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101IK4OMU2014ISA QRP ALL (T)62,3901991708.1 
102DL1EFW2014DLSA QRP ALL (T)61,5402131708.8 
103DD1JN2017DLSA QRP ALL57,07221317418.3 
104VE9BWK2017VE1SA QRP ALL57,0401581159.1 
105YO2MBU2015YOSA QRP ALL50,19317714310.0  
106WA2NYY2015W2SA QRP ALL48,2401511206.8 
107OK1SI2017OKSA QRP ALL48,0851951638.7 
108M0HDF2015GSA QRP ALL46,29419215816.7 
109NK5G2016W5SA QRP ALL43,14818613417.2 
110EA1AER2017EASA QRP ALL41,40017013812.0 
111W4JDS2013W4SA QRP ALL39,87516812523.3 
112BG4AHK2014BYSA QRP ALL39,31215312615.6 
113RZ9CJ2015RA9SA QRP ALL38,0251221174.3  
114VE3XT2017VE3SA QRP ALL37,16414811413.3 
115SP2MHC2017SPSA QRP ALL36,4321601324.4  
116OK1DMP2016OKSA QRP ALL34,80012411618.0 
117RV3DBX2013UA-3SA QRP ALL34,04814612813.9 
118YO8WW2014YOSA QRP ALL33,7501331254.8  
119EC1DD2017EASA QRP ALL (T)33,0621551229.7 
120IZ2QKG2015ISA QRP ALL (T)29,47515813120.6 
121WA2NYY2013W2SA QRP ALL29,440116926.5 
122EW5W2014EUSA QRP ALL (T)28,5361311232.1EW1IP
123DL8ZAJ2014DLSA QRP ALL (T)27,0181271147.7 
124K8ZT2014W8SA QRP ALL26,7241151029.5 
125A61BK2014A6SA QRP ALL26,362111986.0 
126DJ0MY2016DLSA QRP ALL26,1621261033.3 
127NK5G2015W5SA QRP ALL24,832114978.7 
128JA1KEB2013JA1SA QRP ALL24,70598818.6 
129ZM3T2017ZLSA QRP ALL (T)24,648111788.4W3SE
130YB7GRN2017YBSA QRP ALL22,041887913.9 
131NN3U/42015W4SA QRP ALL20,32885842.6N4GU
132WC7S2015W7SA QRP ALL19,760115958.2 
133JG8IBY2016JA8SA QRP ALL19,5221658623.0 
134N9IXD2013W9SA QRP ALL19,36014011021.5 
135KC9LIF2015W9SA QRP ALL (T)19,3061239813.6 
136VE3XD2017VE3SA QRP ALL19,23699849.0 
137KU7Y2015W7SA QRP ALL (T)17,940105923.8 
138NV1W2016W1SA QRP ALL17,30011610011.4 
139N3HEE2017W3SA QRP ALL17,04081712.5 
140OK1DMP2017OKSA QRP ALL16,590827910.6 
141NQ2W2015W2SA QRP ALL (T)15,96082764.1 
142DJ9MH2013DLSA QRP ALL15,08892824.5 
143AH7U2017KH6SA QRP ALL (T)14,868916310.2 
144VK2DX2016VKSA QRP ALL14,48456515.3 
145I3/I2GPT2016ISA QRP ALL13,60094856.5 
146W1CSM2013W1SA QRP ALL12,44454511.8 
147DQ0X2016DLSA QRP ALL11,61099867.0DF7IS
148OK2FD2015OKSA QRP ALL11,23653533.2 
149RV3DBX2014UA-3SA QRP ALL10,29079709.1 
150IZ1ANK2016ISA QRP ALL (T)9,89098869.3 
151GM2Y2014GMSA QRP ALL (T)9,62090744.9MM0DXH
152VR2UU2015VRSA QRP ALL8,83583575.9 
153N5PJ2017W5SA QRP ALL7,772916712.6 
154JG1SPS2015JA1SA QRP ALL (T)7,49371596.4 
155UZ1RM2017URSA QRP ALL7,24550454.1 
156DL1EFW2017DLSA QRP ALL7,00471683.2 
157BD7PTS2014BYSA QRP ALL6,466736114.7 
158A61BK2013A6SA QRP ALL6,13835333.4 
159CT1GFQ2017CTSA QRP ALL6,120756810.1 
160HB9FEU2017HBSA QRP ALL5,50054505.8  
161BH4DQS2017BYSA QRP ALL5,450695011.3 
162NN4K2013W4SA QRP ALL5,03141397.8 
163BA2BI2015BYSA QRP ALL4,88853474.9 
164YB2ERL2015YBSA QRP ALL4,87944413.6 
165KN4VV2017W4SA QRP ALL4,56069579.1 
166EA3HCJ2017EASA QRP ALL4,536716314.4 
167VR2UU2014VRSA QRP ALL (T)3,87669518.5 
168RC3T2014UA-3SA QRP ALL3,82548451.2 
169K8ZT2017W8SA QRP ALL3,72458497.6 
170UR3QM2013URSA QRP ALL3,52846429.3  
171JG1SPS2016JA1SA QRP ALL (T)3,43236333.7 
172WO9B2016W9SA QRP ALL3,40245425.7 
1732E0NCN2017GSA QRP ALL3,22456525.8  
174ND0C2013W0SA QRP ALL (T)2,83530271.4 
175YC0OSX2017YBSA QRP ALL2,32232274.1 
176W6UB2015W6SA QRP ALL2,32030291.3 
177JA1KEB2015JA1SA QRP ALL (T)2,08028262.9 
178S53XX2015S5SA QRP ALL1,50036302.1 
179IK2YSE2013ISA QRP ALL1,47930292.9 
180IK3OII2013ISA QRP ALL (T)1,39224243.6 
181VE5DLD2016VE5SA QRP ALL1,22228261.8 
182N2TTA2017W2SA QRP ALL (T)1,10728272.8 
183UT3IT2017URSA QRP ALL96020203.2 
184DL8MF2017DLSA QRP ALL71423213.3 
185EA1FA2017EASA QRP ALL57625240.3 
186SQ9S2014SPSA QRP ALL49317170.7 
187DL8MF2016DLSA QRP ALL28010101.3 
188NX2PX2013W2SA QRP ALL28010101.3 
189N9KY2017W4SA QRP ALL (T)24016152.4 
190VK1FOC/62013VKSA QRP ALL (T)18010100.5VK2IA
191JE6HID2016JA6SA QRP ALL1711291.7 
192ON3DI2015ONSA QRP ALL72880.9 
193N9KY/42013W4SA QRP ALL (T)32440.2 
194IQ1TG/7X20147XSA QRP ALL (T)27610.9IZ1GJH
195JS3CTQ/62016JA3SA QRP ALL16440.3 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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