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1501T88SH2000T8SO HP ALL (T)41,4091231077J1AIL 
1502IK5FKF2013ISO HP ALL (T)40,7551551438.7 
1503K6OWL2002W6SO HP ALL (T)40,44618012617.2  
1504N6GP2013W6SO HP ALL (T)40,3201721285.8 
1505N6KW/72011W7SO HP ALL (T)40,1381671226.8 
1506WR1P1998W1SO HP ALL (T)40,020136116  
1507G4HZV2017GSO HP ALL (T)39,9321701499.9 
1508JH8CXW2010JA8SO HP ALL (T)39,10413410410.4 
1509JR2PMT2011JA2SO HP ALL (T)37,5061301149.7 
1510W7KU/02010W0SO HP ALL (T)37,44819512413.8 
1511YL2IP2012YLSO HP ALL (T)35,7121521286.2 
1512DK1LRS2017DLSO HP ALL (T)35,6441621346.8 
1513K1ESE2012W1SO HP ALL (T)35,2171281176.4 
1514WA0MHJ2007W0SO HP ALL (T)35,07519711528.6  
1515NO6X2003W6SO HP ALL (T)34,8321511129.4  
1516JA1MJN2010JA1SO HP ALL (T)34,6681451087.4 
1517JI5NWQ2014JA5SO HP ALL (T)34,33814511814.0 
1518WC4E2006W4SO HP ALL (T)34,32014312029.2  
1519GM3JKS2009GMSO HP ALL (T)34,2201311163.4 
1520KC7UP2007W7SO HP ALL (T)33,9001311139.4  
1521JA1FRQ2008JA1SO HP ALL (T)33,7251119519.0 
1522JA3DAY2000JA3SO HP ALL (T)33,681111109  
1523MM2R2011GMSO HP ALL (T)33,2641841545.2GM3YOR
1524EA5KV2009EASO HP ALL (T)33,0241851284.1 
1525N6KW/72007W7SO HP ALL (T)32,9441681164.4  
1526JA1EPJ2016JA1SO HP ALL (T)32,67012711010.7 
1527KE3X2014W3SO HP ALL (T)32,4001211082.1 
1528W7ON2010W7SO HP ALL (T)32,22618612313.4 
1529KV7DX2010W7SO HP ALL (T)30,4801731203.4 
1530AE6RF2007W6SO HP ALL (T)29,29014210113.8  
1531N4GI2010W4SO HP ALL (T)29,120108806.0 
1532G4BJM2004GSO HP ALL (T)29,003116972.9  
1533KP4JRS2006KP4SO HP ALL (T)28,906122975.8  
1534KE1B/62013W6SO HP ALL (T)28,8651661152.0 
1535JQ3TAN2017JA3SO HP ALL (T)28,730998510.1 
1536N4GI2011W4SO HP ALL (T)28,4201621162.6 
1537KF4ARS1998W4SO HP ALL (T)28,42011898  
1538K6NV2008W6SO HP ALL (T)28,41617611111.1 
1539KE1R/52012W5SO HP ALL (T)28,05012511013.1 
1540VE4EAR2008VE4SO HP ALL (T)28,017114999.2 
1541N3KCJ/72008W7SO HP ALL (T)27,71321210716.8 
1542HB9DUS2015HBSO HP ALL (T)27,1951191059.6 
1543EA3CEC2008EASO HP ALL (T)27,1781411279.4 
1544W7ON2017W7SO HP ALL (T)26,89215110810.1 
1545SM6XKB2007SMSO HP ALL (T)26,44812911612.7  
1546UT4HZ2014URSO HP ALL (T)26,2201471147.0 
1547W4VC1997W4SO HP ALL (T)26,03710599  
1548K7MOA/42016W4SO HP ALL (T)25,92596857.2 
1549DF6RI2009DLSO HP ALL (T)25,7401301107.1 
1550WA4ORG1996W4SO HP ALL (T)25,48210493  
