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1401UR4EI2010URSO HP ALL (T)84,53429319313.5 
1402NS8O2016W8SO HP ALL (T)84,2142091588.9 
1403AD4L2011W4SO HP ALL (T)83,49623016813.2 
1404N7BF2008W7SO HP ALL (T)83,36731017712.2 
1405VA3EC2003VE3SO HP ALL (T)82,5931961617.1  
1406AJ6V2010W6SO HP ALL (T)82,4603361904.0 
1407K2YR2011W2SO HP ALL (T)81,5672101714.1 
1408OH1BOI2004OHSO HP ALL (T)81,3282161847.7  
1409G3VGZ2017GSO HP ALL (T)81,20024217515.4 
1410OH6TN2012OHSO HP ALL (T)80,7292091794.2 
1411US1IV2013URSO HP ALL (T)80,6742802098.9 
1412F8AEE2017FSO HP ALL (T)78,7102261705.9  
1413JA1EPJ2015JA1SO HP ALL (T)78,55420018119.4 
1414NG1I2016W1SO HP ALL (T)78,49023516716.0 
1415W4XO2011W4SO HP ALL (T)78,36821415810.1 
1416NA6Q2006W6SO HP ALL (T)77,9222131629.2  
1417ZS1EL2007ZSSO HP ALL (T)77,4691761479.2  
1418IZ3XEF2016ISO HP ALL (T)77,43317215914.4 
1419W4CWA2009W4SO HP ALL (T)77,33121317311.3 
1420K0NW/62013W6SO HP ALL (T)77,0562931727.0 
1421EI4DW2013EISO HP ALL (T)76,65321016716.7 
1422NS8O2008W8SO HP ALL (T)76,3842091549.8 
1423N4IR2010W4SO HP ALL (T)73,7431991415.1 
1424SM5BMB2012SMSO HP ALL (T)73,63218917711.7 
1425K4EU2011W4SO HP ALL (T)72,6601731734.5 
1426PA1BX2000PASO HP ALL (T)72,068253172  
1427UR4EI2016URSO HP ALL (T)72,0042451889.3 
14284Z5ML20084XSO HP ALL (T)71,9941821423.94Z5ML
1429G4HZV2015GSO HP ALL (T)71,9251911759.9 
1430JI5NWQ2017JA5SO HP ALL (T)71,27829615715.0 
1431JA2QVP2000JA2SO HP ALL (T)70,890180139  
1432N6MI2010W6SO HP ALL (T)70,21522615512.9 
1433OH1BOI2010OHSO HP ALL (T)69,5522321894.1 
1434JH8CXW2013JA8SO HP ALL (T)68,22819214814.9 
1435K0NW/62015W6SO HP ALL (T)67,7161861626.0 
1436RN3D1999UA-3SO HP ALL (T)67,404229164  
1437KK6F2001W6SO HP ALL (T)65,87519115512.9  
1438W6RFF1997W6SO HP ALL (T)65,875182155  
1439UN5J2008UNSO HP ALL (T)65,8301851455.9 
1440JR7MZC/12002JA1SO HP ALL (T)65,552173136  
1441G4HZV2011GSO HP ALL (T)65,23420919310.3 
1442KW3A2011W3SO HP ALL (T)64,58420815617.8 
1443JF9JTS2013JA9SO HP ALL (T)64,2601821533.8 
1444NT6K2005W6SO HP ALL (T)63,43428416111.9  
1445W7ON2012W7SO HP ALL (T)62,62917616111.0 
1446EA5DCL2013EASO HP ALL (T)62,34819314312.4 
1447WA6OGO2004W6SO HP ALL (T)61,29225015413.8  
1448IK2AHB2012ISO HP ALL (T)61,0561831593.1 
1449UN5J2016UNSO HP ALL (T)60,3241591322.9 
1450DL1YCF2017DLSO HP ALL (T)60,1442031684.9 
1451W8FN/52013W5SO HP ALL (T)59,9851941554.1 
