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1501VE3DUS2011VE3SO LP 40M10,44246463.1 
1502AI3G2008W3SO LP 40M10,336776810.5 
1503UY5ZZ1997URSO LP 40M10,2517367  
1504XE2NBW2016XESO LP 40M10,20060503.6 
1505KH7T2011KH6SO LP 40M10,16446449.8 
1506KU6T2000W6SO LP 40M10,0896159  
1507SP4AAZ2003SPSO LP 40M10,03461586.1  
1508UT8IT2008URSO LP 40M9,95468631.5 
1509KU6T2005W6SO LP 40M9,94366617.6  
1510JA7FFN1993JASO LP 40M9,9064739  
1511DJ5TT2013DLSO LP 40M9,80077706.1 
1512SV1JFT2010SVSO LP 40M9,74465581.8 
1513JN1IZK2009JA1SO LP 40M9,70657468.1 
1514CO2KL2017CMSO LP 40M9,63548478.4 
1515JA1ZGO2017JA1SO LP 40M (T)9,59360536.4 
1516RV3MR2007UA-3SO LP 40M9,548656227.4  
1517PP5NY2016PYSO LP 40M9,51242417.7 
1518KC9TV1997W9SO LP 40M9,4304341  
1519LU2JCW2016LUSO LP 40M9,331444310.4 
1520SM5COP1997SMSO LP 40M9,3246463  
1521YO6KNW1993YOSO LP 40M9,15611842  
1522OR0OST1992ONSO LP 40M9,0728856  
1523SM6Q2010SMSO LP 40M9,03568654.5 
1524PP5BZ2008PYSO LP 40M9,03045435.6 
1525LZ1FJ1996LZSO LP 40M9,0007060  
1526ON6CR1993ONSO LP 40M9,0007360  
1527JA1VVH2011JA1SO LP 40M8,95058503.7 
1528JH4LBE2014JA4SO LP 40M8,86243424.3 
1529CT/UA4WEC2007CTSO LP 40M8,820464527.7  
1530JI7OED1993JASO LP 40M8,5365344  
1531KE0L/92015W9SO LP 40M8,53357532.0 
1532OK1KZ2006OKSO LP 40M8,533555326.5  
1533PY2TI1996PYSO LP 40M8,4244039  
1534VE7MR2011VE7SO LP 40M8,40042428.3 
1535OK2TEO2013OKSO LP 40M8,37069626.1 
1536WB7FJG2010W7SO LP 40M8,28155494.1 
1537OH7MFO2015OHSO LP 40M8,26561576.9 
1538HB9DOS2017HBSO LP 40M8,25055553.5 
1539JA1VVH2007JA1SO LP 40M8,13452494.7  
1540KV2X2012W2SO LP 40M8,04075676.6 
1541PY2APQ2000PYSO LP 40M7,9564039  
1542BD4SX2009BYSO LP 40M7,830504511.8 
1543KJ1N1993W1SO LP 40M7,8108371  
1544SP6IHE2008SPSO LP 40M7,79038412.9 
1545W7DRA/VC72004VE7SO LP 40M7,77046425.2  
1546SM3ARR1999SMSO LP 40M7,7526557  
1547AI3G2017W3SO LP 40M7,74772616.4 
1548KU6T2013W6SO LP 40M7,63256538.8 
1549W8AKS/61992W6SO LP 40M7,5646662  
15509V/G4VGO/MM2003MMSO LP 40M7,474373727.0  
1551YU5T2012YUSO LP 40M7,43653523.2YU1JU
1552DL5RDO2008DLSO LP 40M (T)7,39859541.1 
1553KU6T1998W6SO LP 40M7,2006160  
1554IK2AIT2017ISO LP 40M7,11258563.1 
1555GW3KJN1998GWSO LP 40M7,0809430  
1556W2LHL2009W2SO LP 40M7,06737373.7 
1557WL7BDO2012KLSO LP 40M7,059433911.0 
1558SM5DNO2010SMSO LP 40M7,030777410.4 
1559SV1ME2016SVSO LP 40M7,02045453.9 
1560YU3MP2012YUSO LP 40M6,95849492.7 
1561ZS4JAN2009ZSSO LP 40M (T)6,86836345.8 
1562JA5CBU2015JA5SO LP 40M6,86035354.6 
1563OK2BJL2011OKSO LP 40M6,84060572.1 
1564KU6T1992W6SO LP 40M6,8406057  
1565W6DAA2013W6SO LP 40M6,81550475.7 
1566SP8GNF2011SPSO LP 40M6,81550473.7 
1567DL7UIO2003DLSO LP 40M6,81269526.2  
1568JA1CPZ2013JA1SO LP 40M6,80840374.1 
1569JL7PVR/11995JA1SO LP 40M6,6003633  
1570JA1CPZ2014JA1SO LP 40M6,51040353.8 
1571RA4AV1998UA-4SO LP 40M6,4665553  
1572IZ7XZJ2017ISO LP 40M6,40050503.8 
1573LZ1RF2013LZSO LP 40M6,38063553.4 
1574JA1VVH2016JA1SO LP 40M6,19144413.5 
1575SM7HCJ1994SMSO LP 40M6,1745249  
1576YU1NIM2016YUSO LP 40M6,16065556.0 
1577YO2MJZ2013YOSO LP 40M6,10644432.4 
1578N3RW1993W3SO LP 40M6,0483836  
1579RA1AIZ2012UA-1SO LP 40M (R)6,04258537.1 
1580JF2FIU2015JA2SO LP 40M6,00643423.2 
1581RZ0CQ2010RA0SO LP 40M5,95232314.7 
1582JA7DNO1995JA7SO LP 40M5,8903731  
1583LZ3NY2005LZSO LP 40M5,832373626.0  
1584UA3UHZ2007UA-3SO LP 40M5,831524931.8  
1585UT2VU2009URSO LP 40M5,72838323.2 
1586K7ULS2016W7SO LP 40M5,72459545.8 
1587KG4BBK2016W4SO LP 40M5,70431311.2 
15889A/HA2VR/P20069ASO LP 40M5,658484627.6  
1589K7CA2016W7SO LP 40M5,59349471.6 
1590JA1ISA2013JA1SO LP 40M5,53038354.3 
1591PY4LF2016PYSO LP 40M (T)5,50834345.8 
1592YO2MJZ2011YOSO LP 40M (R)5,41242411.8 
1593F4FEP2010FSO LP 40M (R)5,38246462.2 
1594JA4AVO2010JA4SO LP 40M4,93236365.5 
1595AI3G2011W3SO LP 40M4,88853477.5 
1596IZ5GRS2009ISO LP 40M4,88849472.3 
1597JA2HYD2013JA2SO LP 40M4,795373515.1 
1598BV2WS2005BVSO LP 40M4,74031304.4  
1599PU5ATX2008PYSO LP 40M4,73632323.4 
1600JG3BXS2011JA3SO LP 40M (T)4,64656468.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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