1551G4IUF2010GSO HP ALL (T)25,2891481215.7 
1552JE2BOM2017JA2SO HP ALL (T)25,080122885.4 
1553KB6A2011W6SO HP ALL (T)24,108131986.8 
1554N7RVD2005W7SO HP ALL (T)23,7931171036.0  
1555RZ3FW2013UA-3SO HP ALL (T)23,56999913.9  
1556DL9GWD2009DLSO HP ALL (T)23,5441221099.7 
1557EA4TX2008EASO HP ALL (T)23,5202041123.0 
1558G0OKF2009GSO HP ALL (T)23,0561621318.9 
1559UA1AKE2003UA-1SO HP ALL (T)23,0041047124.4  
1560UN5J2010UNSO HP ALL (T)22,950101852.4 
1561WU6W2017W7SO HP ALL (T)22,6591249112.7 
1562JN3QNG2015JA3SO HP ALL (T)22,60011410015.3 
1563WA2CP2015W2SO HP ALL (T)21,89492896.8KC2GOW
1564JA2MOG2013JA2SO HP ALL (T)21,780100904.1 
1565KB6A2016W6SO HP ALL (T)21,7001431008.2 
1566N4DXI2011W4SO HP ALL (T)21,534113977.6 
1567IZ8DVD2013ISO HP ALL (T)21,2161191042.5 
1568JE1HRC2013JA1SO HP ALL (T)21,0871179910.2 
1569DH1TW2003DLSO HP ALL (T)21,004108894.0  
1570JR2PMT2010JA2SO HP ALL (T)20,86798777.4 
1571RZ3EC2011UA-3SO HP ALL (T)20,5701241108.0 
1572JA1LZR2010JA1SO HP ALL (T)20,470103896.1 
1573W1RH/62007W6SO HP ALL (T)20,273139974.4  
1574RA9UN2009RA9SO HP ALL (T)20,251120773.6 
1575WA8WZG2017W7SO HP ALL (T)20,0701119013.9 
1576K9EN2015W9SO HP ALL (T)20,0551111057.8 
1577K6IP2009W6SO HP ALL (T)19,401101876.2 
1578N5KO/62013W6SO HP ALL (T)19,344107934.1 
1579NC8C2017W8SO HP ALL (T)19,306111981.4K8MR
1580AE4EC2009W4SO HP ALL (T)18,66614910217.8 
1581R3RU2016UA-3SO HP ALL (T)18,54098903.0UA3RU 
1582PA3GVI2007PASO HP ALL (T)18,3121088427.7  
1583JF1AZQ2008JA1SO HP ALL (T)18,031937320.1 
1584UA9OS1998RA9SO HP ALL (T)17,2866967  
1585DF5AU2001DLSO HP ALL (T)17,072100886.2  
1586WA7PRC2008W7SO HP ALL (T)16,884123846.9 
1587W4CWA2008W4SO HP ALL (T)15,30899866.9 
1588K7LV2007W7SO HP ALL (T)15,176795612.5  
1589JH8CXW2016JA8SO HP ALL (T)15,03882734.5 
1590K6UM2017W7SO HP ALL (T)14,96099853.2 
1591RD3AEF2014UA-3SO HP ALL (T)14,570107943.4  
1592YO4CSL2013YOSO HP ALL (T)14,504107989.4 
1593LZ2SX2008LZSO HP ALL (T)14,25698882.1 
1594G4OBK2001GSO HP ALL (T)14,0141009127.8  
1595KC7UP2008W7SO HP ALL (T)13,30071704.7 
1596UT5ULB2016URSO HP ALL (T)13,254104944.8 
1597K1MY1998W1SO HP ALL (T)13,2487164  
1598UR4EI2014URSO HP ALL (T)13,02499884.5 
1599IK8EJN2009ISO HP ALL (T)12,375745513.0 
1600JL1LNC2013JA1SO HP ALL (T)12,28278694.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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