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101E72W2011E7SO QRP 10M17,1761361139.7 
102JH1LBR1989JA1SO QRP 10M17,0009385  
103RN4AO2012UA-4SO QRP 10M (T)16,95212110415.1 
104HG5O2014HASO QRP 10M (T)16,40011610010.2 
105JH1XUZ1988JA1SO QRP 10M15,9969286  
106HA0GK2000HASO QRP 10M15,83411291  
107DL2TM2016DLSO QRP 10M14,9601291109.2 
108K2YGM2014W2SO QRP 10M14,77583757.6 
109JR3RWB1991JA3SO QRP 10M14,52510083  
110N4AU2012W4SO QRP 10M13,77477717.6 
111EA3EGV1985EASO QRP 10M13,68914781  
112DL8TG2012DLSO QRP 10M12,920101959.5 
113K2CS2001W2SO QRP 10M12,654777430.8  
114OK1GSB2016OKSO QRP 10M12,39011910513.5 
115JR3WRB1990JA3SO QRP 10M12,3829582  
116DL4EAX2008DLSO QRP 10M12,3421111026.4 
117JQ1NGT2015JA1SO QRP 10M12,2461187816.8  
118EW6CU2003EUSO QRP 10M12,1941109111.8  
119HG7MW1992HASO QRP 10M12,1559085  
120DL2TM2011DLSO QRP 10M12,126110946.9 
121RB5FO1991URSO QRP 10M11,88010188  
122YO2AQB1988YOSO QRP 10M11,3108578  
123SN8M2008SPSO QRP 10M11,0111059113.7SP8MI
124N5US1989W5SO QRP 10M10,8907966  
125F8AKC2009FSO QRP 10M10,773131817.5 
126N5US1990W5SO QRP 10M10,5789386  
127JR3RWB2003JA3SO QRP 10M10,512807214.4  
128W5GAI2011W5SO QRP 10M10,41979697.1 
129OH3JF1989OHSO QRP 10M10,2909270  
130YO2AOB1989YOSO QRP 10M9,8287663  
131UU4JQR2008URSO QRP 10M9,4921078411.8UU4JQR
132UR2OI1980ESSO QRP 10M9,14410872  
133JA1KFX1988JA1SO QRP 10M8,8207670  
134UA6BFE2017UA-6SO QRP 10M8,76093739.9 
135G3WW2007GSO QRP 10M8,162987734.0  
136YO4KAK2012YOSO QRP 10M8,16072684.6YO4AH
137PY2UJJ1989PYSO QRP 10M8,1505950  
138LA/LY5G2014LASO QRP 10M8,00884777.3 
139WA3LFY1989W3SO QRP 10M7,8887458  
140EA1KC1989EASO QRP 10M7,8668969  
141EA3EGV1987EASO QRP 10M7,8669463  
142SP4TBM2007SPSO QRP 10M7,85488775.4  
143HA0GK1998HASO QRP 10M7,8127262  
144N4AU2013W4SO QRP 10M7,72261548.4 
145PA0JED1995PASO QRP 10M7,4735547  
146UR5ZQV2005URSO QRP 10M7,210817014.8  
147K2GMY/62015W6SO QRP 10M7,19159516.4 
148UA9SHO1981RA9SO QRP 10M7,1916651  
149JS1PWV1991JA1SO QRP 10M6,8678463  
150ZW2T2011PYSO QRP 10M6,43249485.0PY2TI
151JR6LJO1982JA6SO QRP 10M6,2087464  
152EA3FHC1985EASO QRP 10M6,1369759  
153UR4CWQ2010URSO QRP 10M6,04570656.4 
154UR5ZQV2006URSO QRP 10M6,032825210.7  
155PS2R2012PYSO QRP 10M6,03048456.6 
156DK7QB1993DLSO QRP 10M6,0167864  
157OH6NPV2007OHSO QRP 10M5,9848268  
158DL9NEI2003DLSO QRP 10M5,86579699.9  
159RA3XEV2014UA-3SO QRP 10M5,85074655.4 
160EA7GO2005EASO QRP 10M5,824605631.0  
161G4DBW2011GSO QRP 10M5,72774694.4 
162NE5D2002W5SO QRP 10M5,47449465.1  
163JA1EF1980JA1SO QRP 10M5,2476253  
164LU1VK1998LUSO QRP 10M5,1985046  
165ZM2Y2012ZLSO QRP 10M5,12046402.0ZL2YL
166SV5/DJ5AA2010SV5SO QRP 10M5,12071641.9 
167LU9HUP1996LUSO QRP 10M5,0844341  
168PS2R2013PYSO QRP 10M4,91444426.3 
169GM4UBJ2010GMSO QRP 10M (T)4,818756612.3 
170YT2RX2013YUSO QRP 10M4,73847463.3 
171DJ6TK1981DLSO QRP 10M4,7205540  
172DL2LFH2016DLSO QRP 10M (T)4,47371635.9 
173KY5N1997W5SO QRP 10M4,4256659  
174YO5BEU1999YOSO QRP 10M4,4105145  
175HB9QA2008HBSO QRP 10M4,33165616.7 
176RN4F2011UA-4SO QRP 10M4,320626012.0 
177OK1DCP2000OKSO QRP 10M4,3206760  
178CT7AIX2016CTSO QRP 10M4,28454518.3 
179OZ6OM2012OZSO QRP 10M (T)4,26353498.8 
180L5F1995LUSO QRP 10M4,2554137LU1FNH 
181SP5ANX1993SPSO QRP 10M4,2326646  
182E73CV2014E7SO QRP 10M4,12560557.2  
183RV9YK2015RA9SO QRP 10M (T)3,97743415.6 
184DL8MBS2015DLSO QRP 10M3,927615110.0 
185UY5UP1989URSO QRP 10M3,8084934  
186SP5DDJ2009SPSO QRP 10M3,79256486.0 
187K2GMY/62014W6SO QRP 10M3,78340396.7 
188OK1AIJ2001OKSO QRP 10M3,7804845  
189OK1CZ1988OKOMSO QRP 10M3,7745651  
190GW0VSW2010GWSO QRP 10M3,62159516.7 
191NX5M1998W5SO QRP 10M3,6194947  
192OK2NA2008OKSO QRP 10M3,55056502.3 
193W4PJ1998W4SO QRP 10M3,4565448  
194RV9YK2016RA9SO QRP 10M (T)3,40244424.9 
195VU2LYX2015VUSO QRP 10M3,26839385.0 
196JA2HBK2012JA2SO QRP 10M2,96440385.4 
197RA0JD1990RA0SO QRP 10M2,9605337  
198OK1DKW1987OKOMSO QRP 10M2,8804532  
199JA6VZB1990JA6SO QRP 10M2,8504238  
200DL8TG2013DLSO QRP 10M2,68044406.0 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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