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1891 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
1801JF6OJXJA61996SO HIGH 10M3363124  
1802HA5KHSHA1982SO HIGH 10M3361514J_Koszegi 
1803YO7AWZ/DJDL1981SO HIGH 10M3361312  
1804JA7OWDJA72016SO HIGH 10M32513132.8 
1805OZ8EOZ1987SO HIGH 10M3252513  
1806SP2UUSP1983SO HIGH 10M3191311  
1807SP7BFOSP1981SO HIGH 10M3081211  
1808EA6VQEA61988SO HIGH 10M3042016  
1809ED8MEA82020SA HIGH 10M (T)29711117.6EA8DIG
1810W8AKS/6W61985SO HIGH 10M2882718  
1811JA5JGVJA52021SO HIGH 10M28515151.2 
1812JA3XOGJA32020SO HIGH 10M27218171.0 
1813W6VNRW62010SO HIGH 10M27218172.3 
1814UL7GCUUN1980SO HIGH 10M2601010  
1815JG8TDZJA82023SO HIGH 10M24010103.1 
1816UA9URUA92012SO HIGH 10M24010101.8 
1817JH9ETCJA91988SO HIGH 10M2401212  
1818SO5NSP2018SO HIGH 10M23814141.7SP5BMU
1819RC3FLUA-32019SA HIGH 10M22414141.4 
1820LA1VLLA1984SO HIGH 10M2211513  
1821BV4VQBV2022SO HIGH 10M22012101.1 
1822JA1GOJA11984SO HIGH 10M2201010  
1823UA9QBTUA91979SO HIGH 10M2091311  
1824JF3LOPJA32014SA HIGH 10M207992.7 
1825JG8TDZJA82022SO HIGH 10M1981092.2 
1826HA5KVHA1982SO HIGH 10M1961514  
1827LY2AXLY2018SA HIGH 10M18215131.8  
1828HA3GQHA1986SO HIGH 10M18299  
1829Y66ZNDM1985SO HIGH 10M1801512  
1830JA8LNJA81991SO HIGH 10M1691313  
1831WP4WWKP42012SO HIGH 10M (T)168980.2KP4JRS
1832Y74XGDM1988SO HIGH 10M16299  
1833JR0GFMJA01994SO HIGH 10M1473121  
18344X6ZK4X2007SO HIGH 10M1448824.9  
1835JA0MOQJA02018SO HIGH 10M135994.9 
1836KN5SW52022SO HIGH 10M133771.1K5WW
1837OH6RCOH1979SO HIGH 10M126119  
1838BI4TKKBY2017SA HIGH 10M12010101.6BI4SZ
1839OH2LIROH2021SO HIGH 10M (C)12012122.8 
1840SO5NSP2017SO HIGH 10M12010104.7SP5BMU 
1841YB3DXGYB2020SO HIGH 10M119771.5 
1842JA1YAGJA11987SO HIGH 10M1121514  
1843LA1PBALA1985SO HIGH 10M1101110  
1844JA1XEMJA11999SO HIGH 10M10866  
1845JR1AHHJA11982SO HIGH 10M9877  
1846UT2IYUR2013SO HIGH 10M96660.2 
1847JA7PCHJA71987SO HIGH 10M901310  
1848RB5IOVUR1986SO HIGH 10M8888  
1849UA6LFQUA-61986SO HIGH 10M8199  
1850JA6CDCJA62023SO HIGH 10M72660.3 
1851ZY5GPY2003SO HIGH 10M726624.3PP5WG 
1852OK1FBHOKOM1984SO HIGH 10M7266  
1853JE1DXCJA12021SO HIGH 10M70870.5 
1854UA3MDXUA-31980SO HIGH 10M7077  
1855W9SEW92022SO HIGH 10M65550.3 
1856SP6BFKSP1984SO HIGH 10M6575  
1857RK9AYUA92017SO HIGH 10M605511.3 
1858JH6WHNJA61986SO HIGH 10M5698  
1859R8LAUA92019SA HIGH 10M55550.1 
1860OH6KTDOH2003SA HIGH 10M555524.2  
1861F5PHYF2023SO HIGH 10M49770.1 
1862SM5DUTSM1986SO HIGH 10M4987  
1863JK1BABJA12021SO HIGH 10M (R)48660.8 
1864DW3TRZDU2018SO HIGH 10M (T)48662.1 
1865JA7ZPJA72023SO HIGH 10M45550.9 
1866W5BMW52021SO HIGH 10M45992.5 
1867SP6BFKSP1985SO HIGH 10M4595  
1868YU2LLLYU1986SO HIGH 10M4266  
1869NN3SIW31988SO HIGH 10M3686W4KM 
1870SP2BMXSP1986SO HIGH 10M3666  
1871SP3LPRSP1985SO HIGH 10M3666  
1872UN7GUUN2018SA HIGH 10M27330.1 
1873DL2SWNDL2007SO HIGH 10M273324.2  
1874KH6BKH61981SO HIGH 10M2733  
1875IW0HOUI2012SA HIGH 10M (T)21330.1 
1876OK1KZOKOM1987SO HIGH 10M2055  
1877JP3WELJA32019SA HIGH 10M16440.6JG1EIQ
1878JA2ODSJA21986SO HIGH 10M1533  
1879JG1DUZJA12020SO HIGH 10M12220.1 
1880KP4JRSKP42011SO HIGH 10M (T)1222 
1881Y36RGDM1987SO HIGH 10M933  
1882JA7OWDJA72023SO HIGH 10M8220.1 
1883JH1ADRJA11989SO HIGH 10M621  
1884JK1LRHJA11982SO HIGH 10M422  
1885JA9LNZJA92023SO HIGH 10M3110.1 
1886W5ZPW52023SO HIGH 10M3110.1 
1887YF3FBVYB2021SO HIGH 10M3116.3 
1888RA3SSUA-32012SO HIGH 10M311 
1889JF6TMHJA61986SO HIGH 10M222  
1890YO4FFLYO2012SA HIGH 10M111 
1891SP3CFMSP2010SO HIGH 10M111 
1891 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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