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1601WA6VNR1996W6SO LP 40M4,5604440  
1602JI0WVQ2010JA0SO LP 40M4,54436322.3 
1603KN4Y2008W4SO LP 40M4,44835322.4 
1604JH1EYM2016JA1SO LP 40M4,31229284.9 
1605JH4FUF/42014JA4SO LP 40M (T)4,25142391.7 
1606EA6GP1994EA6SO LP 40M4,1044136  
16077M1MCY2013JA1SO LP 40M (T)3,96928274.0 
1608DL2ZA2005DLSO LP 40M3,94846423.1  
1609VE1NSS2016VE1SO LP 40M3,94435345.1 
1610KI4DC1996W4SO LP 40M3,8404048  
1611DL9ZWG2009DLSO LP 40M3,78443431.8 
1612PR7AR2002PYSO LP 40M3,77029263.9  
1613JS1SDU2017JA1SO LP 40M3,69067458.1 
1614JN1JYD2015JA1SO LP 40M3,67227272.8 
1615JR7OMD/21992JA2SO LP 40M3,6583231  
1616JA1XEM2005JA1SO LP 40M3,588272625.6  
1617PY2APQ1994PYSO LP 40M3,5882626  
1618W7PP2012W7SO LP 40M (T)3,57035341.1 
1619OZ1APA1998OZSO LP 40M3,5523737  
1620PY3LHB1993PYSO LP 40M3,5502625  
1621KF7GGN2016W7SO LP 40M3,48834323.4 
1622TA4CS2017TASO LP 40M3,48427263.3 
1623DL3TU2014DLSO LP 40M3,45632321.1 
1624UY4W2014URSO LP 40M3,44046403.0 
1625UA1OMS2017UA-1SO LP 40M3,43038350.8 
1626JF2OHQ2012JA2SO LP 40M (T)3,406262619.9 
1627BD4QO2009BYSO LP 40M3,36032303.5 
1628JH1MTR/42017JA4SO LP 40M3,26432322.3 
1629JE1SHW2009JA1SO LP 40M (R)3,24028272.0 
1630EW2EG2011EUSO LP 40M3,23944410.9 
1631YU0U2013YUSO LP 40M3,19840391.3  
1632AI3G2012W3SO LP 40M3,19552457.6 
1633UA3LBE1993UA-3SO LP 40M3,1824137  
1634N6PUC2017W6SO LP 40M3,09435345.1 
1635AF5Z2009W5SO LP 40M (T)3,05228280.9 
1636JH1KYA2016JA1SO LP 40M3,04825243.0 
1637LZ1FJ1997LZSO LP 40M3,0104135  
1638JH4FUF/42013JA4SO LP 40M (T)3,00835321.1 
1639OH6TA2017OHSO LP 40M2,96440388.5OH6FSG
1640XE2AI2015XESO LP 40M2,91227284.2  
1641KX9DX2001W9SO LP 40M2,821363125.7  
1642AI3G2010W3SO LP 40M2,769503912.8 
1643OZ8XO1996OZSO LP 40M2,7505550  
1644W4WW2017W3SO LP 40M2,70041365.6 
1645N6AJR2007W6SO LP 40M (T)2,68638344.0  
1646CM2KL2016CMSO LP 40M2,64027242.3 
1647VK3VT2009VKSO LP 40M (T)2,64023222.6 
1648M0MCX2014GSO LP 40M2,62839362.6 
1649JS1SDU2016JA1SO LP 40M2,57439337.0 
1650HB9DOS2015HBSO LP 40M2,55538351.3 
1651RW3VM2010UA-3SO LP 40M2,43622214.9 
1652JE1KDM1994JA1SO LP 40M2,4202322  
1653JA1XRH2007JA1SO LP 40M (T)2,394212124.9  
1654JE1KDM2016JA1SO LP 40M (T)2,36021201.6 
1655JI2GZC2015JA2SO LP 40M2,34625231.3 
1656JR1VNX1994JA1SO LP 40M2,3462317  
1657IZ3KMY2013ISO LP 40M2,31034335.3 
1658JE7HXC1993JASO LP 40M2,3002523  
1659JA0GZ2001JA0SO LP 40M2,1602220  
1660JH1VUF2016JA1SO LP 40M2,12020202.7 
1661JA1CPZ2016JA1SO LP 40M2,06020207.0  
1662OM8KW2010OMSO LP 40M1,98437312.3 
1663JA5CBU2014JA5SO LP 40M1,98022229.3 
1664JO1ATK1993JASO LP 40M1,9801918  
1665RX6LDK2004UA-6SO LP 40M1,950262625.4  
1666EK4JJ2017EKSO LP 40M1,93819196.3  
1667UA3VLO2016UA-3SO LP 40M1,90026250.7 
1668VA3SP1998VE3SO LP 40M1,8802120  
1669OA1F2015OASO LP 40M1,87218181.5 
1670RV6LFE2002UA-6SO LP 40M1,85028251.5  
1671JA8LN1993JASO LP 40M1,8361918  
1672OK5SWL2017OKSO LP 40M1,80030301.2OK2SWD
1673RU9SO2013RA9SO LP 40M1,80019180.7 
1674DH1AHL2017DLSO LP 40M1,79831312.9 
1675W2BYO1995W2SO LP 40M1,6804742KA2IYB 
1676N4FY2016W4SO LP 40M (T)1,67923231.3 
1677SQ7LQJ2010SPSO LP 40M1,63828262.1 
1678N9HDE/02010W0SO LP 40M1,62035272.5 
1679JA1PS2004JA1SO LP 40M1,6201818  
1680RX4AW2009UA-4SO LP 40M1,54022223.6 
1681LY2BNL2005LYSO LP 40M1,52020205.4  
1682UA1AQF1997UA-1SO LP 40M1,4882524  
1683JA1GQC2015JA1SO LP 40M1,48020203.5  
1684BH7LSW2017BYSO LP 40M1,47619183.1 
1685PA2CHM2017PASO LP 40M1,45828271.6 
1686UT5ZA2005URSO LP 40M1,44921211.2  
1687BX4AG2016BVSO LP 40M1,40824220.8 
1688TK/DF4SA2007TKSO LP 40M1,408181624.5  
1689N9HDE/02013W0SO LP 40M (T)1,39231291.4 
1690JE0IBO2008JA0SO LP 40M1,36521212.5 
1691AA9IV2001W9SO LP 40M1,3261717  
1692K4MX2017W4SO LP 40M1,32022220.5 
1693WB2DVU1997W2SO LP 40M1,3201515  
1694EB3CML2008EASO LP 40M (R)1,30026265.0 
1695HC3AP1995HCSO LP 40M1,2601514  
1696NQ4K2011W4SO LP 40M1,25817170.9 
1697N7KQ2013W7SO LP 40M1,21924231.9W7GNP
1698EA3CWT2006EASO LP 40M (T)1,19624233.2  
1699F5NSO1997FSO LP 40M1,1591412  
1700JA0GZ1995JA0SO LP 40M1,1401916  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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