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1401IK2WYIISO LP ALL32,4901269511.9  
1402CT1FNTCTSO LP 15M32,38514312710.0  
1403VE2FFEVE2SO LP ALL32,085121935.3  
1404EA3AVVEASO LP ALL32,0341391143.6  
1405G4FALGSO LP 15M31,85014513014.2  
1406RK6CMUA-6SO LP 15M31,7341501298.2  
1407LN2ABLAMULTI-ONE HP31,5711571316.6LA3ZA LA6GF 
1408LZ1KSCLZMULTI-ONE HP31,4961521279.8  
1409W7ZMDW7SO LP ALL31,392129109  
1410AB3AIW3SO LP ALL31,2481611128.9  
1411WA6FGVW6SO QRP 15M31,24217412717.8  
1412UA4CCUA-4SO LP ALL30,9921401046.2  
1413AE9B/0W0SO LP ALL (T)30,87619012429.4  
1414DF6WEDLSO LP ALL30,73415612129.5  
1415JF3BFSJA3SO LP 10M30,62413811614.7  
1416UA0SMFRA0SO HP ALL30,13516310511.7  
1417VE3IGJVE3SO QRP 20M29,86613110913.3  
1418N7BVW7SO LP 40M29,68212910219.6  
1419EW1NAEUSO LP ALL29,63613912411.5  
1420SM7BVOSMSO LP ALL29,61414913427.2  
1421DJ7LHDLSO HP ALL29,58011410217.8  
1422SP3VTSPSO QRP 20M29,4751491315.9  
1423NI6TW6SA HP ALL29,2601269527.7  
1424HB9CPSHBSO QRP 15M29,26012811018.7  
1425W6YLW6SO LP ALL29,23215611610.1W6CT 
1426SM0BDSSMSO LP ALL29,1541301296.1  
1427YO9HGYOSO LP 40M28,72612810610.3  
1428KX7LW7SO QRP ALL28,4901571107.1  
1429W4NTIW4SO LP ALL28,3631371134.6  
1430VU2URVUSO LP ALL28,0161101033.6  
1431DJ3WEDLSO HP ALL27,930114984.7  
1432VE2HLSVE2SO LP 20M27,700120100  
1433LY2BBFLYSO LP 40M27,538117982.9  
1434JA1BPNJA1SO HP ALL27,368102885.9  
1435UT3EKURSO HP ALL27,30015013016.2  
1436NO2D/0W0SO LP ALL26,7681391129.3  
1437SP3LWPSPSO LP 10M26,564153127  
1438K9WAW9SO LP 15M26,4501401158.8  
1439CT1BNWCTSO LP 20M26,41214312416.8  
1440UR6IJURSO LP 80M26,3341179928.6  
1441LZ1QNLZSO LP 15M26,01011910229.8  
1442JJ6WYSJA6SO HP 20M25,6501129529.2  
1443WB2BXOW2SA LP 15M (T)25,6471121038.8  
1444AE9F/6W6SO QRP 15M25,5381331139.8  
1445SP3PKLSPSO LP ALL25,4221341147.2SP3XBN 
1446HG8WHASO HP ALL25,35914710726.9HA8ZO 
1447UA1OMSUA-1SO LP ALL24,983102835.1  
1448W9AEMW9SO LP ALL24,888104102  
1449RZ3VAUA-3SO LP 80M24,849112994.6  
1450JA2KCYJA2SO LP ALL (T)24,4441168415.8  
1451JR1UMOJA1SO LP ALL24,34698949.3  
1452KC7UPW7SO HP ALL24,288105925.5  
1453AA3VAW3SO HP ALL24,0451291056.1  
1454JR3NDMJA3SO LP ALL23,941102898.1  
1455UR5FCMURSO QRP ALL23,904115963.7  
1456SP6DHHSPSO LP ALL23,865215111  
1457OK1PLFOKSO LP 40M23,845109957.2  
1458JA3DAYJA3SO LP ALL (T)23,75199919.0  
1459T94OME7SO QRP 15M23,32014011029.6  
1460PA3ELDPASO LP ALL23,124998218.1  
1461UA1AKEUA-1SO HP ALL (T)23,0041047124.4  
1462DL1ETDLSO HP ALL22,9461027712.1  
1463JA0XZDJA0SO LP ALL (T)22,77097905.2  
1464NA8MW8SO LP ALL (T)22,76492846.0  
1465VK3DBQVKSO LP ALL22,68089819.2  
1466OK2BQLOKSO LP ALL22,67212710430.0  
1467SP5GHSPSO LP 10M22,632128123  
1468SP8GNFSPSO LP 20M22,6241221126.7  
1469K4BXW4SO LP ALL22,5781331067.3  
1470ER1OOERSO LP 160M22,568110913.9  
1471N7XYW7SO QRP ALL22,54212210210.5  
1472UA9JRLRA9SO LP 15M (R)22,4281018426.6  
1473W7YSW7SO LP ALL22,3651381053.2  
14747S5CSMSO HP 20M22,31013811510.1SM5CBM 
1475W8GNW8SO HP 15M21,8541279827.1  
1476RA1AFTUA-1SO LP ALL21,83611910610.8  
1477OK1AROOKSO LP 20M21,80912311311.6  
1478WA6URYW6SO HP ALL21,5761039330.1  
1479RA3ANLUA-3SO LP 80M21,576107875.9  
1480UU9JQURSO QRP ALL21,25512510911.5  
1481SP6IHESPSO LP 10M21,17713311734.5  
1482JQ2EHDJA2SO HP ALL21,060858111.0  
1483JH6WBN/1JA1SO LP 20M21,054928713.5  
1484DH1TWDLSO HP ALL (T)21,004108894.0  
1485JA1IEJA1SO LP ALL20,90494788.8  
1486JF2UEDJA2SO LP ALL20,70091759.9  
1487DK9BWDLSO LP 20M20,67912111328.8  
1488W0ETCW0SO QRP ALL20,4001111006.0  
1489VK1AIVKSO LP ALL20,2768674  
1490WB2ARTW2SO LP ALL20,2501209011.7  
1491AA8RW8SO LP 40M20,23097855.3  
1492YO4BEXYOSO LP 20M20,060127118  
1493OL0AOKSO LP 160M20,010114876.0OK1CZ 
1494UA0LSRA0SO LP ALL19,906827411.9  
1495YO2RRYOSO HP 160M19,762115825.0  
1496F8PDRFSO LP 80M19,74990873.4  
1497UA4YJJUA-4SO QRP ALL19,51112710929.2  
1498W4PAW4SO HP ALL19,48186771.1  
1499UA1QV/PUA-1SO LP ALL19,448100883.4  
1500ES7FUESSO LP ALL19,3061279831.5  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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