1452KN5H/72010W7SO HP ALL (T)59,9432481596.6 
1453PA1BX2010PASO HP ALL (T)59,65723616913.0 
1454AA6W2002W6SO HP ALL (T)59,4442021546.2  
1455W8PN2011W8SO HP ALL (T)58,0161991488.9 
1456OH2VZ1996OHSO HP ALL (T)57,933189157  
1457NF8J2011W8SO HP ALL (T)57,66020415511.2 
1458WR0A1997W0SO HP ALL (T)56,780218167W0MU 
1459JE5JHZ2016JA5SO HP ALL (T)56,4481401264.9 
1460W1CU2014W1SO HP ALL (T)56,4401441366.5 
1461AF4RK2002W4SO HP ALL (T)56,16016813515.7  
1462JA3DAY2004JA3SO HP ALL (T)56,03215413619.3  
1463I2JIN2017ISO HP ALL (T)54,84321518110.6 
1464I2AZ/12002ISO HP ALL (T)53,65520714733.9  
1465HL5UOG2010HLSO HP ALL (T)53,56024513016.9 
1466N5PJ2014W5SO HP ALL (T)53,43919814110.2 
1467JO1SIM2011JA1SO HP ALL (T)53,25024214213.1 
1468WH7W2013KH6SO HP ALL (T)53,2481441043.3 
1469UT5UKY2012URSO HP ALL (T)53,00117515116.6 
1470IV3TQE1997ISO HP ALL (T)52,360161140  
1471AC6SL2017W6SO HP ALL (T)52,29923614912.0 
1472K6CTA2000W6SO HP ALL (T)51,544179136  
1473K6TU2010W6SO HP ALL (T)50,83220514410.1 
1474W7LKG2004W7SO HP ALL (T)50,4401601305.4  
1475W4NTI2008W4SO HP ALL (T)50,0252021457.9 
1476AB0S2015W0SO HP ALL (T)49,6801581442.8 
1477W6RFF1998W6SO HP ALL (T)48,087158137  
1478HZ1BW2016HZSO HP ALL (T)47,9121181068.0 
1479JW2US2017JWSO HP ALL (T)47,5201971656.1 
1480JA6BGA2001JA6SO HP ALL (T)47,432135121  
1481W6FG2009W6SO HP ALL (T)47,12521512516.1 
1482AF3K2017W4SO HP ALL (T)46,4432221377.8 
1483K8CMO2015W8SO HP ALL (T)46,2301651387.1 
1484N3UM2000W3SO HP ALL (T)45,994143122  
1485WB4PWZ/32011W3SO HP ALL (T)45,9901461265.7 
1486SM5BMB2014SMSO HP ALL (T)45,96614914110.0 
1487JJ0PJD2013JA0SO HP ALL (T)45,65213811314.5 
1488JH1QDB2012JA1SO HP ALL (T)45,25213210810.7 
1489JG1FKT2010JA1SO HP ALL (T)45,19417511817.0 
1490OZ1FAO2006OZSO HP ALL (T)45,0211591295.6  
1491DJ6TB2009DLSO HP ALL (T)44,4601581306.9 
1492EA5DCL2014EASO HP ALL (T)43,6481481286.8 
1493KB6A2012W6SO HP ALL (T)43,6231631319.8 
1494NP2L2016KP2SO HP ALL (T)42,9461241093.7 
1495JR2UBS2017JA2SO HP ALL (T)42,90013311014.9 
1496OH1BOI2008OHSO HP ALL (T)42,4321791567.1 
1497W1CU2001W1SO HP ALL (T)42,01612210412.9  
1498WY4Y2010W4SO HP ALL (T)41,84418013212.0NS3Q
1499OH3FM2011OHSO HP ALL (T)41,6012051474.3 
1500GM4FFF2010GMSO HP ALL (T)41,5281521162.7 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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