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101N7TTW7SO HP ALL1,530,6501,25057534.1  
102OM3OMOMSO HP ALL1,515,1501,26954634.0  
103HZ1HZHZSO HP ALL1,498,873722692  
104EX2AEXSO HP ALL1,390,8001,05145631.9  
105OL4MOKSO HP ALL1,359,7801,27852433.3  
106N5POW5SO HP ALL1,358,0731,07553734.9  
107DL4CFDLSO HP ALL1,296,0421,18753826.9  
108N6NFW6SO HP ALL1,274,9051,08953528.0  
109DJ6QTDLSO HP ALL1,263,3521,05753633.7  
110TM5BFSO HP ALL1,233,4241,49750830.7  
111RA9STRA9SO HP ALL1,228,92790241918.8  
112W9OPW9SO HP ALL1,212,21994951336.0  
113LO7HLUSO HP ALL1,179,26482544418.6LU7HN 
114WJ6OW6SO HP ALL1,177,57498651421.9K6XX 
115OK1AOVOKSO HP ALL1,175,0041,00751430.9  
116K3MDW3SO HP ALL (T)1,164,99992047317.2  
117LY1CXLYSO HP ALL1,160,0161,08150722.1  
118LY2MMLYSO HP ALL1,156,4671,01250724.9  
119KO7X/4W4SO HP ALL1,144,78090948113.5  
120K5MA/1W1SO HP ALL1,127,72081244010.0  
121HA9PPHASO HP ALL1,116,80896251824.5  
122E21EICHSSO HP ALL1,102,79495746233.6  
123UA4RFUA-4SO HP ALL1,079,4561,06255331.8  
124JF2QNMJA2SO HP ALL1,068,30087845030.6  
125WH0VKH0SO HP ALL1,027,32584337719.9  
126WY6KW6SO HP ALL1,004,48898748223.6K6RB 
127KF6RIPW6SO HP ALL1,003,3521,00843727.7  
128HB9CZFHBSO HP ALL (T)976,88586745519.6  
129N8EAW8SO HP ALL974,81083443015.1  
130G4BJMGSO HP ALL (T)967,4341,10647413.5  
131K4LTAW4SO HP ALL951,21694545626.8  
132JA5APUJA5SO HP ALL949,922819422  
133UA9FMRA9SO HP ALL921,644770412  
134W5VXW5SO HP ALL909,03093547113.5  
135HA6PQHASO HP ALL882,79797047921.9  
136W9REW9SO HP ALL870,82578742512.7  
137DL1JFDLSO HP ALL867,39078843531.6  
138OK1OXOKSO HP ALL859,32890446424.3  
139UA0ANWRA0SO HP ALL853,79873039418.8  
140W6TKW6SO HP ALL (T)786,46375941915.3  
141KY4AAW4SO HP ALL768,22280244111.4N4GN 
142UA9BSRA9SO HP ALL756,52568139313.2  
143IS0IGVISSO HP ALL (T)750,690839439  
144N3ZZW3SO HP ALL735,59781542323.1  
145YU8/OK1CRMYUSO HP ALL (R)717,40285339930.4  
146UA9CKSRA9SO HP ALL715,87558034513.5  
147UA3AGWUA-3SO HP ALL (T)705,12074139021.1  
148KA2MGEW2SO HP ALL (T)692,43770340926.0  
149N6HCW6SO HP ALL (T)679,19977941936.0  
150VK8AVVKSO HP ALL660,29754036319.0  
151UA0LSRA0SO HP ALL651,57067337033.7  
152K2UOP/8W8SO HP ALL635,74861437221.6  
153W3AZW3SO HP ALL612,01858036321.9  
154F5TNIFSO HP ALL604,50666338917.6  
155W4YEW4SO HP ALL603,50458339614.2  
156RX9TXRA9SO HP ALL602,28062536022.8  
157JA1HPJA1SO HP ALL587,52059236031.7  
158SV5/DJ5AA/PSV5SO HP ALL584,06487238420.0  
159XM4YUVE4SO HP ALL (T)580,11660634818.6VE4YU 
160DL7JVDLSO HP ALL (T)553,11264739227.3  
161KN1TW1SO HP ALL548,68059931911.7K1NU 
162DL4HRMDLSO HP ALL (T)541,268676364  
1639K2ZZ9KSO HP ALL539,71264828830.8  
164OK1ZFOKSO HP ALL538,65063437818.5  
165S53FOS5SO HP ALL532,60266637824.9  
166VE7VRVE7SO HP ALL523,97360633120.3  
167RA3XOUA-3SO HP ALL519,78661840219.9  
168ZD9IRZD9SO HP ALL (T)519,41555230510.8  
169SM6WQBSMSO HP ALL517,22869238226.7  
170KG0UAW0SO HP ALL (T)509,37954335328.3  
171EX8OEXSO HP ALL (T)502,78955233117.4  
172JA1BNWJA1SO HP ALL499,90551934521.9  
173OM2RAOMSO HP ALL496,17261032633.3  
174K7XNW7SO HP ALL (T)495,58060435518.6  
175G4ZVJGSO HP ALL483,25760035323.9  
176N6ZZW5SO HP ALL483,02860336412.5  
177WA2FGKW2SO HP ALL474,89054633813.4  
178W7QNW7SO HP ALL (T)473,79761436721.0  
179UR5EURSO HP ALL473,49662532719.0UR5EDX 
180K6GTW6SO HP ALL465,71664834616.3  
181KS7TW7SO HP ALL (T)451,38649235120.4  
182UY5ZZURSO HP ALL449,98566339315.9  
183HL5UOGHLSO HP ALL436,545531327  
184WT9UW9SO HP ALL (T)424,08159032934.8  
185W0ZPW0SO HP ALL411,796622382  
186LZ1QZLZSO HP ALL392,36857435814.5  
187AJ6VW6SO HP ALL391,5785383499.9  
188RK3ADUA-3SO HP ALL (T)383,5605513449.1  
189LA6FJALASO HP ALL361,566505318  
190RU6LWTUA-6SO HP ALL (T)361,35050533019.6R6L-551 
191K4LQW4SO HP ALL359,46641333112.9  
192LY3IWLYSO HP ALL359,12151934311.7  
193OH2VZOHSO HP ALL (T)336,50149530913.6  
194LY2OOLYSO HP ALL331,24853930916.5  
195UR7EUURSO HP ALL324,80048832026.9  
196LZ2DLLZSO HP ALL322,127734349  
197MU/DL7ETGUSO HP ALL321,70865832316.8  
198WA4ATJ/2W2SO HP ALL319,87240527223.1  
199W6CUSW6SO HP ALL317,74550430712.6  
200NW6PW6SO HP ALL316,57560331517.2K6RIM 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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