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1601IV3KSEISO LP ALL16,074102947.7  
1602UA3VFIUA-3SO LP 20M16,06011811016.1  
1603SP2DKISPSO LP ALL15,834109916.1  
1604KD8RBW8SO LP ALL15,486103897.5  
1605WA5AAAW5SO LP ALL15,4701358526.8K5KA 
16067J1ABDJA1SO HP ALL15,25785734.0  
1607UT5UQVURSO QRP 40M15,19277726.3  
1608YO4CSLYOSO LP 20M15,07019155  
1609SM5DYCSMSO LP 15M14,88012093  
1610UA1ANXUA-1SO LP 20M (R)14,852112948.7  
1611NX5MW5SO LP 10M14,790114875.8  
1612IV3DYSISO LP ALL14,79094854.6  
1613PT2BWPYSO LP ALL14,58689664.1  
1614UA4PAYUA-4SO LP 20M14,550104974.7  
1615EA3AXMEASO LP ALL14,536107929.6  
1616HL2/JH1FXFHLSO LP 15M14,430151787.0  
1617VE3MGYVE3SO LP 160M14,418725412.6  
1618RA9UNRA9SO LP ALL14,326685822.2  
1619JA1FBHJA1SO HP ALL14,256103669.3  
1620KG6HAFW6SO LP ALL14,1181057816.7  
1621RU3RQUA-3SO QRP 20M13,9501069311.8  
1622RV6ASUUA-6SO LP ALL13,91679718.4  
1623RZ3VAUA-3SO QRP 160M13,83290764.7  
1624AE7DXW7SO LP 40M13,77480719.7  
1625DL8ZAJDLSO LP 15M13,57292874.3  
1626OK2BRAOKSO LP 10M13,552118887.8  
1627ON/G3VQO/PONSO LP ALL (T)13,3201029027.2  
1628K4FTOW4SO LP ALL13,20679714.8  
1629JA3AVOJA3SO LP ALL13,20065604.7  
1630SM6NSMSO LP 10M13,020124934.8SM6NJK 
1631DL1FMGDLSO LP 15M13,02011193  
1632KR2AAW2SO LP 15M12,99479738.3  
1633W1CVEW1SO QRP 15M12,960898110.6  
1634OK1CJNOKSA LP ALL12,95079709.8  
1635VA7CABVE7SO LP ALL12,936905614.0  
1636JH1WFKJA1SO LP ALL (T)12,70979719.3  
1637OK2CLWOKSO LP ALL12,600108842.9  
1638K8GVKW8SO LP ALL12,56785714.8  
1639JA6TMUJA6SO HP ALL12,42074698.5  
1640N6KW/7W7SO LP ALL12,41679644.1  
1641RA6YDXUA-6SO LP ALL12,144959227.3  
1642DF1IAQDLSO LP 160M12,11086703.3  
1643RD3FTUA-3SO LP ALL12,0701008531.7  
1644EI9ESEISA LP ALL11,928968430.8  
1645PA0RBOPASO QRP ALL11,8801088813.8  
1646RX9WNRA9SO LP ALL11,84471635.6  
1647YB8HZYBSO LP 20M11,741675930.4  
1648JN7NSVJA7SO LP 20M11,7187354  
1649SM6DUASMSO LP ALL11,65810487  
1650XQ2NJCESO LP 40M11,6165144  
1651SM7BQXSMSO LP 15M11,48496876.3  
1652W2CDO/3W3SO LP 80M11,48477663.5  
1653LY1BALYSO QRP 160M11,27083707.6  
1654SP4DZTSPSO LP 40M11,25047454.6  
1655N9BORW9SO LP ALL11,17299844.2  
1656DL8UVGDLSO LP ALL11,008100864.6  
1657KU6TW6SO LP 40M10,95668669.6  
1658IK7FMQISO LP ALL10,88088808.4  
1659K9GYW9SO QRP ALL10,87279723.1  
1660PA0SIMPASO LP ALL10,842877829.4  
1661RN3AQUA-3SO LP 20M10,76480787.1  
1662HA9SUHASO LP 160M10,725816526.7  
1663I1/IT9LNHISO QRP 20M10,492948612.9  
1664JA1IZJA1SO LP ALL10,353595130.3  
1665K5RXW5SO LP 80M10,33692688.8  
1666VE2FFEVE2SO LP ALL10,26670584.5  
1667SV2AELSVSO LP ALL10,160958032.7  
1668DL4AAEDLSO LP ALL10,098716625.9  
1669KE6ZSNW6SO HP ALL9,855101737.2  
1670W4ZYTW4SO LP ALL9,765646325.4  
1671NT5TUW5SA LP 20M9,72774712.6  
1672UT5ERPURSO QRP ALL9,514837129.1  
1673OH2JOHSO LP ALL9,471967726.3OH2OT @OH2J 
1674N4HXIW4SO LP ALL9,31376674.8  
1675HB9CZFHBSO LP ALL (T)9,301757125.5  
1676RN1AOUA-1SO LP 20M9,225957527.2  
1677UA4ACPUA-4SO LP 20M9,12579734.3  
1678KO1HW1SO QRP 40M8,95056504.1  
1679RA4SDUA-4SO LP ALL8,9286862  
1680RA0ALMRA0SO LP ALL8,76062604.6  
1681K3MZ/4W4SO LP ALL8,74854547.5  
1682JJ4PPKJA4SO LP ALL8,6426158  
1683VE3KZVE3SO HP 10M8,55061577.5  
1684W7YSW7SO LP 20M8,44272672.1  
1685RD3AOUA-3SO LP ALL8,160626027.7  
1686F5PHWFSA LP ALL8,14086744.6  
1687YL2IPYLSO LP ALL8,06472643.0  
1688AJ6VW6SO HP ALL8,024756824.9  
1689NA5VYW5SO LP 20M8,00478696.1  
1690W7DRA/VC7VE7SO LP 40M7,77046425.2  
1691SM5DQSMSO QRP ALL7,74972637.5  
1692KY0W/6W6SO LP ALL (T)7,68677618.2W6ZZZ 
1693EA3AVVEASO LP ALL7,68557532.1  
1694ZS4JANZSSO LP ALL7,682514615.3  
1695SP1DTGSPSO LP ALL7,672575610.0  
1696K2EKM/4W4SO QRP ALL7,65052505.4  
1697OK1AKBOKSO LP ALL7,500706030.8  
1698JH0SGGJA0SO LP ALL7,47351475.4  
1699MM0DFVGMSO HP ALL7,452906926.2  
1700OK2BVGOKSO HP 40M7,34436347.3  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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