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1891 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
1701EA6WXEA61986SO HIGH 10M1,1603229  
1702W0GXAW02022SO HIGH 10M1,14023200.5 
1703UA4CCUA-42011SO HIGH 10M1,12223222.1 
1704Y26DODM1986SO HIGH 10M1,1163631  
1705G4SGIG2023SO HIGH 10M1,08028274.1 
1706EA5DNOEA1987SO HIGH 10M1,0503125  
1707UB5VDOUR1983SO HIGH 10M1,0502825  
1708JA7OWDJA72013SO HIGH 10M1,04028261.5 
1709VY1EIVE82015SO HIGH 10M (T)1,029212111.4 
1710EA3CECEA2011SA HIGH 10M1,00026251.6 
1711OK1AXKOKOM1981SO HIGH 10M1,0002120  
1712JA7CPWJA72014SO HIGH 10M99023227.1 
1713LZ8RLZ2022SO HIGH 10M98923233.9 
1714WB2DND/1W11989SO HIGH 10M9872119  
1715DK5SFDL2021SO HIGH 10M98425241.3 
1716W2HGW21996SO HIGH 10M9844741  
1717UA3TFZUA-31983SO HIGH 10M9762116  
1718JH2KKWJA22019SO HIGH 10M94533273.9 
1719JE2SOYJA21984SO HIGH 10M9303831  
1720WA6FGVW61987SO HIGH 10M9243128  
1721JR1CERJA11981SO HIGH 10M9181817  
1722DU1EVDU2012SO HIGH 10M91219191.2 
1723SP3AOTSP1984SO HIGH 10M9122019  
1724EA3CECEA2010SA HIGH 10M88825241.3 
1725EA3CECEA2018SO HIGH 10M (T)88428261.0 
1726JA2ODSJA21987SO HIGH 10M8703130  
1727UB5VASUR1986SO HIGH 10M8642722  
1728OK1XCOK1997SO HIGH 10M8582826  
1729JA7KMJA71989SO HIGH 10M8551919  
1730KZ5MMW52023SO HIGH 10M83619190.6W5PR
1731JH1BNCJA12022SO HIGH 10M83622223.9 
1732W6YMHW61980SO HIGH 10M8282018  
1733EA1AFEA2016SA HIGH 10M82527256.5 
1734EA3CECEA2015SA HIGH 10M81718192.7 
1735OM3KTIOM1995SO HIGH 10M8163024  
1736LA2EGLA1985SO HIGH 10M8122928  
1737Y33VLDM1985SO HIGH 10M8053423  
1738W1QIW12015SA HIGH 10M80023203.4NG1R
1739OZ1FAOOZ1988SO HIGH 10M7991717  
1740SM3DXVSM1981SO HIGH 10M7982219  
1741JA0FVUJA02010SO HIGH 10M79225243.0 
1742UB5ZELUR1986SO HIGH 10M7922724  
1743VE2AEJ/3VE31985SO HIGH 10M7922218  
1744EA3CECEA2016SA HIGH 10M (T)75627272.6 
1745OK2ABUOK2012SO HIGH 10M75026251.9 
1746YU3XUYU1987SO HIGH 10M7503030  
1747PA2GERPA1986SO HIGH 10M7503525  
1748JF3LOPJA32022SO HIGH 10M74818172.5 
1749WA7KLKW71986SO HIGH 10M7442524  
1750YL2PPYL2012SA HIGH 10M73117175.5 
1751Y23HE/ADM1985SO HIGH 10M7252925  
1752JM1TUYJA11985SO HIGH 10M7024939  
1753W6ISQW61991SO HIGH 10M7002625  
1754VK3XVK2022SO HIGH 10M66317172.6VK3GK
1755OK2ABUOK2018SO HIGH 10M66026222.0 
1756JA1BDIJA11989SO HIGH 10M6401616  
1757IT9IMJIT92009SO HIGH 10M (T)62426244.1 
1758JH6SQIJA61998SO HIGH 10M6162322  
1759SP6BVRSP1984SO HIGH 10M6121817  
1760UH8BOEZ1980SO HIGH 10M6003315  
1761UA3MSSUA-32009SO HIGH 10M59520172.7 
1762UN5JUN2013SA HIGH 10M (T)59217161.7 
1763JG7AMDJA72023SO HIGH 10M59217162.9 
1764OK2ABUOKOM1986SO HIGH 10M5892819  
1765OK1XCOK2017SO HIGH 10M58824213.1 
1766JH7BDSJA71987SO HIGH 10M5802120  
1767JR1IJVJA12023SO HIGH 10M57618182.0 
1768JH5AUEJA51982SO HIGH 10M5581818  
1769DH3BAP/PDL1989SO HIGH 10M5512019DL5XX 
1770SP3CMXSP2018SA HIGH 10M54622212.6 
1771JO1NZTJA11985SO HIGH 10M5444532  
1772JR4PURJA42023SO HIGH 10M53214144.1 
1773LB5WBLA2016SA HIGH 10M52523211.7 
1774Y87WLDM1981SO HIGH 10M5201413  
1775SP3CMXSP2022SO HIGH 10M51020173.6 
1776VG7DXVE72022SO HIGH 10M50714130.6 
1777SP3AOTSP1991SO HIGH 10M4942019  
1778SM5DUTSM1987SO HIGH 10M4842522  
1779G4AIUG2009SA HIGH 10M48321213.1 
1780JH8SGRJA82020SA HIGH 10M48016153.7JH8SGR
1781SP1GZFSP2009SO HIGH 10M48019161.0 
1782UA0SUUA01989SO HIGH 10M4801616  
1783JA7OWDJA72019SA HIGH 10M47618171.5 
1784OZ1CCBOZ1980SO HIGH 10M4753219  
1785IO3CI2022SO HIGH 10M46820182.2 
1786LB5GILA2023SO HIGH 10M46223223.4 
1787JA2HYDJA22014SO HIGH 10M (T)45513137.2 
1788VU2CVSVU2016SO HIGH 10M45022181.6 
1789SP3IBSSP1990SO HIGH 10M4341614  
1790OZ8EOZ1989SO HIGH 10M4321212  
1791OO4TON2022SO HIGH 10M42913131.1 
1792JA7AATJA71991SO HIGH 10M4201815  
1793JA1AATJA11980SO HIGH 10M4081212  
1794W5KIW52012SO HIGH 10M (T)40313130.5 
1795HB9FKLHB2020SA HIGH 10M40020200.8HB9FKL
1796LZ2ZGLZ2020SA HIGH 10M39919192.0LZ2ZG
1797SP3AOTSP1983SO HIGH 10M3921414  
1798SM7KNWSM1984SO HIGH 10M3772113  
1799HA3GJHA1986SO HIGH 10M3611413  
1800JM1SMYJA11985SO HIGH 10M3503125  
1891 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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