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1801N4HHW4SO QRP 20M (T)13,77082817.1  
1802DJ9NMHDLSA LP ALL13,6891038127.4  
1803G6OKUGSA LP ALL13,689898110.9  
1804PA3GVIPASO LP 40M (T)13,66286695.3  
1805YL7AYLSO HP ALL13,6081008429.4YL2GM 
1806OH2FSOHSO LP 15M13,585959528.0  
1807W9AEMW9SO LP ALL13,5787373  
1808DA0PSADLSO LP ALL13,440100804.7  
1809VE3RCNVE3SO LP ALL13,44079706.3  
1810SP9RQHSPSO QRP ALL13,280108836.9  
1811JQ2EHDJA2SO HP ALL13,19272687.6  
1812DJ5QKDLSO QRP ALL13,04110681  
1813KG9LZW9SO LP ALL13,01396778.3  
1814UX5NQURSO LP 160M12,960847230.6  
1815VK2BAAVKSO LP ALL12,93265616.3  
1816RK3AYUA-3SO LP ALL12,73080678.9  
1817XQ4ZWCESO LP ALL12,64469587.3  
1818EA7CAEASO LP ALL12,640938028.7  
1819DV3ZQRDUSO LP ALL (R)12,610726518.1  
1820F8AANFSO LP ALL12,5461198227.7  
1821F8BDQFSO QRP 20M12,276106997.1  
1822DL5CEDLSO LP ALL12,218101826.4  
1823JL2LFKJA2SO LP 40M12,0544949  
1824IT9GXEISO HP 15M11,6169488  
1825K9GY/4W4SO QRP ALL11,47589753.9  
1826JN7OJAJA7SO LP ALL (T)11,4406852  
1827IK2NCFISO LP ALL11,43175714.0  
1828UA3VFIUA-3SO LP ALL11,4081029217.4  
1829Z33FZ3SO QRP ALL11,37674722.1  
1830RZ3DAUA-3SO LP ALL11,32378675.2  
1831PA0ATGPASO QRP ALL11,3101048730.3  
1832KB5NJDW5SO LP ALL (T)11,01197772.9  
1833CT3KUCT3SO LP 10M10,90464583.7  
1834RV9CQRA9SO LP ALL10,8005854  
1835RU0AERA0SO LP ALL10,65965572.8  
1836RV9SVRA9SO HP 160M10,530493928.8  
1837US3IZURSO LP ALL10,43464478.6  
1838DL3JRADLSO HP ALL10,400938027.1  
1839N7EIEW7SO LP ALL (R)10,293827311.1  
1840OK2CLWOKSO LP 10M10,164847713.4  
1841NE6MW6SO QRP 40M10,126646111.3  
1842SV1JSBSVSO QRP ALL (R)10,12585818.8  
1843KC0RETW0SA LP ALL10,00581696.2  
1844N6NIAW6SO LP ALL (T)9,97665585.7  
1845SP1BLESPSO LP ALL9,97612258  
1846KU6TW6SO LP 40M9,94366617.6  
1847E20YLMHSSO LP ALL9,912625910.2  
1848ON4KVAONSO LP 20M9,71187839.2  
1849KN8JW8SO LP ALL9,66470645.4  
1850WS1L/5W5SA HP ALL9,17779695.0  
1851SM7BQXSMSO LP 20M9,120868029.2  
1852OK1AIJOKSO QRP 15M9,08591798.7  
1853VE3LMSVE3SO QRP 20M9,052646228.9  
1854UA6JFGUA-6SO HP 160M8,97071655.9  
1855VO1TAVEOSO LP 20M (T)8,91064553.8  
1856RW9QARA9SO LP 15M8,90460533.2  
1857RU2FLUA2SO LP ALL8,85078755.5  
1858RW4FXUA-4SO LP 15M8,77773674.0  
1859K9CSW9SO LP 10M8,77572655.6  
1860SP6DHHSPSO LP ALL8,7408480  
1861W4DECW4SO QRP ALL8,723656127.5  
1862PA1BPASO QRP ALL (T)8,71276669.4  
1863IZ7EUBISO LP ALL8,56874639.9  
1864SP5ULVSPSO LP ALL8,56864635.6  
1865JE0IURJA0SA LP ALL8,52559555.3  
1866W4CWAW4SO LP ALL8,52557553.7  
1867W7YSW7SO HP ALL8,357666126.5  
1868HB9QAHBSO QRP ALL8,308746728.3  
1869KD8WW8SO LP 20M8,296706835.2  
1870SP2AYCSPSO LP ALL8,15062506.3  
1871DJ4KWDLSO LP 10M8,05077705.4  
1872JG0MWUJA0SO QRP ALL (T)7,987564913.6  
1873SE3CCTSMSO QRP 80M7,874666226.2SM5CCT 
1874N9LYEW9SO HP ALL7,86975615.6  
1875KA6R/4W4SO LP ALL7,86581659.5  
1876OK1ANPOKSO LP ALL7,80070609.8  
1877EA3CWTEASO LP ALL (T)7,78863596.8  
18787K1CPT/1JA1SO QRP ALL7,74859525.9  
1879K6UM/7W7SO LP ALL (T)7,59060552.3  
1880IV3HYDISO LP ALL7,49763637.8  
1881WG7XW7SO HP 20M (T)7,48078688.0  
1882K6ETM/4W4SO LP ALL7,4805955  
1883DL2AXMDLSO LP ALL7,42077707.4  
1884KH7UKH6SO HP 160M7,416403611.8  
1885OH1BOIOHSO HP ALL (T)7,350737027.1  
1886UR5ZQVURSO QRP 10M7,210817014.8  
1887KO6LUW6SO HP ALL7,16871645.6  
1888DL7VRGDLSO LP ALL7,15073658.3  
1889K8YC/4W4SA HP ALL7,10450486.6  
1890W9LYAW9SO LP ALL (T)7,089585126.7  
1891UR4IIIURSO LP 80M7,06860573.3  
1892JH2OMMJA2SO LP 20M6,8605449  
1893PY4PWPYSO LP 15M6,834525110.4  
1894VE3XATVE3SO LP ALL6,812545226.6  
1895RW4LQUA-4SO LP 15M6,681515111.0  
1896DB7MADLSO LP ALL (R)6,59267648.0  
1897SP1HJKSPSO LP ALL6,43556556.5  
1898VO1MPVEOSO LP ALL6,35050501.6  
1899JA2KKAJA2SO LP ALL6,34549452.0  
1900UT3EKURSO HP ALL6,33668664.2  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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