JH1OGC2011JA1SO QRP 80M26,3071017910.5 
109IV3TAN1998ISO QRP 80M25,74012699  
110SQ7FPD2010SPSO QRP 80M25,2351181038.3 
111UT5DJ2014URSO QRP 80M24,5921141066.0 
112YO2AQO1985YOSO QRP 80M24,49214878  
113OK3YDX1988OKOMSO QRP 80M24,10413192  
114OK1DIQ1983OKOMSO QRP 80M23,58413888  
115K3TW/42011W4SO QRP 80M22,950115907.6 
116IK0VVE2015ISO QRP 80M22,8801171046.6 
117UP2BZ1983LYSO QRP 80M22,72012580  
118YO2AQO1986YOSO QRP 80M21,47612391  
119Y26WM1985DMSO QRP 80M20,91011485  
120HA8LKB1989HASO QRP 80M20,24013292  
121Y21YT1990DMSO QRP 80M19,63512285  
122OM4DN2006OMSO QRP 80M19,5981248213.2  
123W1MK1995W1SO QRP 80M19,2408374  
124DL6OCH2017DLSO QRP 80M18,693112934.8 
125OM3THV1993OMSO QRP 80M18,30410588  
126SP9GKM1985SPSO QRP 80M17,95613167  
127UX3FW1994URSO QRP 80M17,84811992  
128SP6EIY2017SPSO QRP 80M17,286106865.0 
129OK2SSS1986OKOMSO QRP 80M16,87210674  
130W1MK1994W1SO QRP 80M16,7586357  
131SP3J1999SPSO QRP 80M16,74810979SP3NGB 
132DL6OCH2014DLSO QRP 80M16,416105968.1 
133UT5UQV1996URSO QRP 80M16,10210083  
134YV3AGT1985YVSO QRP 80M15,0405647  
135UB5QKO1982URSO QRP 80M14,72010564  
136OH7WV2005OHSO QRP 80M14,11890785.2  
137SP6EIY1983SPSO QRP 80M13,5809870  
138SP6EIY1985SPSO QRP 80M13,24810369  
139OK3CRW1987OKOMSO QRP 80M12,88010070  
140SP4TBM2003SPSO QRP 80M12,750867528.9  
141SM5OUU2008SMSO QRP 80M12,46483764.5 
142Y25MG1984DMSO QRP 80M11,9689668  
143RA3WUO2007UA-3SO QRP 80M (R)11,95688612.8  
144VE3SQZ2009VE3SO QRP 80M11,904704811.2 
145UO5OBT1988ERSO QRP 80M11,4468159  
146LZ3PZ2017LZSO QRP 80M11,431977117.7 
147UC2WAO1986EUSO QRP 80M11,2248261  
148DJ6TK1980DLSO QRP 80M10,8808764  
149SM5OUU2006SMSO QRP 80M10,728767227.5  
150UR5FCM2011URSO QRP 80M10,69574696.8 
151OK3BRK1983OKOMSO QRP 80M9,74717157  
152UT1PO2001URSO QRP 80M9,728766428.3  
153SP6EIY2016SPSO QRP 80M9,63980635.7 
154Y27KL1983DMSO QRP 80M9,6008364  
155HA1ZU1980HASO QRP 80M9,57010055  
156OK1DIO1984OKOMSO QRP 80M9,5409753  
157K9JWV/72013W7SO QRP 80M (T)9,372966612.1 
158SM3CCT1996SMSO QRP 80M9,1507861  
159Y28QH1987DMSO QRP 80M8,9327758  
160US8IBS2003URSO QRP 80M8,437665926.4  
161HA6OM1980HASO QRP 80M7,8847454  
162SE3CCT2005SMSO QRP 80M7,874666226.2SM5CCT 
163DL5CL2006DLSO QRP 80M7,84780591.9  
164RA3QH2007UA-3SO QRP 80M7,78872597.1  
165HA7ZX1984HASO QRP 80M7,7428949  
166OK1DRQ1986OKOMSO QRP 80M7,6708059  
167YB2OK1992YBSO QRP 80M7,3104743  
168K7DD2011W7SO QRP 80M (T)7,29677647.1 
169YL3FW2015YLSO QRP 80M7,28062562.8 
170OK1DKW1979OKOMSO QRP 80M6,9966753  
171UT4UFZ2016URSO QRP 80M6,85858548.7 
172Y26WM1983DMSO QRP 80M6,7287157  
173I/W9CF2011ISO QRP 80M (T)6,48062546.9 
174OK3CSX1986OKOMSO QRP 80M5,5866449  
175EU6RO2012EUSO QRP 80M5,42449481.0 
176RA1AEI2010UA-1SO QRP 80M4,888615211.6 
177AA6XX1992W6SO QRP 80M4,5765952  
178RB5GD1985URSO QRP 80M4,4725543  
179F6FTB2008FSO QRP 80M4,45550453.3 
180UW1I2008URSO QRP 80M4,05944411.4US6IMA
181DL7GEM2009DLSO QRP 80M4,04253474.5 
182UT5DJ2012URSO QRP 80M3,96052452.6 
183OK1DIQ1986OKOMSO QRP 80M3,8764838  
184JA1KFX1986JA1SO QRP 80M3,6963833  
185OK3CUG1985OKOMSO QRP 80M3,5286840  
186AN3CKX2003EASO QRP 80M3,45638365.2  
187JA0AOQ2016JA0SO QRP 80M3,16231314.1 
188OK1IOA1986OKOMSO QRP 80M3,1164438  
189UR5FCM1994URSO QRP 80M3,0005650  
190Y25XA1989DMSO QRP 80M2,9644538  
191W8QZA/02009W0SO QRP 80M2,88050408.2 
192KU7Y1987W7SO QRP 80M2,6049062  
193KS9U1984W9SO QRP 80M2,6005450  
194Y23OH1986DMSO QRP 80M2,4424033  
195YU1EA2006YUSO QRP 80M2,40539371.1  
196KO7G1982W7SO QRP 80M2,3803634  
197UA0LCQ1981RA0SO QRP 80M2,3693233  
198YO3CTK1983YOSO QRP 80M2,3683832  
199JA1AA1998JA1SO QRP 80M2,2562524  
200HA7MW1994HASO QRP 80M2,2404235  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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