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1501UX1HWURSO LP ALL19,15898937.3  
1502LA1QDALASO LP 40M19,09297866.4  
1503W2RDSW2SO LP ALL (R)19,04094802.6  
1504N5OE/0W0SO HP 40M18,912156965.9  
1505EU1CCEUSO LP ALL18,84911510327.0  
15069A5K9ASA LP ALL (T)18,8371209110.2  
1507OK2PXDOKSO LP 40M18,70095854.7  
1508SM3EAESMSO LP ALL18,540101902.9  
1509KK1WW1SO LP ALL18,42695835.3  
1510SP3MYSPSO LP ALL18,28517053  
1511EA7MTEASO LP ALL18,24099963.5  
1512AE4ECW4SO LP ALL17,9491209310.8  
1513PA0LSKPASO LP ALL17,54411410211.0  
1514RW4CGUA-4SO LP ALL17,533106895.6  
1515RU3WRUA-3SO LP ALL17,458109867.5  
1516RX3MMUA-3SO LP ALL17,3811019110.1  
1517DL2RTJDLSO LP ALL17,286107863.3  
1518W7AYYW7SO HP 20M16,94822376  
1519LZ4BULZSO LP ALL (T)16,91099958.2  
1520JK1AJX/7JA7SO LP 20M16,90682794.1  
1521PY7OJPYSO LP 80M16,65057506.5  
1522LZ5PLLZSO QRP ALL16,5601089013.3  
1523OK1AIJOKSO QRP 15M16,40011410012.1  
1524DF5RF/PDLSO QRP ALL16,19911497  
1525JH1BCSJA1SO LP ALL16,080706029.2  
1526IV3KSEISO LP ALL16,03689767.7  
1527W8IQW8SO LP 20M (T)15,876868125.1  
1528KJ9DW9SO LP ALL15,840114884.8WN9O 
1529K6KINW6SO LP ALL15,8101058515.0  
1530UY3AWURSO LP 15M15,7171159317.4  
1531EI9ESEISO LP ALL15,604112946.1  
1532OZ0JOZSO LP ALL15,531101936.5  
1533JE1RRKJA1SO LP 15M15,20082803.5  
1534IS0UWXISSO HP 20M15,13499949.2  
1535YO2AQBYOSO LP 10M15,13212097  
1536S53ZOS5SO LP ALL15,12485763.1  
1537N7JOW7SO LP ALL14,872124886.3  
1538ZS6EGBZSSO LP ALL14,673736710.3  
1539SP2JYRSPSO LP ALL14,364797614.3  
1540JA3HCJA3SO LP 15M14,25080758.1  
1541KU6TW6SO LP 40M14,00775699.0  
1542DL2BQDDLSO QRP ALL13,77095858.4  
1543YU1ZZYUSO LP ALL13,39886773.0  
1544ON4KVAONSO LP ALL13,244958612.5  
1545SP4TBMSPSO QRP 80M12,750867528.9  
1546W5KDJW5SO QRP ALL12,749766111.4  
1547OK1SIOKSO LP ALL12,33160592.8  
1548TF3MATFSO LP 20M12,276989320.8  
1549EW6CUEUSO QRP 10M12,1941109111.8  
1550IZ2EIDISO LP 20M12,07094855.2  
1551LU7DWLUSO LP ALL11,91873595.6  
1552F8BDQFSO QRP ALL11,837108898.4  
1553UA4QKUA-4SO LP ALL11,7048077  
1554DL1JBEDLSO QRP ALL11,316968231.3  
1555JH7QNGJA7SO LP ALL11,22468613.7  
1556UA9OALRA9SO LP 15M11,10975695.1  
1557N6PZ/7W7SO LP ALL11,07268644.4  
1558JA3LKEJA3SO LP 20M (T)10,980666132.1  
1559NK6AW6SO LP ALL (T)10,65894734.4  
1560N7EIEW7SO LP ALL (R)10,6401007613.5  
1561DL4RCKDLSA LP ALL10,560686426.3  
1562JR3RWBJA3SO QRP 10M10,512807214.4  
1563W4YAW4SO LP ALL10,416625626.4  
1564NC6MW6SO HP ALL (T)10,36896725.8W7SW 
1565N3BF/4W4SO LP ALL10,050736728.0  
1566SP4AAZSPSO LP 40M10,03461586.1  
1567K0HWW0SO LP ALL9,90090665.8  
1568UA4ARLUA-4SO QRP ALL9,86070689.8  
1569JG0EXPJA0SO LP 15M9,79267644.1  
1570UA0IVRA0SO LP ALL9,724976811.7  
1571DL2AXMDLSO LP ALL9,424102769.2  
1572W1CVEW1SO QRP 40M9,34858575.6  
1573EA4BNQEASO LP ALL9,3008375  
1574AB4RLW4SO LP ALL (T)9,16464587.3  
1575IK4ALMISO LP ALL9,04475688.2  
1576K0EWSW0SO LP ALL8,85699729.1  
1577SP9MCUSPSO LP ALL8,84077684.4  
1578VE3XAXVE3SO LP 80M (T)8,736524227.2  
1579US8IBSURSO QRP 80M8,437665926.4  
1580N2JNZW2SO QRP 40M8,29684619.0  
1581JF2BDKJA2SO LP ALL8,28445384.8  
1582UA0LELRA0SO LP ALL8,256534832.9  
1583YO4RLPYOSO QRP ALL8,056827617.5  
1584SP2FWCSPSO LP ALL7,950867525.6  
1585RV9XJRA9SO HP ALL7,84453531.8  
1586W7AJKW7SO LP ALL (R)7,700705515.2  
1587AA3TLW3SO HP ALL (R)7,686686128.5  
1588HA5PTHASO LP ALL7,685595326.2  
1589EU4LYEUSO LP ALL7,503696126.9  
1590K6EYW6SO LP 15M7,50275626.3  
15919V/G4VGO/MMMMSO LP 40M7,474373727.0  
1592JI3KHN/2JA2SO LP ALL7,452504630.9  
1593I0YQVISO LP ALL7,36757536.9  
1594N2FFW2SO LP ALL7,25768595.9  
1595JE2HCJJA2SO HP ALL6,958544927.1  
1596OK1VVWOKSA LP ALL (T)6,944626210.9  
1597UZ2HURSO LP ALL6,90052464.2UT5HA 
1598JF7GDFJA7SO LP 15M6,87557553.3  
1599DL7UIODLSO LP 40M6,81269526.2  
1600K1EPW1SO LP ALL (T)6,808504626.4  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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