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1701JS1SDU2014JA1SO LP 40M1,10029227.5 
1702K5JJ2005W5SO LP 40M1,09214142.9  
1703JF2OHQ2013JA2SO LP 40M (T)1,080161513.2 
17049A2XW20119ASO LP 40M1,05026252.0 
1705UA6BFE2006UA-6SO LP 40M1,015434268  
17067K2UVE1992JA1SO LP 40M1,0141313  
1707DL5JRA2016DLSO LP 40M99023221.7 
1708JK4DUJ2010JA4SO LP 40M98829262.7 
1709JA4AVO2013JA4SO LP 40M98618172.9 
1710PY3GAD2011PYSO LP 40M93620184.9 
1711AA6DX2016W6SO LP 40M (T)90118171.2 
1712PY2AE2010PYSO LP 40M87016151.4 
1713E76AP2013E7SO LP 40M84023200.8 
1714W6/VK2IMM2010W6SO LP 40M82614140.5 
1715OZ4RT2011OZSO LP 40M81015151.0 
1716HS8KAY2007HSSO LP 40M81015152.8  
1717JF2LTH1992JA2SO LP 40M7982019  
1718SQ9SHR2014SPSO LP 40M (R)78217172.6  
1719HS5AYO2003HSSO LP 40M76812120.7  
1720JF7VVL/72013JA7SO LP 40M75427264.6  
1721JA8KGG2016JA8SO LP 40M74020203.8 
1722SP0PGC2009SPSO LP 40M73118170.2SP2JFB
1723JA1VVH2006JA1SO LP 40M70014140.9  
1724OK5SWL2016OKSO LP 40M66619181.4OK2SWD
1725JI4HKA1998JA4SO LP 40M6381111  
1726JP7DHE/12016JA7SO LP 40M60010102.5 
1727YU7MO2010YUSO LP 40M60010101.8 
1728LU2FGL2017LUSO LP 40M (T)57211111.0 
1729E77J2013E7SO LP 40M56117171.0YT5TT
1730YY5EBV2009YVSO LP 40M (R)55011110.6 
1731JL7PVR/11994JA1SO LP 40M5281211  
17329A2XW20129ASO LP 40M52717171.7 
1733JO7GVC2015JA7SO LP 40M50010100.4 
1734JA1XPU1996JA1SO LP 40M41499  
1735JG1TVK1993JASO LP 40M41499  
1736JF2FIU2011JA2SO LP 40M40616140.5 
1737K4CQW2009W4SO LP 40M40017162.6 
1738E73MJ2012E7SO LP 40M39214141.9 
1739EA2SW2007EASO LP 40M390131326.1  
1740W3CP2003W3SO LP 40M3789925.1  
1741N9LAH2007W9SO LP 40M372121225.5  
1742JA1LIH1992JA1SO LP 40M33587  
1743WB2AIV2011W2SO LP 40M31912111.3 
1744KF4MOU2008W4SO LP 40M30419194.5 
1745JF7VVL2011JA7SO LP 40M30013120.6 
1746YD3SWV2011YBSO LP 40M288881.8 
17479A1CDG19969ASO LP 40M28888  
1748S56DX2010S5SO LP 40M27612120.3 
1749JH9BWC2017JA9SO LP 40M266770.8 
1750W4ZPR2012W4SO LP 40M266871.3 
1751WB2AIV2017W2SO LP 40M25518151.6 
1752N3GE2008W3SO LP 40M25212121.4 
1753UA1CGS2017UA-1SO LP 40M24010100.3 
1754JG0AWE2016JA0SO LP 40M23414135.4 
1755JJ4NZO/12010JA1SO LP 40M22415141.1 
1756S59EIJ2010S5SO LP 40M20911110.2 
1757WA7BME2009W7SO LP 40M20412121.6 
1758UR5FBK2009URSO LP 40M19212123.4 
1759SP2SCH/P1998SPSO LP 40M1801010  
1760LA8TIA2009LASO LP 40M176881.0 
1761JI1BDQ2010JA1SO LP 40M (T)162662.4 
1762YV5NWG2005YVSO LP 40M1626624.8  
1763JH9BWC2016JA9SO LP 40M150551.5  
1764KC5DCT2017W5SO LP 40M144661.2  
1765SQ3PMX2016SPSO LP 40M144991.5 
1766IZ8BFV2009ISO LP 40M144991.2 
1767KE4LIA1997W4SO LP 40M14044  
1768W0PAN2017W7SO LP 40M13212120.6 
1769JA4AVO2015JA4SO LP 40M126661.3 
1770IG9/IV3TMV2004IG9SO LP 40M (T)1255524.3  
1771YB7KE2017YBSO LP 40M110651.9 
1772JI7JIH2012JA7SO LP 40M98771.5 
1773JA1AAV1998JA1SO LP 40M9877  
1774JF1OPO2015JA1SO LP 40M91870.7 
1775SM6MIS2013SMSO LP 40M9010102.7 
1776K9FH2013W9SO LP 40M75550.4 
1777PY4TW2010PYSO LP 40M60660.8 
1778TC4A2017TASO LP 40M56440.2TA4CS
1779CE6VMO2016CESO LP 40M56873.1 
1780JH1NXU1993JASO LP 40M5433  
1781JF7VVL/72010JA7SO LP 40M36660.4 
1782SM0ARR1997SMSO LP 40M3244  
1783AG6JA2016W6SO LP 40M28440.3 
1784YB1MBA2014YBSO LP 40M27330.1 
1785JO3LDN2004JA3SO LP 40M18330.1  
1786JA6JKE2016JA6SO LP 40M16441.0  
1787PY6DX2006PYSO LP 40M1422  
1788UP2F2012UNSO LP 40M8220.5UN8FM
1789JR2AWS2012JA2SO LP 40M611 
1790SM5ARR2006SMSO LP 40M61124.2  
1791KB1UMH2013W1SO LP 40M4220.2 
1792M/LY1F2006GSO LP 40M (T)2  24.0  
1793JN1HYU2017JA1SO LP 40M111 
1794DK0VHF2016DLSO LP 40M (T)111DK3EE
1795JH8KYU/12011JA1SO LP 40M111 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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