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101RW4WRUA-4SO HP ALL2,311,3401,551652  
102UA4WAUA-4SO HP ALL2,286,9001,732630  
103UX1UAURSO HP ALL (T)2,196,2121,579619  
104NW6S/4W4SO HP ALL2,188,7101,400586  
105K2VV/0W0SO HP ALL2,168,5951,415585  
106LZ1BJLZSO HP ALL2,147,7601,656628  
107K8JPW9SO HP ALL2,090,3611,353589  
108LZ6ALZSO HP ALL2,084,7261,697602  
109IB2SISO HP ALL2,036,8261,547594IK2IQV 
110N2EDW2SO HP ALL (T)2,021,4181,338549  
111S59LS5SO HP ALL2,012,0201,552580  
112OK1DWCOKSO HP ALL2,001,9521,551584  
113K2SXW2SO HP ALL (T)1,942,4641,310536  
114SN7NSPSO HP ALL (T)1,859,2771,354609SP7NMW 
115N4ZR/8W8SO HP ALL1,773,5401,174501  
116OK1FDYOKSO HP ALL (T)1,770,7201,283560  
117UR3QTURSO HP ALL1,734,0841,401604  
118DJ5BVDLSO HP ALL (T)1,703,9881,228572  
119NV4XW4SO HP ALL (T)1,658,9041,183507K2AV 
120WI9WIW9SO HP ALL1,634,2821,268526  
121UY1UURSO HP ALL1,629,7521,403548  
122SK3LHSMSO HP ALL (R)1,599,8291,366553SM3WMV 
123DF0FSDLSO HP ALL1,555,2811,338567DL1EKC 
124OM8FFOMSO HP ALL1,531,8101,266553  
125BV/JA0IDBVSO HP ALL1,502,4611,453503  
126W6TKW6SO HP ALL (T)1,478,5861,116526  
127DL8UAT/PDLSO HP ALL (T)1,463,4001,143540  
128RM0FRA9SO HP ALL1,462,2301,087495RA0FU 
129W0ZPW0SO HP ALL1,444,2751,087525  
130EA1DAVEASO HP ALL1,396,1921,366542  
131NI6TW6SO HP ALL1,358,2151,084493  
132OH5VTOHSO HP ALL (T)1,349,2701,070535  
133AD5AW5SO HP ALL1,339,0881,104508  
134OM3IAGOMSO HP ALL1,287,7201,091504  
135OH6NJOHSO HP ALL (T)1,271,0251,222525  
136S53MJS5SO HP ALL (T)1,241,5061,179497  
137DL5YMDLSO HP ALL1,222,4201,011509  
138JA6ZLIJA6SO HP ALL (T)1,201,760953464  
139WH0VKH0SO HP ALL1,198,916925386  
140RA9ANRA9SO HP ALL1,193,566791454  
141HK3JBRHKSO HP ALL1,175,154955438  
142S55AS5SO HP ALL (T)1,167,8861,041482  
143PY1ARS/4PYSO HP ALL1,162,926849414  
144LY2HNLYSO HP ALL1,135,2661,013501  
145RU6AVUA-6SO HP ALL1,122,1651,052495  
146AG7W/6W6SO HP ALL1,120,635922405K6XX 
147W6NLW6SO HP ALL1,111,560905471  
148W4YEW4SO HP ALL (T)1,107,600852426  
149KR5DXW5SO HP ALL1,087,170954465  
150DF4SADLSO HP ALL1,045,143890459  
151LY2MMLYSO HP ALL1,020,402904498  
152DJ6QTDLSO HP ALL1,014,585936473  
1532S4SIDGMSO HP ALL997,770962474GM4SID 
154K6GTW6SO HP ALL977,024880449  
155LZ1QZLZSO HP ALL973,9501,139453  
156I0ZUTISO HP ALL (T)960,741927409  
157UT4PZURSO HP ALL938,221861457  
158UX3ZWURSO HP ALL909,106792473  
159NT4LW4SO HP ALL895,552845448K1KY 
160OZ/TF3CWOZSO HP ALL892,6641,023463  
161LZ2HRLZSO HP ALL886,414958527  
162DL1JFDLSO HP ALL874,608851456  
163S53FOS5SO HP ALL867,394835443  
164K5HPW5SO HP ALL865,436826442  
165LY2OXLYSO HP ALL (T)838,295824431  
166K2UOP/8W8SO HP ALL (T)829,268733401  
167W3AZW3SO HP ALL828,294681381  
168IQ5ZISO HP ALL825,440957440IZ5AXA 
169HB9FBSHBSO HP ALL823,522976413  
170YL2MRYLSO HP ALL823,392943432  
171W1CUW1SO HP ALL (T)822,393659429  
172WA1KKMW1SO HP ALL815,600654400  
173J45KLNSV5SO HP ALL (T)803,0101,224435SM0CMH 
174OH6XYOHSO HP ALL786,992806404  
175W7OMW7SO HP ALL765,264679428  
176JA6SRBJA6SO HP ALL759,858720397  
177VK8AVVKSO HP ALL752,265596365  
178AJ6VW6SO HP ALL (T)741,600794412  
179KY5NW5SO HP ALL (T)710,360704430  
180JR1LEVJA1SO HP ALL (T)699,033641389  
181UR6IJURSO HP ALL680,504844407  
182DL6AGDLSO HP ALL660,848757412  
183OK1VDOKSO HP ALL658,768675394  
184KU6JW6SO HP ALL (T)645,962789382  
185SM7EHSMSO HP ALL635,850678405  
186W2HCAW2SO HP ALL621,918621349  
187OK1FROOKSO HP ALL616,176738389  
188KI6TW6SO HP ALL (T)606,356625384  
189W2ZUW2SO HP ALL (T)599,760600360  
190OH2VZOHSO HP ALL (T)596,910656394  
191W7QNW7SO HP ALL (T)583,300652380  
192ON4XGONSO HP ALL579,223671397  
193UX8IXURSO HP ALL575,700555475  
194RA9ACRA9SO HP ALL573,210572330  
195SM5CILSMSO HP ALL (T)563,140613370SM7CIL 
196K9UQNW9SO HP ALL559,835623355  
197RA4CTRUA-4SO HP ALL (T)557,438719406  
198G4BJMGSO HP ALL (T)554,382672342  
199OH2BROHSO HP ALL554,358629402  
200JA2AXBJA2SO HP ALL513,400551340  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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