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17701JA6RIL2015JA6SO LP ALL28815123.6 
17702KM6ZT/72015W7SO LP ALL28822182.7 
17703K6DGQ2012W6SO LP ALL28818183.5 
17704UA0ZC2011RA0SO LP ALL28612111.0 
17705BD3RT2012BYSO LP ALL28014141.0 
17706JM1DSC2010JA1SO LP ALL28014143.1 
17707IZ0EHL2006ISO LP ALL280101026.6  
17708PY1EO2012PYSO LP ALL27512111.4 
17709OZ4RT2005OZSO LP ALL27511112.0  
17710BH1FCC2015BYSO LP ALL27314133.7 
17711W9AKS2015W9SO LP ALL (T)27313131.3 
17712BG5LV2014BYSO LP ALL27313135.2 
17713JI1UDD2013JA1SO LP ALL27313130.8 
177147J0YAA/02017JA0SO LP ALL27217161.27J1ABD
17715BD3QZ2014BYSO LP ALL27021187.1 
17716JH1RRP2014JA1SO LP ALL2701091.1 
17717S59EIJ2009S5SO LP ALL27014101.1 
17718BH6JFR2017BYSO LP ALL26617142.3 
17719PU4HUD2010PYSO LP ALL26615145.4 
17720RA9YUI2017RA9SO LP ALL26411111.5 
17721EB1ISN2007EASO LP ALL264121125.2  
17722S57NPR2001S5SO LP ALL26412111.5  
17723WA3GOS2017W3SO LP ALL26014134.5 
17724JP2MRD2013JA2SO LP ALL26010102.9 
17725PR7FMT2005PYSO LP ALL (T)26011105.2  
17726JA7AXP2017JA7SO LP ALL (T)252992.4 
17727DD5MA2015DLSO LP ALL (T)25214143.5 
17728JG3LDD2015JA3SO LP ALL (T)25212121.4 
17729IZ3GHP2017ISO LP ALL25010100.3  
17730US5IIM2011URSO LP ALL25012105.7 
17731VK7NET2011VKSO LP ALL25010102.8 
17732YV5NWG2008YVSO LP ALL2481081.1 
17733UB3DNI2017UA-3SO LP ALL (R)24713131.3 
17734BG4HYK2013BYSO LP ALL (T)24713131.2 
17735RK7K2014UA-6SO LP ALL24211111.0 
17736DL5JRA2013DLSO LP ALL24211110.4 
17737I0/S53T2015ISO LP ALL24016122.2S53T
17738JA1FRQ2011JA1SO LP ALL24010101.3 
17739TF3DC2011TFSO LP ALL24010101.2 
17740JK2VOC2010JA2SO LP ALL24012120.3 
17741WP4DT2014KP4SO LP ALL23111113.0 
17742JR1BVP2016JA1SO LP ALL225990.2 
17743EA4FLY2015EASO LP ALL225991.5 
17744UT1UW2012URSO LP ALL225991.6 
17745LA8TIA2008LASO LP ALL22117173.0 
17746OH4U2008OHSO LP ALL22113130.3OH3RM
17747YL8M1998YLSO LP ALL2211513  
17748N8TCP2017W8SO LP ALL22010102.5 
17749NH6V2014KH6SO LP ALL22010101.4 
17750R3IS2014UA-3SO LP ALL22011112.4 
17751JA6RIL2012JA6SO LP ALL22012111.5 
17752SM6BZE2003SMSO LP ALL220101025.8  
17753JA1CSN2017JA1SO LP ALL216991.6 
17754JI1BHO2017JA1SO LP ALL216990.8 
17755UX3IT2013URSO LP ALL216661.1 
17756JA1KAL1999JA1SO LP ALL216109  
17757KB9YGD2011W9SO LP ALL21014141.9 
17758OL7A2006OKSO LP ALL209111126.1  
17759AC8JW2015W8SO LP ALL20814131.3  
17760M0KIS2010GSO LP ALL (R)20815132.1 
17761AD5QB2007W5SO LP ALL208151325.8  
17762JH1SGG2015JA1SO LP ALL207893.6 
17763US6IPD2010URSO LP ALL20413121.9 
17764LZ1BG2000LZSO LP ALL20377  
17765JQ1OCR2014JA1SO LP ALL (T)20010100.7 
17766S56DX2011S5SO LP ALL20011100.2 
17767S56DX2009S5SO LP ALL20013100.7 
17768EX8AB2007EXSO LP ALL200881.4  
17769PY7AEF2009PYSO LP ALL198993.6 
17770S53DIJ2009S5SO LP ALL1981290.6 
17771N6BCT2015W6SO LP ALL19515132.7  
17772JR2PAU2011JA2SO LP ALL19517151.8 
17773JE2XBS2009JA2SO LP ALL (T)19515131.5 
17774W6SFI2017W6SO LP ALL (R)19213122.0 
17775KD0FW2015W0SO LP ALL (R)192882.6  
17776K1QW/52013W5SO LP ALL192881.1 
17777JJ0OAP2012JA0SO LP ALL192881.2 
17778JR1AHP2012JA1SO LP ALL (T)192881.0 
17779UA0ZC2010RA0SO LP ALL192880.8 
17780JG2QUM2012JA2SO LP ALL19010101.5 
17781K4JAZ2013W4SO LP ALL18928276.6 
17782DL5ANS1998DLSO LP ALL1871111  
17783DH5HV2004DLSO LP ALL1849824.6  
17784N7TGC2017W4SO LP ALL18214131.5 
17785M0DMJ2012GSO LP ALL (R)18213131.0 
17786AF6GQ2016W6SO LP ALL18015151.9 
17787IW2NIS2016ISO LP ALL18010102.3 
17788W7SST2015W7SO LP ALL18012121.9 
17789K2JF2013W2SO LP ALL180990.5 
17790W0SHQ2010W0SO LP ALL1801190.3OH6KZP
177912E1OKT2004GSO LP ALL176121124.8  
17792UT8IK2016URSO LP ALL1711091.4 
17793AI4UN2016W4SO LP ALL17010100.7 
17794EU1OID2013EUSO LP ALL17010101.7 
17795PT8SBR2017PYSO LP ALL16814125.4 
17796AF6N2014W6SO LP ALL (R)168881.4 
17797DL2MDU2011DLSO LP ALL16813120.7 
17798JR7HOD/12009JA1SO LP ALL168760.8 
17799BH1FCC2016BYSO LP ALL16512113.9 
17800S59T2008S5SO LP ALL16512110.7 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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