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1301AI3Q2008W3SO HP 20M12,46270672.7 
1302WA3DMH1980W3SO HP ALL12,2967258  
1303AF3I2013W3SA HP ALL12,28376712.7 
1304K3IT2016W3SA HP ALL12,14478691.4  
1305WF3M2016W3SA LP 20M12,03673682.6 
1306N3RL1979W3SO HP ALL11,9407260  
1307NN3Q1990W3SO HP ALL11,832157116  
1308W3BW2006W3SO HP ALL11,814666626.5  
1309W2CDO/32004W3SO LP 80M11,48477663.5  
1310KE3X2010W3SO LP ALL (T)11,45498833.2 
1311KX2S2017W3SO LP ALL11,38886782.6 
1312AD8J/31999W3SO LP 40M11,3165046  
1313NY3C1995W3SO QRP ALL11,2569084  
1314W3FQE2002W3SO LP ALL (T)11,15165597.0  
1315WA3CGE1986W3SO HP 40M11,0944643  
1316W3AP1992W3SO HP 80M10,9985047  
1317K3UA2012W3SO LP ALL10,49459531.4 
1318AI3G2008W3SO LP 40M10,336776810.5 
1319KB3OZC2016W3SO HP ALL10,15387713.7 
1320W3BGN1982W3SO HP 40M10,1526254  
1321KE3MX2001W3SO HP ALL10,1487043  
1322W3SFG2017W3SA LP ALL (T)10,01069653.6 
1323N3NZ2008W3SO LP ALL9,98481643.2 
1324NK3U1991W3SO HP ALL9,9667066  
1325WB3CII2013W3SO LP 20M (T)9,933897711.3 
1326K3UA2013W3SO LP ALL9,91860581.3 
1327AI3Q2015W3SO HP 20M9,86059582.8 
1328WJ3N1995W3SO LP ALL9,8558673  
1329N3GJ2010W3SA HP 40M9,84041402.0 
1330NW3DC2007W3SO LP ALL (T)9,664706427.3W3DQ 
1331N3TWM2016W3SO LP ALL9,64880723.6 
1332N3JNX2009W3SO LP ALL9,63683666.5 
1333W3FQE1998W3SO HP ALL9,3606052  
1334N3JNX2011W3SO LP ALL9,17974675.7 
1335N2HR/32014W3SO HP ALL9,04546452.5 
1336N3GE2006W3SO LP ALL9,009656310.0  
1337K3OQ2013W3SA LP ALL (T)8,88383634.7 
1338WA3VPL1981W3SO HP ALL8,8556055  
1339W3FQE1992W3SO HP ALL8,8405752  
1340N3UMA1996W3SO HP ALL8,8005150  
1341WD3P2001W3SO QRP ALL8,56860514.3  
1342W3FQE1988W3SO HP ALL8,5005850  
1343N3XL2012W3SO HP 10M8,46861585.6 
1344AC3SS2014W3SA LP ALL8,23452464.6 
1345W3BW2008W3SA LP ALL8,20160592.6 
1346K3OQ2016W3SA QRP 20M7,99868625.1 
1347N3BPY1981W3SO HP ALL7,9686048  
1348WA3JXW1985W3SO HP 20M7,9387363  
1349N3WW1982W3SO HP ALL7,9306661  
1350K3OQ2015W3SA HP 15M (T)7,89754532.5 
1351WA3LFY1989W3SO QRP 10M7,8887458  
1352K3UA2011W3SO LP ALL7,82057465.1 
1353NV3V1994W3SO LP 80M7,8005950  
1354AI3G2017W3SO LP 40M7,74772616.4 
1355W3GVX2014W3SO LP ALL7,73854535.5 
1356NZ3O2015W3SO QRP 40M7,73855535.1 
1357AA3TL2003W3SO HP ALL (R)7,686686128.5  
1358K3ND1990W3SO HP 20M7,6505550  
1359W3FQE1981W3SO HP ALL7,5245744  
1360NA3F2012W3SO HP 80M7,48856522.3 
1361N3WMC2017W3SA LP ALL7,23685677.6 
1362KF3G2017W3SO LP ALL7,125665713.9 
1363K3GW2011W3SO LP ALL7,10053501.5 
1364KA3DDJ1980W3SO HP ALL7,0767058  
1365K3WWP1996W3SO QRP ALL7,0209790  
1366K2XR2017W3SA LP 160M7,018785811.4 
1367K3GW2007W3SO LP ALL (T)6,94468562.9  
1368AI3Q1999W3SO LP 15M6,9095049  
1369N4ZR2017W3SA LP ALL (T)6,81152491.7 
1370K3JHT2003W3SO LP ALL6,74171632.6  
1371AA0CY/32004W3SO LP 20M6,72660572.0  
1372W3WTD2017W3SA LP ALL6,678655311.7 
1373NF8I/32014W3SA HP 15M (T)6,57254533.9 
1374WT3Q1992W3SO HP 160M6,56011880  
1375AA3CS2012W3SO QRP ALL6,53459543.6 
1376KA3R1983W3SO HP 80M6,4667761  
1377WC3O2014W3SO QRP 15M6,37052491.4 
1378KC3YO1990W3MULTI-ONE HP6,3446661KC3YO W3FTG 
1379ND3D2007W3SO QRP 20M6,28371617.4  
1380WA3WJD1996W3SO HP 160M6,2406552  
1381AI3Q2017W3SO HP 20M6,14448482.2 
1382N3RW1993W3SO LP 40M6,0483836  
1383WA3JXW1983W3SO HP 20M6,0065839  
1384WA3DMH1983W3SO HP 15M5,9974943  
1385W3GN1993W3SO HP 20M5,9405045  
1386WA2EAJ/32010W3SO LP ALL5,84168599.2 
1387K4JLD/31982W3SO HP 80M5,8247152  
1388KI3DS2004W3SO LP ALL5,77262524.6  
1389KB3Z2017W3SA HP ALL5,70473623.1 
1390KB3ZF1982W3SO HP 20M5,6736761  
1391WA3VPL1988W3SO HP 15M5,5005450  
1392K3TW1993W3SO QRP 20M5,5005450  
1393N3UMA1997W3SO LP ALL5,3344942  
1394KN3A2010W3SO HP ALL5,20256512.6 
1395N3GB1983W3SO HP 15M5,1244242  
1396NK3U1990W3SO HP 20M5,1206764  
1397N3RL1980W3SO HP ALL5,0404440  
1398AI3E1981W3SO HP ALL4,9564742  
1399KD3HN2014W3SA LP ALL (T)4,95045453.7 
1400K3ND1982W3SO HP 20M4,9024438  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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