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1501VE5CPUVE5SO LP ALL (T)9,2806858  
1502DF3OLDLSO LP ALL9,1206760  
1503F5NYKFSO LP ALL9,1208176  
1504JH1KSBJA1SO LP ALL8,9007250  
1505G0VQRGSO LP 15M8,7107465  
1506JA5HBBJA5SO LP 20M8,6107570  
1507HA8MTHASO QRP ALL8,2366458  
1508OM1AWOMSO LP 80M8,1606560  
1509JH1UESJA1SO LP ALL8,0647263  
1510VY2MGY/3VE3SO LP 160M8,0345939  
1511EA3GHZEASO LP 15M7,9565352  
1512LZ1PJLZSO HP ALL7,8407056  
1513SM3ARRSMSO LP 40M7,7526557  
1514W6RKCW6SO LP 15M7,6166664  
1515PY1BLLPYSO HP ALL7,5685143  
1516DL9NEIDLSO LP 10M7,5246866  
1517JK1LUYJA1SO HP 20M7,4005050  
1518EA8CNEA8SO LP ALL7,0955143  
1519K0JPLW0SO HP ALL7,0565248  
1520WD6DXW6SO LP 10M7,0567163  
1521AM5YUEASO HP 160M7,0206454  
1522UA0QGQ/UTURSO QRP 160M7,0186558  
1523AI3QW3SO LP 15M6,9095049  
1524LZ1FWLZSO LP 80M6,8375553  
1525EA1BXWEASO LP ALL6,5785246  
1526JF7DXTJA7SO LP ALL6,4805348  
1527WA8GHZ/5W5SO QRP 15M6,2066158  
1528DF5AUDLSO HP ALL6,2045744  
1529UR5ZOURSO LP ALL6,1578247  
1530UT5HPURSO HP 20M6,1505250  
1531KG5RMW5SO LP 10M (T)5,9165951  
1532JH1YHSJA1SO LP ALL5,8306055  
1533JA1XRHJA1SO LP 10M5,8146251  
1534JS1KQQJA1SO HP 10M5,7335349  
15359A6ACY9ASO LP 10M5,6686252  
15369A0CW9ASO LP ALL5,51075589A6GYL 
15372U0AREGUSO QRP ALL5,4726457  
1538K4UKW4SO LP ALL5,4564544  
1539DL2MIHDLSO LP 15M5,3344542  
1540W8DOW8SO LP 10M5,3105045  
1541YO5CRQYOSO LP 10M5,2645247  
1542K5OIW5SO QRP ALL5,1305954  
1543W7TSQW7SO HP ALL5,1064744  
1544PY7CJNPYSO HP 40M5,1043029  
15457M2GCWJA1SO LP ALL5,0004140  
1546JK6SKNJA6SO LP ALL4,9806330  
1547JR3XTOJA3SO HP 15M4,9007070  
1548N4XR/1W1SO HP ALL4,8754139  
1549JF7GDF/7JA7SO LP ALL4,6085048  
1550S57NPRS5SO LP ALL4,6065047  
1551US9QAURSO HP ALL4,4505650  
1552AB8DFW8SO QRP ALL4,4463938  
1553YO5BEUYOSO QRP 10M4,4105145  
1554W9PNEW9SO QRP ALL4,2404040  
1555OK2PMSOKSO LP 10M4,1584642  
1556PY2DBUPYSO HP 10M4,0333737  
1557IV3KSEISO LP ALL3,9604440  
1558PY3FBIPYSO HP 15M3,9447669  
1559EA4CIEEASO LP 15M3,7604040  
1560OH2DTOHSO QRP ALL3,6124242  
15617K1EQGJA1SO LP 15M3,4804140  
1562JA6QDUJA6SO LP 15M3,1043532  
1563JA3WFQJA3SO LP ALL2,9703527  
1564UN8LQUNSO HP ALL2,7002827  
1565PA0MIRPASO LP 15M (T)2,6973131  
15664X1VF4XSO QRP 10M2,5803030  
1567OK2BHEOKSO LP ALL2,5523029  
1568JA3HCJA3SO LP 10M2,5413533  
1569UN0LLUNSO HP ALL2,4643328  
1570HC1HCHCSO LP ALL2,4643028  
1571EA4AOREASO LP 10M2,3763736  
1572HB9LDOHBSO QRP 15M2,3703330  
1573EA5AFHEASO LP ALL2,3493029  
1574DL3JRADLSO LP 20M2,3363332  
1575N6ICW6SO LP 15M2,2013131  
1576YO2BEHYOSO HP 160M2,1703231  
1577W3FQEW3SO LP 15M2,1322826  
1578F5RPBFSO LP ALL2,1123232  
1579JF2LTHJA2SO QRP 40M2,0162718  
1580EW1NAEUSO LP ALL2,0133535  
1581JF1VXB/6JA6SO LP 15M2,0022726  
1582PY7YLPYSO LP ALL (T)1,9752625  
1583YO4GHWYOSO QRP 20M1,9324642  
1584W6OULW6SO LP ALL1,9223231  
1585YL2IPYLSO HP ALL1,8253125  
1586DL6UBFDLSO LP 20M1,8252525  
1587UN9FBUNSO LP ALL1,6722722  
1588UU2JQURSA HP ALL1,6402720  
1589UA6ANUA-6SO LP ALL1,6202820  
1590DL2TMDLSO QRP 15M1,5752521  
1591JA1AATJA1SO LP 10M1,5602726  
1592LZ3FMLZSO HP ALL1,4522622  
1593W7DRAW7SO QRP 80M1,3923224  
1594WP4MYDKP4SO LP ALL1,3802323  
1595KE9EXW9SO LP 20M1,3642222  
1596UR5MBYURSO HP 15M1,2422423  
1597SM4TUSMSO LP ALL1,1442222  
1598G4OTYGSO LP 10M1,0923128  
1599SM7BUNSMSO LP 15M1,0292121  
1600JF7VVLJA7SO LP 15M1,0082824  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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